Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Long Live The Republic!
David Huntwork - 4/13/2014
For over two hundred and thirty years the American Republic has weathered wars, epidemics, hostile neighbors, worldwide conflicts, economic disasters, internal struggles, and competing ideologies. Its birth was a long and desperate struggle for independence against the strongest and most advanced military in the world.

Confused 2008ers
Dillon Freed - 4/13/2014
President Obama campaigned, and entered office, believing what the world was saying about his homeland: that all foreign policy problems stemmed from the over-confident American mien the nation displayed not just after 9/11 but throughout its existence.

192, 000 Jobs Added in March but Wages Fall
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/6/2014
The economy created 192,000 jobs in March, down from 197,000 in February, and still well below the pace needed to lower underemployment to respectable levels. Those mediocre results are consistent with a broadly underperforming economy.

Medicare Madness - How Americans Can Lose Benefits in a Hospital
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 3/28/2014
Tuck away the many horror stories of the wrong limbs being amputated, things being left in surgery patients, terrible infections picked up in hospitals and totally wrong diagnoses. More relevant is a bureaucratic hospitalization horror that far too few Americans covered by Medicare are aware of.

Slow Growth Continues Despite Abundance of Reasonable Solutions
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/28/2014
The economy grew 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter—hardly the 4 to 5 percent needed to provide enough jobs and restore housing prices to prerecession levels.

Why Not Rand Paul?
David Huntwork - 3/28/2014
“Mr. President, we will not let you run roughshod over our rights. We will challenge you in the courts, we will battle you at the ballot box. Mr. President, we will not let you shred our Constitution… It is decidedly not a time for the faint of heart. It is a time for boldness and action. The time is now. Stand with me, let us stand together for liberty.” – Senator Rand Paul

Obama Budget Offers Little Relief from Jobs Drought
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/5/2014
Friday, the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 150,000 jobs in February. This is less than half the pace needed to lower unemployment to an acceptable level, and President Obama’s budget promises little relief.

Signature Authority and FBARs
Mahany Ertl - 2/26/2014
The United States Treasury has long required holders of foreign accounts to disclose those accounts annually. Reporting is done on one’s income tax return (Schedule B for individuals) and on a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts - FBAR for short. Although the FBAR reporting requirements date back to the early 1970′s and the passage of the Bank Secrecy Act, only since 2008 has the Justice Department and IRS began enforcing the law in earnest. Penalties for noncompliance are huge; up to the greater of $100,000 per account or th...

Alinsky 101: IRS Picks the Tea Party Target
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 2/25/2014
Note: This Symposium is based in part on a pamphlet by David Horowitz, “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model.”

More than Winter Chill Gripping Housing, Broader Economy
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/25/2014
President Obama and many of the nation’s top economists entered 2014 predicting a breakout year for the economic recovery. However, troubles in the housing sector indicate more difficulties and several more years of mediocre growth lie ahead.

Citizenship reform in Canada
Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal - 2/19/2014
Focusing on checking the dual citizenship the Canadian government has proposed sweeping changes to its rules on citizenship.

CBO Report Confirms Raising the Minimum Wage to $8.25 Is Best Option
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/19/2014
The recent Congressional Budget Office Report confirms raising the minimum wage in line with inflation to $8.25 is the best course. It would likely not create much additional unemployment, still put billions of dollars in the pockets of the working poor and does less damage to the economy.

DOD’s War against the Framers and Conservative Ideas
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 2/8/2014
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

~Justice Louis Brandeis

Historical Background of FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, is a federal freedom of information law that sanctions the full or restricted disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government. The Act outlines agency records subject to disclosure, defines mandatory disclosure procedures and grants nine exemptions to the statute. It was originally signed into law on July 4, 1966 by President Lyndon B. Johnson (despite his doubts that certa...

Only 113,000 Jobs — How Decadence Breeds Decay!
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/8/2014
The economy created only 113,000 jobs in January, up from 75,000 in December. Colder than normal weather was a factor but that simply does not explain two consecutive months of poor performance. These sad results are consistent with a broadly underperforming economy.

CBO Report Low Balls ObamaCare Impacts on Employment, Economy
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/8/2014
In a new report, the Congressional Budget Office once again low-balls the impact of the Affordable Care Act on labor force participation and the economy. GDP, growth and employment for most workers will be harmed.

State of the Union Mixes Sound and Foolish Proposals, Laced with Demagoguery
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/1/2014
Promising to address inequality and strengthen the middle class, President Obama’s State of the Union combined sound and foolish proposals, laced with good old fashioned demagoguery.

Hate the Super Rich
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 2/1/2014
There are times when hatred is a needed, logical and moral stance to take. Evil, injustice and corruption are fine examples of what to appropriately hate. For the overwhelming majority of people it is now rational to hate the super rich, notably the thousands of billionaires holding most of the world’s wealth and wielding power over political and economic systems. They have been successfully raping the global economy and while doing that have kept increasing their wealth as well as economic inequality afflicting ordinary people. One dollar, one vote describes the new reality.

U.S. under shadow of home-grown terror
Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi - 2/1/2014
Although America has successfully fought its long drawn battle against terrorism by eliminating Osama bin-Laden and several other terrorists in the aftermath of the 9/11 deadly terror attack over it carried out by the notorious global terror organisation Al-Qaeda, yet this menace is still not over in America what to speak of it in other parts of the world.

Pete ‘Potemkin’ Seeger: Stalin’s little minstrel
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 2/1/2014
One of the things I'm most proud of about my country is the fact that we did lick McCarthyism back in the fifties.”

50 Years since LBJ’s Great [Slave] Society
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 1/18/2014
“The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty for all. It demands an end to poverty and racial injustice, to which we are totally committed in our time. But that is just the beginning.”

Fixing Inequality
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/18/2014
Inequality is replacing the American dream, because the U.S. economy—thanks to Washington’s mismanagement—is underperforming.

Fat Man Talking – Governor Christie Sinks
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 1/18/2014
After having many positive views of New Jersey Governor Christie mainly because he seemed like a better kind of politician, maybe being someone the public could actually trust, I now see him as just another untrustworthy, dishonest politician.

US Economy Adds Only 74,000 Jobs in December
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/11/2014
The economy created only 74,000 jobs in December well below the 2013 average of 188,000. The Labor Department report indicates stronger growth for the coming year predicted by many economists may not materialize.

Revival of U.S. Automaking Awaits if UAW Will Follow Toyota Model
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/8/2014
American car companies are on the anvil of history. United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger holds the hammer and will determine whether they emerge more competitive or shattered in pieces and sold to foreign investors, says Gary Smyth, a large used car dealer in Fort Worth. In December 2008, at the tail end of his Presidency, George W. Bush granted $17.4 billion in temporary loans on the condition those firms convert two-thirds of their debt into equity. And persuade the UAW to accept stock for one half of what these companies owe to fund retiree he...

Extended Unemployment Benefits Slow Growth, Hoax on the Working Poor
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/7/2014
Reinstating emergency unemployment benefits, as President Obama urges, would slow growth and impose unconscionable burdens on the working poor as well as small businesses such as BloomThat San Francisco or Florida contractors. State governments provide a basic benefit averaging $300 per week for 26 weeks. During the Great Recession, Washington financed additional benefits for as long as 99 weeks. With the recovery in its 55th month, the emergency...

Can you acquire real, active Twitter followers and YouTube Views?
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 1/7/2014
Buying and selling Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes has become major business on the internet. Twitter and Facebook can be an incredible tool to reach new customers and stay connected with old ones. A high number of Twitter Followers and Facebook likes also lends a company a high level of credibility. But how can a company get a lot of Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers without engaging in spam? Enter the followers delivery reviews company which helps you buy YouTube views a...

Republicans: Rework ObamaCare to Win Elections
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/6/2014
Republicans should stop cheering for ObamaCare to fail. It may be dreadful, but going back to what we had before is not possible. People may use a dermagist coupon, but they won't use coupons to get health care for serious illnesses. The real political hay is to be made improving the law to lower prices and premiums—details Democrats forgot. Even a community activist from Chicago knows that to sell tofu at less than it really costs—and to give a lot away for free—some folks have to be taxed and many have to pay too much. Since covering millions without insurance is a big kahuna, the pain for some must be big but skillfully crafted.

Symposium: The Damnation of ideas
Stone A. Washington - 12/26/2013
This article is essay review of my father’s March 2012 Socratic dialogue titled, Symposium: The Damnation of Ideas (Part I & II). Here we will address Part I (Books 6-10). In this epic two-part saga the writer begins by putting the renowned philosopher Socrates in historical context as the narrator and omniscient judge-figure of the Symposium in Athens which is where he taught philosophy in the fourth century B.C.

Statute of Limitations for Crimes in New York State
Todd Spodek, Esq. - 12/22/2013
Under the New York State Statute of Limitations (“SOL”) laws, the District Attorney’s office has to file charges against an individual within a certain time period. The time varies depending on the crime that is being litigated. For higher level crimes, the SOL is longer than for low level crime. Thus, if a person steals a small amount, the SOL will be much shorter than if he steals a large amount and injures someone in the process. They can be found under Section 30.10 of the the Criminal Procedure Law (“CPL”). Criminal prosecutions must be started within the following time periods:

Seven New Laws of Global Marketing
Naseem Javed - 12/22/2013
Every month there are new changes to our old ways of thinking about traditional marketing rules. While we are all very deep into e-commerce, we must be aware of whether we are either already very successful or still learning the processes. Here are some cutting-edge rules to ensure good returns on e-commerce and Internet marketing.

Medicaid Fraud cases in New York
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 12/22/2013
Medicaid is a health insurance program for New Yorker’s who are unable to pay for Health Insurance on their own and risk being left without medical coverage in case of illness or injury. To qualify for Medicaid you must meet certain income, resource, age, or disability requirements. The government carefully monitors all medicaid recipients.

Obama Care: Arrogance, Corruption and Abuse
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/21/2013
It took paramount arrogance for President Obama and congressional Democrats to believe they could write an Affordable Care Act that would replace free markets across a health care sector as large as the economy of France. Everything from brain surgeries to the cure for tinnitus to basic medication would come under government control.

Duck Dynasty And The New Fascism In America
David Huntwork - 12/20/2013
The network A&E issued a statement late Wednesday branding Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s recent statements to GQ about sin and homosexuality unacceptable and indicated that his beliefs “in no way reflect those of A&E Networks, who [sic] have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community.” The network has placed Phil under indefinite hiatus.

Volcker Rule Arrives with the Hidden Jewel in Dodd-Frank
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/14/2013
U.S. regulators are finally implementing the Volcker Rule, and it may prove the hidden jewel in the Dodd-Frank financial reforms.

Barack ‘Adam Smith’ Obama?
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 12/9/2013
“Statistics show not only that our levels of income inequality rank near countries like Jamaica and Argentina, but that it is harder today for a child born here in America to improve her station in life than it is for children in most of our wealthy allies, countries like Canada or Germany or France. They have greater mobility than we do, not less.”

Economy Adds 203,000 Jobs, Fed Pull-Back on Bond Purchases Grows Likely
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/9/2013
The Labor Department reported the economy added 203,000 jobs in November, in line with the progress of recent months. Overall, the economy should be stronger in 2014, permitting the Fed to ease back on monthly bond purchases and let longer term interest rates rise modestly.

Why Do We Love Sports?
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 12/6/2013
The love of - nay, addiction to - competitive and solitary sports cuts across all social-economic strata and throughout all the demographics. As a passive consumer (spectator), a fan, or as a participant and practitioner, everyone enjoys one form of sport or another. Wherefrom this universal propensity?

Geographical Ignorance is Bliss?
Dr. Norman Berdichevsky - 11/30/2013
“No child left behind? This has been one of the popular and hollow political catch-words used in recent electoral campaigns in the U.SHow far behind was “Beauty queen” and contestant Lauren Caitlin Upton, a hopeful in the “Miss USA Teen Pageant”, who outdid Grouch Marx’s best one-lines with her off-the-cuff response as to why one-fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map. Her explanation was….” I personally believe that ….uh… Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don't have maps." These poor folks are obviously another group of de...

Education With The Right Direction
Dr. Ravindra Kumar - 11/30/2013
What is education with right direction, including offline and online study courses? What I have emphasized in India and abroad is a process containing four kind of learning. It may be called complete education also, and through it, as I believe the real objective of education can be fulfilled. In it, apart from general education that is imparted according to the syllabus fixed to the purpose at different level, there is a provision of physical, moral and technical learning.

One in 20 U.S. adults not literate in English
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 11/30/2013
"Write my essay," asked my classmate in high school. Why I wondered. Turned out he wasn't literate enough to write one himself. And he's not alone, millions of other Americans can't either.

Did LBJ kill JFK?
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 11/26/2013
“After tomorrow those godd--n Kennedys will never embarrass me again-that’s not a threat-that’s a promise.”

Slowing Growth Clouds Jobs Outlook
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/18/2013
The Labor Department reported the economy created 204,000 jobs in October after adding 163,000 jobs the prior month. This is much better than was expected, but still well below what is needed to bring unemployment down to acceptable levels.

America’s Spy Scandal is Confirmation that it is a Totalitarian State
Abid Mustafa - 11/13/2013
“It's almost incomprehensible and more than tragic that this kind of adversarial relationship exists between the government and the people; where fear and distrust prevail and government policies and actions are tearing down the Constitutional foundations of this nation. And if this descent into the deepening darkness of totalitarianism is not somehow aborted, then America will become a living hell.”—Michael Payne

Bonhoeffer vs. Nazi and Progressive Book Burning
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 11/2/2013
“Dort, wo man Bucher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen.” (Where books are burned, they will, in the end burn people, too)

Eurosclerosis Comes to America
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/2/2013
Abroad and at home, President Obama with unprincipled pragmatism is undermining America’s most cherished values, economy and liberties.

ObamaCare Flimflam Exploited Gullible Voters
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/2/2013
Outrage about and millions losing health plans and no longer able to see their hlc doctors should scare the wits out of liberals. With enough money, the morass can be fixed, but it lay bear the limits of tax and spend to buy voter allegiance.

America’s Intelligence Spying Scandal Draws Global Outrage
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja - 11/2/2013
From George Bush onward to President Obama, the sadistic politics of the few flourishes in darkness being unable to know the difference between the foes and friends, fair and foul.

America, the Powerful and the Powerless
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja - 10/27/2013
Hans Morgenthau (Politics Among Nations, 1948) defined the concept of power as condition related to the psychology of mind. In a nation state, leaders use their mind to transform the vested power into political acts.

Tea Party Terrorists
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 10/27/2013
By now all conscious people have seen how American Tea Party Republicans, especially those in the House of Representatives and Senate, are widely seen as radical, unreasonable, mad, stupid, extreme, anarchists, delusional and worse. My view is that the best and most useful way to see these people is this: They are political terrorists.

US ECONOMIC SWEEP: Obamacare to Jobs
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/27/2013
I. ObamaCare and America's Journey into the Third World

US ECONOMIC SWEEP: From JP Morgan to Obamacare and the Budget
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/20/2013
I. J.P. Morgan's $13 Billion Settlement Casts Doubts of Viability for Customers, about Obama DOJ's Prosecutorial Discretion, according to Michelle Lenkow and Ron Owens, binary options brokers and financial experts. J.P. Morgan's record $13 billion tentative settlement with the Justice Department concerning misrepresented residential mortgage-backed securities does not absolve from criminal charges senior bank officials or the bank as an institution.

Fighting the Stupid Revolution
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 10/13/2013
Stupid Americans elect stupid politicians. Government hating Americans elect government hating politicians. Mean spirited citizens elect mean spirited politicians.

Hitlercare vs. Obamacare
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 10/5/2013
“Many who think themselves infinitely superior to the aberrations of Nazism, and sincerely hate all manifestations, work at the same time for ideals whose realization would lead straight to the abhorred tyranny.”

First Obama Care, Then a Single Payer System
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/5/2013
Republicans must live with Obama Care. They have few prospects for electing 60 senators needed to repeal the law, and unless they work to make it more palatable-something they have few ideas to accomplish-the nation is headed for socialized medicine.

Getting Out of the Budget and Debt Morass
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/5/2013
The government shutdown is proving less draconian than presidential warnings, but failing to raise the debt ceiling and default would be another matter.

Syria, Jobs, and GDP in the USA
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/4/2013
I. Hesitation on Syrian Strike Threatens Economic Recovery

GDP Growth Revised Up but Outlook Remains Treacherous
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/30/2013
GDP growth was revised up for the second quarter to 2.5 from 1.7 percent, because the trade deficit was much smaller than originally estimated and investments in inventory were revised upward.

Highly Respected Conservative Embraces Article V Convention Option
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 8/21/2013
No matter what else he has done, what conservative radio host and author Mark Levin does in his new book The Liberty Amendments has made him a hero for me. For many years I have been writing articles on the wisdom of using something in the US Constitution that I believe offers the only constitutional path to urgently needed reforms of the political system. I also co-founded the national nonpartisan group Friends of the Article V Convention. Mark Levin has become the most notable, highly visible person to also come out loudly, advocating the first time use of the Article V convention option.

Now go, go and take America!
Stone A. Washington - 8/21/2013
“Beware The Court of Owls that watches all the time, Ruling Gotham from a shadow perch, behind granite and lime.

AMERICAN ECONOMIC SWEEP: Obama, Mortgages, and More
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/12/2013
I. Tough Choices behind Obama’s Mortgage Initiative

The Inglorious History of U.S. Attempts To Control Immigration
Dr. Gary K. Busch - 8/3/2013
There is a great deal of discussion in the Congress about the measures which should be introduced to allow immigrants to legitimise their status as U.S. nationals. This is an issue with a long history and which has never been finally resolved. There have been all sorts of efforts made to limit or curtail immigration from certain foreign lands; issues of controlling the political agitation by immigrants once they have arrived in the country; and issues about the status of children of immigrants who were born in the U.S. The issue of immigrant’s rights to social services has been a frequent topic of legislation. These are all recurring issues.

U.S. Should Step Back in Egypt, Elsewhere
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/23/2013
Egypt presents unpleasant choices and is emblematic of challenges confronting U.S foreign policymakers across the globe. U.S. policy should adjust in ways once viewed as unthinkable.

AMERICAN SWEEP: Economics and Politics in Obama's and Bernanke's World
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/23/2013
I. Easy Money, Opiate of the American Economy

Who's Doing the Reviewing?
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 7/21/2013
There are many supplement review web sites that have sprung up over the last few years. They claim to have expert review teams consists of many hand-picked experts who have education, training and experience in the field, enough so to provide trustworthy and unbiased information. Some are specializing in particular demographics. They may focus on men's products such as male extra review. Others use more broad topics such as cure for your insomnia.

Liberty, Security, Privacy, Big Brother, and the Concept of the Common Good
David Huntwork - 7/14/2013
The outrage is palpable and the sudden realization by the average American that they really, truly are now living in an Orwellian surveillance state that inquires into everything from your reading list to your online shopping history has been an eye-opening experience for many across the fruited plain. The once mocked conspiracy theory of the all-knowing Big Brother state has shown itself to be far more of an ugly reality than a silly fantasy. He who has called the War on Terror basically over has now been forced to admit that his administration has vas...

Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s Holy-Land Peace Crusade
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker - 7/14/2013
The new U.S. Secretary of State, the Honorable John F. Kerry, has been spending a tremendous amount of his time attempting to bring the Palestinians and the Israelis back to the negotiating table.

Obama's Mess in Egypt
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/5/2013
Recent events in Egypt put President Obama in a tough spot, even if not as difficult as that of deposed Egyptian President Morsi. At least the latter gentleman knows his own mind, even if paying a high price for it, whereas Obama is at wit's end to articulate where he stands on the sanctity of democracy and its place in American foreign policy.

How to Make Taxes Fairer and Abolish the IRS
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/2/2013
Congressional frustration with efforts to get to the bottom of IRS targeting of conservative groups plainly shows the tax agency is dangerous to civil liberties, irrevocably broken and corrupting national politicians. [caisse français étranger bsi] Investigators on Capitol Hill and in the Justice Department may be able to finger a few malefactors but that won’t fix the IRS. The union representing IRS employees is deeply involved in the management of the agency, its leaders have the self-pronounced goal of doing whatever it takes to defeat ...

Shai Franklin’s Distorted Discourse on Iranian Dissidents
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker - 6/30/2013
On Monday, June 17, 2013, Shai Franklin, currently senior fellow for United Nations Affairs at the Institute on Religion and Public Affairs, penned a critique for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency entitled “Op-Ed: Stop pretending to care about Iranians’ rights” in which he roundly criticized Professor Irwin Cotler and Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk for their essay —“Op-Ed: Stand with the dissidents of Iran”, published in JTA on Friday, June 14, 2013.

Obama’s Climate Action Masks Hidden Agenda
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/30/2013
President Obama’s Climate Action Plan won’t do any more to curb global warming than Obamacare did for expat health insurance or other key solution, but it will please liberals who delight in extending government control over large segments of the economy. The president argues the overwhelming majority of scientists, including some early skeptics, agree the planet is warming and greenhouse gas emissions are the primary culprit. As CO2 composes 80 percent of those gases, Obama targets coal-fired electric utilities and opportunities to reduce fuel use in heavy transportation.

Happy 65th Birthday Justice Clarence Thomas
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 6/25/2013
The States, not the Federal Government, have the exclusive right to define the “Qualifications requisite for Electors,” U. S. Const., Art. I, §2, cl. 1, which includes the corresponding power to verify that those qualifications have been met.

Pathetic Qualifications Produce Pathetic Presidential Performance
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 6/25/2013
President (aka Barry) Obama is not, nor ever was a master politician, master diplomat, master bureaucrat, master lawyer or master anything. As a former professor who had to publish or perish, I was especially impressed that Obama lacked a hefty, impressive record of academic publications, actually nothing. As Ed Lasky summed up: “Notwithstanding an apparent eleven-year teaching career in constitutional law at a top-flight law school, not one single article, published talk, book review, or comment of any kind, appears anywhere in the professional legal literature, under Barack Obama's name.”

Edward Snowden Appears More Public Servant than Criminal
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/25/2013
The revelation that the National Security Agency is tracking every phone call each American makes, and broadly mining internet data puts President Obama at the center of yet another controversy. He and supporters in the Republican leadership, not Edward Snowden, are making themselves villains.

As Federal Reserve Meets, Ordinary Folks Should Trim Spending
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/18/2013
Is "easy money" lending merely the government's discount promo to jumpstart the economy? Wednesday, the Federal Reserve is expected to indicate when and how quickly it will pull back from its easy money policies. Americans can expect mortgage rates to climb, selling homes to get tougher, and interest rates to increase on credit cards, auto purchases and home equity loans.

Banks Cooking Up another Financial Crisis
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/13/2013
Wall Street is cooking up another crisis-making shoddy loans and selling worthless securities to investors hungry for higher yields than CDs and government bonds offer.

Limbaugh Mocks Freedom of Speech
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 6/13/2013
By now most people know that though it is perfectly fine to shout fire in a packed theater if there really is a fire, even constitutionally protected freedom of speech does not allow such behavior if there is no fire.

Obama and Xi at the Summit
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/9/2013
As Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping meet this weekend, China’s aggressive actions and halting cooperation on a growing list of issues undermine the U.S. economy and national security.

Economy Adds 175,000 Jobs in May but Trouble Ahead
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/9/2013
The Labor Department announced the economy added 175,000 jobs in May, but that is hardly the 360,000 thousand jobs needed each month to bring unemployment down to 6 percent over the next three years.

Obama Appeasement of China, Japan Wrecking Recovery
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/3/2013
Tuesday, the Commerce Department is expected to report the April deficit on international trade in goods and services was $41.2 billion, up from $24.9 billion when the economic recovery began. The Obama Administration’s ill-conceived energy policies and appeasement of China and Japan are responsible for this jump in the trade gap and the slow pace of economic recovery.

Free Booze For The Homeless
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 6/3/2013
As new exercise fads like the insanity review have hit the media, a new fad is being pushed by people claiming to be advocates for the homeless. Last year they were advocating leggett & platt prodigy beds in the shelters. Now they are arguing in infavor of giving homeless alcoholics a regular supply of booze may improve their health and their behavior, a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal proclaims. Nonsense! By giving...

The IRS Scandal Smoking Gun?
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/22/2013
In the IRS targeting scandal and others, Washington and the media are obsessed with the question: What did the president know and when did he know it? Would you rather know that or the real point: that the Obama presidency is much more damaging to the nation than the mistakes of subordinates now coming to light. Most recently, we learn President Obama met with anti-Tea Party IRS Union President Colleen Kelley just before the tax agency began targeting conservative groups. Is that the smoking gun? Was the president in on the plan to harass opponents of big government?

U.S. administration wrongly advocates the Islamist interpretation of Islamophobia
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 5/22/2013
The State Department issued a report denouncing what it called "a spike in anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe and Asia." It said that "Muslims also faced new restrictions in 2012 in countries ranging from Belgium, which banned face-covering religious attire in classrooms, to India[,] where schools in Mangalore restricted headscarves."

Democracy Crisis In Canada: Citizen Appeals to Governor General in South Africa
GP Interviews - 5/22/2013
NOTE: Canada's Governor General is currently visiting South Africa. Details/itinerary can be found at:

As a CEO, President Obama Gets an "F"
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/18/2013
CEOs of large organizations all face the same problem - driving their agendas in organizations too diverse and geographically dispersed to manage directly.

Democrat Socialists and The Long March through the Institutions
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 5/18/2013
“We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”

Benzene in Soft Drinks: A Question of Standards
Ross E. Getman, Esq. - 5/16/2013
As people are getting more concerned about diet pills and how to lose weight, real issues have been found in the food we eat every day. In Australia and New Zealand, of the 68 samples tested, 38 beverage products contained trace levels of benzene. The levels detected ranged from 1 to 40 ppb. The Food Standards Agency of Australia and New Zealand explains: "The major sources of benzene exposure via air are to...

Forgiving Student Debt Won’t Help Students or Fix Colleges
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/13/2013
College is too expensive, graduates can’t find decent jobs and pay off their loans, and students, parents and educators all share in the blame. Now, President Obama proposes to forgive more student debt and that will make a bad situation worse.

Who Will Speak Up for the Little Ones
Ron Coody - 5/13/2013
Over the years my wife and I have joyfully welcomed five boys into the world. The oldest two now study at the university while the youngest continue to build Legos and lose teeth. Remembering that moment of our first son's birth still moistens my eyes twenty-one years later. We fed them, clothed them, burped them and bathed them in good times and bad, in sickness and health. That's no boast, it's just the way it the grace of God, if you will...because it was the right thing to do.

Dr. Carson’s Remedy for Obamacare
Stone A. Washington - 5/6/2013
“I think particularly about ancient Rome. Very powerful. Nobody could even challenge them militarily, but what happened to them? They destroyed themselves from within. Moral decay, fiscal irresponsibility. They destroyed themselves. If you don’t think that can happen to America, you get out your books and you start reading, but you know, we can fix it.”

Blacks’ obsession with sports, Hollywood and acceptance
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 5/6/2013
Eden Alice Washington is my 11-year-old daughter. The other day I asked her if she listens to pop singer, Beyonce? She answered, “No! I don’t listen to that kind of music.” She doesn’t like Obama, she already considers herself a conservative and she’s curious about Christianity. Eden, and her elder brother, Stone’s generation will have their hands full turning back Obama’s Progressive Revolution. While I love America the Beautiful, one thing that vexes me to no end about this country is its preference for the trivial over the intellectual. We'd rather read a heart rate monitor review than Plato or William Shakespeare.

The Economy: Not Random or By Accident
John Gregory - 5/3/2013
What happens when a person gets distracted? "What they were working on or thinking about doesn't get the attention it needs," said Joel Severyn, whose business specializes in double glazing in Manchester. And that is what finger-pointing is all about. "If a problem isn't going away, let's just blame somebody, until they fix it, even if their part in it is small," says small business owner Randy Carlson, an NYC electrician. Where does it end? Find the source.Bear with me as I attemp...

Slash Top Federal Salaries
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 5/3/2013
Are you ready for another insane aspect of American society? Read this and get angry. People on the right want smaller government. People on the left bemoan high unemployment, economic inequality and the huge amounts of money made by corporate executives and Wall Street fat cats that effects everything from the cost of food to print job application to conservatory prices.

Vaccine or Renewed Hair Growth: The Debate Continues
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 5/2/2013
Budgets are finite, but the health care demands are almost infinite. So should the government and private pharmaceutical companies spend money on elective procedures, such as hair regrowth, while so many people are dying of cancer, heart problems and AIDS, asked several recently published health books? From this springs one of the characteristics of the developing world - that the developing nations are crawling behind in life saving medical cares too.

Mayor Bloomberg touts his cigarette ban as a success
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 5/1/2013
Mike Bloomberg declared victory on the anniversary of his smoking ban in restaurants, touting it as “one of the best things that ever happened." It was his first health law, all of which have been decried by critics as "Nanny State" politics where the government intrudes in daily life, from banning smoking to recommendations on how to lose 10 pounds in a week in diet books.

Much Ado About Nothing
Tom Athanasiou - 4/29/2013
It’s getting harder to hide the climate crisis. February, for example, saw a landmark conference in which leading scientists, one after the other, stepped forward to draw a clear, unambiguous line. No more “uncertainty” for these guys. As some experts put it: “We now know that if we go beyond two degrees we will raise hell.” To listen to these people, you should sell your house fast because disaster is about to strike. Others, like Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinic have taken a more mainstream approach in their research.

American and Global AIDS and HIV Statistics and Information
Claire Berlinski and Okan Altiparmak - 4/29/2013
It's been over a quarter century since the HIV epidemic began. Yet, HIV constantly increases and is already a worldwide health problem. While notable success is arising in some areas, such as a greater ability to restore a healthy lifestyle, according to multiple weight loss books, threatening trends are happening in other sectors, according to a report by the Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinic. What is the current status of the epidemic and how is our battle going?

Gas and Diamonds: the Russian-Ukrainian Balance of Power
Dr. Andreas Umland - 4/28/2013
While Russia has greatly expanded its natural resource exports in the recent decade, including gold and diamonds, it is not the princess cut diamond rings that are key to the Russian foreign policy, but its energy section. Without Russia, millions of Europeans would be left in the cold. A disruption in the supply of gas, as well as the reduction of other resource exports like gold, diamonds and wood, would have a significant effect on Germany or other economic powers. It appears that, in the future, European Union monitors will observe the flow of Russian gas and diamonds to Europe.

Is Peak Oil Here To Stay?
Angelique van Engelen - 4/15/2013
Oil prices which are feared to linger at their skyrocketing levels longer than ever and taking on the hallmarks of permanency are undermining the prospects of economic growth worldwide, according to on car leasing deals, focusing on Mercedes Benz cars. Oil, as well as and cheap Chinese exports and an expected widening of the US trade deficit, with car leasing companies taking the brunt of it.

The Second and Seventh Amendments: History triumphs over balancing tests
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 4/4/2013
The U.S. Constitution is something all Americans should know, since it is being taught to everyone in school, including people who got an online high school diploma.

Answer to “The Demise of the Expert and the Ascendance of the Layman”
Sammy Elrom - 4/2/2013
Despite admirable language, the article "The Demise of the Expert" is troubling. Dr. Vaknin is lamenting the downfall of the experts’ view due to a process triggered by the evolution of the Internet. But the burden of proof is placed incorrectly. For one, too many academic scandals, including the recent ones involving criminal justice scholarships (see: and the GED online program surface eve...

Freedom of the Press
Ron Coody - 3/29/2013
The Founding Fathers were well acquainted with the power of the free press. Benjamin Franklin, in addition to making extraordinary discoveries about electricity, established himself as an excellent writer, editor and printer at an early age. His newspaper earned him a good living and served as a platform to urge his fellow Americans to seek a free and just society, even if it meant independence from the British. In an age when the printed word was news and opinions, the presses of the American colonies churned out thousands of copies of newspapers, pamphlets and booklets. They brought to l...

Researchers Show Why Road Traffic Bigger Threat to Health Than Aviation
Angelique van Engelen - 3/29/2013
A new study into various transport sectors’ threats to health reveals that road traffic is the worst offender. While health experts are focused on common diseases, pollution from traffic causes more damage through the greenhouse gas emissions. Even aviation is less of a polluter and less a threat to our health than auto traffic, noted James Werner, a St. Louis traffic lawyer. By contrast, shipping has a cooling effect. The study was carried out by Norwegian researchers at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) of Oslo Univerity.

45th Anniversary—Dr. Martin Luther King in Grosse Pointe
Stone A. Washington - 3/28/2013
“Every city in our country has this kind of dualism, this schizophrenia, split at so many parts, and so every city ends up being two cities rather than one. There are two Americas.”

Obama abstract on the Middle East, admits Jihadi expansion, ignores Taliban after 2014
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 3/17/2013
In his State of the Union speech of 2013, President Barack Obama addressed several crises in the Middle East and on the front of fighting terror. On Afghanistan President Obama assessed the outcome of his policies as a weakening of the Taliban and committed to a sustained withdrawal from the country while helping the Afghan Government to take the lead in military missions.

Preventing women’s victimisation
Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi - 3/17/2013
With the death of the ill-fated rape victim, whose condolences can be seen in her online obituary and a promising para-medical student at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore in the early hours of 29th Dec. 2012 (Saturday), the so far on-going fierce popular outrage demanding capital punishment to all the accused at the earliest shall, in all likelihood, meet the same end of failure because it is not having any able and determined leadership and also lacks an organised and committed cadr...

Miranda Warnings in New York State
Todd Spodek, Esq. - 3/8/2013
Miranda Warnings are given to criminal court defendants. These are not the same as your tribute to the victim, but instead serves as a warning to the defendants. The original precedent for the warning stems from the landmark case of Miranda v. Arizona. The Defendant in this case was a gentleman named Ernesto Miranda. He was arrested for kidnapping and rape.

The cruel and unusual Eighth Amendment
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 3/6/2013
Capital punishments are the natural offspring of monarchical governments. Kings consider their subjects as their property; no wonder, therefore, they shed their blood with as little emotion as men shed the blood of their sheep or cattle. But even now we see abuses, with a recent case of a murder using hydraulic wrenches in Syria. But can the same happen in the United States?

To the Unknown Patrons of the US Social Security Administration
Irina Aervitz - 3/1/2013
In the 19th-century novel “Dead Souls”, by famed Russian author Nikolai Gogol, an enterprising gentleman by the name of Chichikov, in order to raise his social status, came up with a scheme to buy serfs who had died after the last census had been taken.

Win-Win-Win: Employers, Employees, Real Estate and the Environment
Jennifer L. Jackson - 2/28/2013
The continually rising cost of gas and goods is making it more expensive for Americans to go to work, and is also increasing the cost to operate places of employment, according to Orange County Estate Planning association. A slew of web sites and magazine articles are giving people career and moving tips, but that is hardly a long-term solution. Some have suggested living inspired by a greater goal.

Prepare Now to Escape Obama’s Retirement Trap
Ronald Holland - 2/28/2013
What will you do if your retirement funds are forced to become the buyer of last resort for US treasury obligations? As the United States moves into a new decade of military overreach abroad and national bankruptcy at home, Washington is in a desperate search for more revenue and a solution to the future financing of the trillions in national debt obligations currently held by foreign central banks and investors.

One Journalist’s Experience With the Media Elite: Gangsters, Cadavers and Misinformation
Ron Chepesiuk - 2/28/2013
Recently, the U.S.´s Federal Communications (FCC) pushed through new rules that will unleash a torrent of further media consolidation and wipe out independent voices in cities already woefully short on local news and investigative journalism.

Black History Month: Democrats Whitewash Their History
Mike Spaniola - 2/28/2013
We’re told the only thing new in the world is the history that we don’t already know. That adage applies well to Black History Month, which virtually ignores the role of the Democratic Party in promulgating slavery and racism. One might assume the election of the first black Democrat to the U.S. Senate was a milestone achieved decades ago, considering the party is the nation’s oldest.

Alternative to Incarceration Programs (CASES)
Todd Spodek, Esq. - 2/28/2013
There are two main types of programs. Programs that are geared to individuals with specials needs and those w/o special needs. A criminal defense attorney will know the programs that you might eligible for. In this article, I will discuss two programs available through "CASES".

Court Employment Project (“CEP”)

Cases accepts both mail and female individuals. Cases operates the Court Employment Project (“CEP”) which is a non-residential alternative to incarceration program for teenage felony offenders.

Top 20 Wordpress Plugins
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 2/23/2013
Market research shows that making your blog look better will cause people to stay longer and return in the future. We've compiled the list of the 20 best plugins, many of which are available at the WP Discounts store.

Bugs and Termites: Risk To Your Home and Health
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 2/22/2013
Bugs infestation is a known problem to home owners. A friend of mine spent a lot of money on a house, only to see both the roof damaged by termites that invaded the same way bed bugs did. But just as scary are bed bug because they damage not just property, but one's health. Bed bug bites can be dangerous to one's health because you may acquire a disease, potentially a deadly one. Bug infestations have resurged in recent years for reas...

The Difference Between Probation and Parole
Todd Spodek, Esq. - 2/22/2013
What's the difference between probation and parole? If someone spent time in jail for a crime like animal abuse, before being released early, would that be classified as probation or parole? Would punishment be different for violators of probation and parole if they were caught with synthetic urine or another drug violation?

Should meat become illegal?
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 2/21/2013
Our society is proud to treat animals as friends. Home animals are now treated just like others in need of protection be they children, the sick, the old. It has become big business to provide medication for dogs and to get rid of their bugs at home so that animals can be kept inside the house.

Will The Government Help or Hurt Hurricane Sandy victims?
Todd Spodek, Esq. - 2/21/2013
Hurricane Sandy left many devastated, unable to recover because for some people and businesses, loans because impossible to acquire. Even the short term loans and the personal loans are hard to get. Real estate prices have further down. Current mortgage rates today are inconsistent because the banks are having a difficult time pricing housing values. The economy of New York's outer Boroughs as well as other areas h...

Why Social Networks Need Journalists
Angelique van Engelen - 2/20/2013
Social networks are beginning to open their eyes to the needs of journalists. This is true for all social networks: a single parenting web site, a raffle for a free cell phone or a yoga mat. (See CareerCabin for more information). began a new trend by being entirely geared up for reporters. This ‘social media company’ is in beta testing, but its founders...

Self-Insurance Cooperatives - the Solution We Need
Patricia Hess - 2/20/2013
Will Obamacare be the health care crisis solution? A private company projects their costs (here and also here), but the government seems unable to do so. The government can't show people how to claim back PPI. Will Obamacare be able to afford to cover non-lethal diseases, like herpes? Meladerm and similar elective medication would obviously not be covered by a government insurance plan.

Drunk Driving Risks: Advice from a DWI lawyer
Todd Spodek, Esq. - 2/20/2013
Every year, the result of drunk driving sees thousands of people get arrested. According to LeBrooks, a career salary source, DWI attorneys are well-paid and many clients wind up in debt because they had to borrow money from a company like QuickLoan101 to pay for legal defense. The effects depend on the age, body weight and gender. History of alcoholism is a major factor. Those for whom it's an issue should consider joining one of the alcohol rehab centres.

Parapsychology and Gun Control in the USA
Paul Shirley - 1/31/2013
"Parapsychology does not generate a sufficient number of hypotheses, which can be subjected to scientific testing. This has to do with its fabulous (i.e., storytelling) nature. In a way, Parapsychology has affinity with some private languages. It is a form of art and, as such, is self-sufficient and self-contained. If structural, internal constraints are met, a statement is deemed true within the Parapsychology “canon” even if it does not satisfy external scientific requirements."

BHO: President Woodrow Wilson Reborn
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 1/30/2013
The President is at liberty, both in law and conscience, to be as big a man as he can. His capacity will set the limit and if Congress be overborne by him, it will be no fault of the makers of the Constitution, – it will be from no lack of constitutional powers on its part, but only because the President has the nation behind him, and the Congress has not.

USA SWEEP: Jobs, GOP, Fiscal Cliff
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/20/2013
I. Self-Inflicted Wounds Threaten Jobs Market Meltdown

Mark Levin on President Woodrow Wilson
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 1/14/2013
No doubt a great deal of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere vague sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as fundamental principle.

Requiem for Judge Robert Bork
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 12/22/2012
Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Gun Patriotism or Hypocrisy?
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 12/20/2012
Puzzling me for a long time is the inconsistency between two claims by gun and Second Amendment supporters. One is that what they worship is critically needed to defend themselves against a government that they would view as oppressive and unacceptable. The other is their belief that the US government has already become awful, stealing their liberties.

USA SWEEP: Fiscal Cliff, Guns, Jobs, Fed, Trade Deficit
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/20/2012
I. Emerging Fiscal Cliff Deal Could Push Economy into Recession

Soaking the Rich Won’t Solve Much
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/8/2012
To avert the fiscal cliff, President Obama may get Republican cooperation in soaking the rich, but the deal that emerges could put the nation in dire straits by the end of the decade, argue small business accounting services experts. The Budget Act of 2011 requires the President and Congress to cut federal deficits by $1.2 trillion over nine years, or annual defense and non-entitlement outlays automatically will be reduced $107 billion annually on January 1. Also, the Bush tax cuts, payroll tax reductions and other assorted programs expire.

Unemployment Rate Falls: More Adults Discouraged, Quit Looking
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/8/2012
The economy added 146,000 jobs in November, up a bit from 138, 000 in October.

Arbeit Macht Frei, Reich Macht Frei
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 11/17/2012
Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

Trade Deficit, Fiscal Cliff Threaten Second Recession
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/11/2012
The Commerce Department reported the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $41.5 billion in September, up from $24.9 billion prior to the economic recovery.

The GOP: Retrograde or Reformist? The Republican Party Today and the Romney Campaign
Taylor Dibbert - 11/11/2012
The Republican Party is in a state of disarray and needs to change. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, and the extreme positions from which he is now trying to distance himself, provides insights into this situation. It is not surprising that Governor Romney tacked hard to the right during the Republican primary and is now emphasizing a more moderate brand in his latest incarnation of himself.

Lies and Liars Lost
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 11/11/2012
My cynicism about the stupidity of the American public would have increased exponentially if Mitt Romney would have been elected president. In over 50 years of voting and 25 years of working professionally in the world of politics and public policy I had never seen such outrageous and persistent lies, distortions and intellectual insults from a presidential candidate. Please note that I was not an Obama supporter; I proudly voted for the Libertarian candidate.

Unemployment Expected to Rise in Final Pre-Election Jobs Report
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/4/2012
Friday, the Labor Department reported that the economy added 171,000 jobs in October and unemployment increased to 7.9 percent.

Why Do They hate Obama?
Rashidul Bari - 11/4/2012
Many followers of Islam and a major political party of the United States have found a common ground—they both hate President Obama.

The Risk of Economic Collapse and the Presidential Elections
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/4/2012
The global economy is teetering on collapse, and the presidential election may well decide whether another Great Depression is avoided.

Why Americans of Mideast Descent Have Shifted to Romney
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 11/4/2012
When Senator Barack Obama ran for office in 2008, most Americans of Arabic and Middle Eastern origin supported him.

US ECONOMIC SWEEP: GDP, Presidential Elections
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/27/2012
I. Third Quarter GDP Indicates Little Hope for Better Times

What to Expect if Obama, Romney Win
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/19/2012
The presidential debates have clearly established what Americans may expect from an Obama second term or a Romney Administration.

Economy, Debates Reveal Obama, Biden Haven’t Got What it Takes
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/16/2012
This election should be about the economy—the recovery is too slow and Americans are hurting. The performances of Messrs Obama and Biden in the debates on the campaign trail tell us why.

CAMPAIGN SWEEP: Romeny and the GOP
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/12/2012
I. Romney’s Task in the Debates

The debates are Governor Romney’s last chance to turn around his flagging campaign. He must communicate what he has so far failed to convey—his vision to give Americans a better life and qualifications to deal with tough challenges, like the financial meltdown and Arab Spring, that are unforeseeable when presidents are chosen.

Mr. Romney made his fortune in private equity, and to most Americans, the benefits of such activities are much more difficult to grasp than those of a Steve Jobs. In the confusion, President Obama has unfairly painted the Go...

America's Last Elections?
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 10/12/2012
They’ll train you so good, you’ll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that sh-t. – Frank Marshall Davis to Barack Obama, “Dreams from My Father” (1995)

Economy Adds an Uninspiring 114,000 New Jobs
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/5/2012
The economy added 114,000 in September, down from 142,000 in August and not nearly enough to keep pace with population growth.

Fire Congress, Vote Out Incumbents
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 10/1/2012
For politicians to do what is right, first citizens must do what is right.

We Are All Under Shariah Law Now
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 9/29/2012
Americans and the moviemaker have no [freedom of expression] rights that Shariah law is bound to respect.

Outsourcing, China and the Presidential Campaign
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/29/2012
President Obama and Governor Romney each claims they would do better standing up for American workers against unfair trade with China. However, when it comes to outsourcing both have sins to repent.

A Look to the US Presidential Debates
Taylor Dibbert - 9/29/2012
For political junkies, US presidential debates can be both exciting and formulaic.

CIA "Millennium Hilton" Program
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky - 9/18/2012
Mike Rogers, Chairman
U.S. House Committee on Intelligence
133 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
September 3, 2012

Dear Mr. Rogers,

On June 29, 2012 I've contacted Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Washington, DC 20511, 703-482-130 on CIA "Millenium Hilton" top secret program. William Shea from the Office answered: " I still see no proof of any connection to the CIA, and you have not explained how the CIA is effecting your life at this time. What is happening to you that you want to have stopped?" On June 30, 2012 same William Shea...

Dreams from Obama’s Real Father
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 9/18/2012
Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. His father was a goat herder from Keyna; he would bring people together, so it went… [P]romoting a false family background to hide an agenda irreconcilable with American values is a totally unacceptable manipulation of the electorate.

AMERICAN SWEEP Trade Deficit, Jobs, QE3
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/12/2012
I. Trade Deficit Rises, Stifles Jobs Creation and Smothers Growth

History Lessons: Romney vs. Obama
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/5/2012
With the economy sputtering, President Obama would like voters to believe he faces tougher challenges than any president since Franklin Roosevelt and needs two terms to turn things around. Sadly, the president’s problems are so daunting only because his policies are not up to the task.

Shame on Senator Frank R. Lautenberg
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker - 8/22/2012
New Jersey’s senior U.S. Senator, Frank R. Lautenberg, published an article (“Romney must stop playing politics with Israel”) in the August 15, 2012 edition of The Jerusalem Post for which he should be thoroughly ashamed; it is a political smear and loaded with distortions and outright lies. It is a desperate attempt to stop the erosion of Jewish votes from supporting the re-election of President Barack H. Obama that several polls over the past few weeks have indicated is occurring. Lautenberg’s article is truly an ugly case of the kettle calling the pot black, and it’s beneath the dignity of his office for him to author such a screed.

Paul Ryan praises John Locke
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 8/22/2012
Our rights come from Nature and God, not Government.

Trade Deficit Stifles Growth
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/22/2012
On August 9, the Commerce Department reported the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $42.9 billion in June.

Is Barack Obama Mentally Unstable?
Rock Peters - 8/22/2012
Who is Barack Hussein Obama, the man in the White House? Without a doubt, Obama is the most unvetted, unaccomplished, unqualified person to ever to occupy the Oval Office in American history. Do we even know for sure that Obama mentally stable? Dr. Sam Vaknin the world's leading expert on narcissism and the author of "Malignant Self Love " has said that " Obama's language, posture and demeanor and the testimonies of his closest, dearest and nearest suggest that Obama is a narcissist or he may have Narcissistic Personality Disorder."

Real vs. false prophets
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 8/8/2012
Is there not here a prophet of the LORD…?
~ 1 Kings 22:7

In the Old Testament Bible there were three times that good King Jehoshaphat listened to military advice by the prophets on whether or not to go to war with his surrounding enemies and three times he wasn’t satisfied with the words he was hearing as being authentically from the Lord (I Kings 22:7; 2 Kings 3:11; 2 Chronicles 18:6). Therefore, what made King Jehoshaphat “good” was that he had the fortitude and spiritual discernment to reject the words of the false prophets and ask for a real prophet so as to follow the will ...

Unemployment Rises, Hundreds of Thousands Quit Looking
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/4/2012
The economy added 163,000 jobs in July. Although an improvement over the first quarter, the ranks of the unemployed swelled another 45,000.

Pressures Mount on Fed, ECB but Each Can Do Little
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/4/2012
Pressure mounts on the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank to avert another recession, but neither can accomplish much without their governments pursuing more competent economic policies.

ECONOMIC SWEEP: GDP, Fed's Arrows, China, Economic Collapse
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/28/2012
I. Second Quarter GDP Grows Only 1.5 Percent

The Commerce Department reported today the economy grew only 1.5 percent in the second quarter, down from 2.0 percent the previous period.

Consumer spending slowed under the weight of growing pessimism about the effectiveness of President Obama’s economic program, and a growing sense that Governor Romney will not unseat him. The President leads in polls in most swing states, and the President has made clear his intention to double down on interventionist economic policies.

The trade deficit worsened, increasing its drag on...

Penn State Scandal: Reforming University Athletics
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/21/2012
The report into the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State University, undertaken by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, revealed former President Graham Spanier and legendary football coach Joe Paterno turned a blind eye to sexual abuse by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Preserving Our Exceptional Freedom
Ron Coody - 7/10/2012
In a recent article the humorous and provocative writer Mark Steyn asked pointedly if we live in the time of the twilight of America. Citing the recent power outages on the East Coast after freak storms toppled aging high voltage lines as an example of the deterioration of America's fundamental infrastructure, Steyn makes the point that while the US debt is quickly moving toward 20 trillion dollars, priority items in our country like replacing sagging electric lines with buried cables go undone. Whether it is a bridge that collapses or power lines that snap, without the basic essentials like...

Jobs Growth Painfully Slow, Unemployed To Remain Too High for Years
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/7/2012
The economy added only 80,000 jobs in June—much less than what is needed to keep up with natural population growth. The unemployment rate was steady at 8.2 percent, largely because another 34,000 unemployed Americans chose not to look for work.

A place in history for John Roberts
Prof. Dr Anthony A Kila - 7/7/2012
There is no other way to put it Chief Justice John Roberts of the supreme court of the USA has earned himself an important place in the history of law and politics. Regardless of whether they are within or beyond the borders of the USA, regardless of whether they think Barack Obama’s healthcare plan is important or not, right or wrong, observers and political analysts cannot but agree that the name and opinions of John Roberts will now be cited and studied for centuries to come in our classrooms and strategy sessions. Some bold ones amongst us have dared to predict the number of possible John Roberts related thesis that will come up in the next ten years.

Fed Meets with Few Options As Recession Threatens
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/23/2012
The U.S. economy flirts with recession, but Federal Reserve policymakers meeting today and Wednesday have few options.

Dismissal of UVA President Sullivan Was Justified
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/23/2012
Higher education is in crisis, and leaders like recently dismissed University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan bear a heavy burden of responsibility, simply put, for not effectively leading.

Symposia: If I wanted America to fail and If I were the devil
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 5/19/2012
Socrates (470-399 B.C.) – a renowned Greek philosopher from Athens who taught Plato, and Plato taught Aristotle and Aristotle taught Alexander the Great.

The Pentagon is a conveyor belt for hatred and enmity towards Islam
Abid Mustafa - 5/16/2012
“We are not at war with Islam”—President Obama

It was only last month that Pentagon officials repeatedly implored Pastor Terry Jones not to burn copies of the Quran fearing that Jones’s inflammatory action could arouse Muslim sentiments and endanger the lives of US soldiers serving in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Yet, a month later the Pentagon managed to outdo the bigotry of Terry Jones and had been caught red handed for spearheading America’s crusade against Islam and seeking its total annihilation. Lt Col Matthew Dooley who was responsible for conditioning hundreds of US offi...

Trade Deficit and Unemployment
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/9/2012
I. Fix the Trade Deficit to End Jobs Drought

The $600 billion annual deficit is the most significant barrier to achieving a robust economic recovery and creating jobs, and oil and consumer goods from China account for virtually the entire problem.

Economists agree the pace of economic recovery has been too slow, because of too little demand for what Americans make.

Consumers are spending again—the process of winding down household debt that followed the Great Recession ended more than a year ago; however, too many consumer dollars go abroad to purchase Middle East oil an...

Who Knew about 'Amendment' to First Amendment?
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 5/3/2012
A new untruth is better than an old truth.

~ Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

Did you know that 93 years ago the Supreme Court decreed that advertizing to your fellow Americans about their constitutional rights to be a federal crime?

Astoundingly, this was the unanimous 9-0 decision of the case Schenck v. United States (1919). This case, in an openly fascist manner violated defendant Schenck’s First Amendment rights to distribute flyers alerting his fellow citizens of their First, Tenth and Thirteenth Amendment rights not to comply with the draft and fight in World War...

Why Johnny Can’t Pay His Student Loans
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/3/2012
Young people face a cruel irony. Most can’t land a decent job without a college education, yet many graduates are locked into poorly paying positions that don’t permit repayment of student monthly installment loans.

Beyond Elections
Ron Coody - 4/30/2012
Pick up a dollar bill and have a look at it. You'll find, in addition to some rather elaborate decorations meant to foil counterfeiting, the simple phrase, "In God We Trust." When taking the time to really read that overly familiar phrase that passes under our hands countless times each day, one question that arises is, are we telling the truth? Do we really trust in God?

A Winning Strategy for Romney
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/25/2012
With the Republican nomination virtually wrapped up, polls indicate voters are inclined to give Mitt Romney a serious second look.

KGB Operation Barack Obama
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky - 4/25/2012
Chapter 1 . Obama is KGB illegal spy.

On August 4, 1961, Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

You know, if there's something very wrong with someone's birth certificate and if there's an indication that this someone used a birth certificate of a newborn child (Virginia Sunahara) who died at birth or soon after birth, we have to talk about the methods Russian intelligence (SVR, a former KGB) and its illegal espionage department. We have to talk about the illegal spy "documentation process" - using birth certificates to get legal documents in USA - SS#, driver license, pass...

Numbing Numbers Explain US Frog Revolution
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 4/25/2012
Believing in the classic American Dream that hard work will deliver prosperity is like believing that buying super lottery tickets is a smart way to become wealthy. Both are delusional beliefs because both are bets on incredible long shots that will disappoint nearly everyone who believes this garbage. The American Dream has been destroyed by a revolution from the top.

AMERICAN BRIEFS: GOP, Trade Deficit, Manufacturing, Jobs
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/19/2012
I. The GOP’s Winning Issues and Losing Strategies

Economic Outlook: Economies Slows in First Quarter, Weaker Jobs Growth Likely
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/13/2012
The economy grew at a 3 percent annual rate in the 4th quarter of 2011, but first half growth is likely to disappoint, renewing upward pressures on unemployment.

In speech, Obama runs from his record on the economy, blames Republicans instead
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/6/2012
In a speech in Washington delivered at the annual Associated Press luncheon Tuesday, President Obama spoke on the economy. And he was at it again—running from his record and blaming Republicans for the pain his actions have

Soon in Your Neighborhood, $8 a Gallon Gas!
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/3/2012
Campaigning for office, President Obama promised to do something about high gas prices but now he is denying he can do much about what Americans pay to drive. He is too modest!

The Diabolical Justice Brennan
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 3/30/2012
For the genius of the Constitution rests not in any static meaning it might have had in a world that is dead and gone, but in the adaptability of its great principles to cope with current problems and current needs.

CIA/FBI Operations: Millenium Hilton Conspiracy and 9-11
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky - 3/27/2012
CIA/FBI Millenium Hilton Conspiracy

On September 1, 1995 , I was recruited in New York at the Millennium Hilton, as CIA "Filament" by CIA agents .I also met Frank from FBI National Security Division and had to work for two agencies. Next was a joint CIA-FBI conspiracy.

They decided to "copy" "Kremlin" operation I had to spy on the U.S. Congress and work with Congress Librarian James Billington who knew me as a political scientist through his Moscow office, and could introduce to Senators and Representatives.

I had to influence the White House and created "The Profes...

Economic Outlook for 2012
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/27/2012
The economy grew at 3 percent annual rate in the 4th quarter, but first half growth is likely to disappoint, renewing upward pressures on unemployment.

Mandating Contraception Coverage Is an Attack on Faith-Based Charities
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/21/2012
Catholic bishops are doubling down in their opposition to the Obama Administration mandate that church-sponsored institutions provide employees health plans that include contraception.

John Kennedy CIA Operation
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky - 3/18/2012
CIA prepared the operation long before President John Kennedy has been murdered. On August 5, 1962 CIA agents killed Marilyn Monroe (staged suicide - "acute barbiturate poisoning") who got information on planned JFK assassination and desperately tried to contact him or his brother, Robert Kennedy. It’s much more simple to kill without any traces on or in the body – use a suppository.

Illinois: Can Santorum Beat Romney in the Mid-West
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/18/2012
In Mississippi and Alabama, Mitt Romney failed miserably to prove he can win in the South, but now Rick Santorum must prove he can win in a big northern state, where the economy, not social issues, trump. Illinois will prove a great test.

High Gas Prices and the Wisdom of Drilling for Oil
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/14/2012
Gas prices are zooming passed $4 a gallon, and the nation is hardly freer from the grip of imported oil or closer to robust economic recovery. With his approval ratings dropping precipitously, the President is blaming speculators and investigating fraud and at the pump, when this mess is the direct result of failed federal energy policies.

Justice Harlan F. Stone and the Shadow Justice
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 3/14/2012
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – (Who guards the guardians?)

Unemployment steady at 8.3 Percent, Jobs Growth Slows
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/10/2012
The economy added 227,000 jobs in February, down from 284,000 in January and unemployment rate remained 3 percent. Going forward unemployment is not likely to fall much further and may rise again.

Ohio is the Real Test for Romney
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/5/2012
Michigan may have been a must win for Mitt Romney but Ohio is his real test. The state’s demographics are tougher vis-à-vis Rick Santorum, while its economic concerns more directly mirror what the GOP nominee will face in the November campaign.

Manufacturing Matters, There Is No Other Way Out!
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/5/2012
Barack Obama and his Republican challengers don’t agree about much, but they do agree manufacturing matters and resurrecting America’s factories will be at the center of the fall presidential campaign.

Losing Constitutional Competition
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 3/5/2012
Among Americans there remains strong pride about the US Constitution, even though there is widespread support for creating reform amendments to it. Globally, however, what should surprise Americans is a significant loss of respect for it. Other nations, especially those creating new democracies, see better constitutions elsewhere. This is not opinion. It is fact. And it is important to understand this historic shift.

Gas Prices Up, President Wrongly Attacks Critics Again
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/28/2012
When Barack Obama assumed the presidency, gas prices were less than $2 a gallon. He proceeded to shut down deep-water drilling in the Gulf, tightened other federal restrictions on petroleum development, and vetoed the Keystone Pipeline. Now, even with Americans driving not a lot more than three years ago and global growth slowing, gas is nearing $4 a gallon.

Romney, Severely Awful
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 2/24/2012
There are many, many reasons to have low regard for Mitt Romney. All but the totally delusional correctly see him as disingenuous, dishonest, devious and devoid of an authentic set of core beliefs. He is a shill for corporate and rich elites. He is the phony smiling, perfect hair poster jerk for the proverbial one percent. But I now clearly see that there is another, more important reason to feel like vomiting at the thought of President Romney.

Justice Harry Blackmun and the machinery of death
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 2/22/2012
From this day forward, I no longer shall tinker with the machinery of death.

Existing Home Sales Underperform Forecast, Prices Down
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/22/2012
The market for existing homes continues in the doldrums, as young couples continue to op for renting and older couples can’t unload homes to retire or relocate to find employment.

President’s Agenda Often Is Religion, Not Reason
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/20/2012
Rick Santorum’s assertion that President Obama’s agenda is not about the quality of life or jobs but “some phony ideal. Some phony theology” may not be an appropriate characterization of his religious views. However, it is an accurate description of what is wrong with the hard left in American politics, and the thinking that drives domestic policy in the Obama Administration.

Obama: Heroic Assumptions or Real Growth?
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/14/2012
I. Obama Budget Embraces Heroic Growth Assumptions

American Review: GOP, Trade Deficit and Jobs
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/10/2012
I. GOP May Not Deserve to Win

Rick Santorum’s victories in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota laid bare Mitt Romney’s weaknesses and the GOP’s fading prospects for defeating Barack Obama.

Romney’s advantages are money and organization. His well financed machine overwhelmed opponents in Florida, but he chose not to devote many resources to those beauty contests, and without the advantages of money—and massive attack ads—Mr. Santorum bested him by an average margin of 20 percent.

Mr. Santorum’s principal appeal is social issues and adherence to Republican economic fundamental...

Falling Unemployment Hardly a Game Changer but Obama May Not Need One
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/8/2012
Democrats rejoiced that unemployment fell to 8.3 percent and 247,000 new jobs were added in January, confirming to them President Obama will take them to victory in November.

No Matter Who Wins, Americans Lose
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 2/3/2012
Why am I so sick of all the media attention to the Republican presidential primaries and all the blabbering about President Obama’s advantages and disadvantages for the coming election? I just cannot get excited. My answer may also be yours: No matter who wins, our nation loses.

American Issues: Unemployment, Romney, GOP
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/3/2012
I. Unemployment Falls to 8.3 Percent on Stronger Job Gains

The Peace Corps, Drugs and US Foreign Policy
Taylor Dibbert - 1/31/2012
A few months ago, President Barack Obama was celebrating the “profound” relationship between the United States and Honduras.

State of Dysfunction: Fairness, the Economy and Hypocrisy
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/26/2012
In his State of the Union Address, President Obama hammered on two resounding themes—fairness and the economy.

South Carolina’s Verdict: Romney May Be No Better than Obama
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/24/2012
Mitt Romney lost South Carolina by failing to convince voters he has the character and platform to turn the country around.

Romney’s Losing Stand on Immigration
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/20/2012
Mitt Romney’s rigid position on illegal immigration and embrace of Kris Kobach, former law professor and architect of a law to rid Arizona of illegal aliens, may well cost him the fall election even if helps him win the Republican nomination.

Contemplating a Paul Third Party Run
Taylor Dibbert - 1/13/2012
Ron Paul finished a disappointing third in the Iowa Caucuses. He is unlikely to win upcoming primaries in New Hampshire, South Carolina or Florida. He probably will not win February caucuses in Nevada or Maine either.

Trade Deficit, Jobs, and Insourcing
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/13/2012
I. Trade Deficit Slows Growth and Blocks Jobs Creation

Romney’s Opportunity in South Carolina
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/11/2012
After a convincing victory in New Hampshire, South Carolina offers Mr. Romney the opportunity to become the presumptive Republican nominee and define the issues for the fall campaign.

Unemployment Falls to 8.5 Percent but that May Be as Good as It Gets!
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/8/2012
The economy added 200,000 jobs in December, and unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent. Going forward unemployment is not likely to fall much further and may rise again.

Saving the Middle Class: Agenda for Economic Renewal
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/30/2011

The hollowing out of the middle class is a potent campaign issue. Almost everyone—even affluent professionals and entrepreneurs—want to identify with the middle class, but increasingly, the genuine middle is a tough place to be.

Since 2000, the median income of working age households has fallen more than 10 percent. With the top 25 percent of earners grabbing a much larger slice of a shrinking pie, income losses for folks in the middle and working classes are much greater.

Lost jobs and stagnant wages have put 100 million Americans—one in three—below or close to the poverty ...

American Exceptionalism and the ultimate virtue
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/28/2011
Americans should be thankful that the values that define America --- personal liberty and individual pursuit of happiness --- are increasingly embraced around the globe.

Do Not Mute Newt
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 12/23/2011
The trick to maintaining the US delusional democracy is feeding the illusion for citizens that voting and elections really matter. But when both major parties are owned by rich and corporate elites it matters less than most people think whether Republicans or Democrats win and control Congress or the White House. Their seeming differences are a clever distraction that keeps fooling and manipulating Americans. With the help of the mainstream media, making entertainment out of political races, Americans are deceived into thinking that elections deserve their respect and participation.

USA: Retail Sales, Obama's Roosevelt
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/14/2011
I. November Retail Sales Indicate Weaker 4th Quarter Growth than Expected

Gringrich and the ‘X-Factor’: Brace Yourself, It May Soon Be President Newt
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/12/2011
Effective leaders—successful CEOs, presidents and legislators—get tough things done and can effect epic defining change, because they have that “X-factor.” An intangible quality and peculiar charisma—something apart from a trenchant understanding of the issues and technical competence—that motivates people to follow, accept discomforting choices, and overlook shortcomings in their background or character.

Trade Deficit Blocks Jobs Creation, Growth
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/10/2011
Friday, the Commerce Department reported the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $43.5 billion in October, up slightly from $43.1 billion in September.

Rethinking US-Mexican Security Cooperation
Taylor Dibbert - 12/8/2011
Since Felipe Calderón came into office in 2006, security links between the US and Mexico have gotten noticeably stronger, the Mérida Initiative being the most obvious example of this. Funding under this program will almost certainly continue next year.

On the Reelection of Barack Obama
Taylor Dibbert - 12/5/2011
If Barack Obama is reelected he should consider himself quite lucky.

Fed’s Assistance to European Only Prolongs the Agony: Euro is a Cruel Hoax on Mediterranean Nations
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/2/2011
Federal Reserve assistance to shore up Europe’s sagging banks may be good geo-politics but it is bad economics. Only abandoning the euro, not printing money and Teutonic austerity, will fix Europe’s banks and economies.

Comments on American Politics
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/24/2011
I. Super Committee Fails but Obama Campaign Machine Rolls On

Occupy Wall Street Put Nation on Notice
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/21/2011
Occupy Wall Street may be out of Zuccotti Park but Americans ignore its message only at their peril.

Deficit Talks, Endless Budget Drama: America On the Road to Armageddon
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/18/2011
America’s finances are headed for a train wreck.

By November 23, the Super Committee in Congress must come up with a package to cut the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion over ten years or draconian cuts in defense and discretionary spending follow.

Something still may be cobbled together but the federal deficit would remain too large, and could easily fly out of control. Genuine progress is not possible, because the principals won’t even accept the facts.

Democrats harp that Bush tax cuts, wars and prescription drug plan for seniors caused the deficit to swell to $1.3 tril...

USA: The Economy and Jobs
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/8/2011
I. Trade Deficit Blocks Jobs Creation and Growth

Thursday, the Commerce Department is expected to report the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $46.3 billion in September. This trade deficit is the most significant barrier to jobs creation and growth in the U.S. economy—even more formidable than the federal budget deficit, because its effects are more immediate.

Simply, the U.S. economy suffers from too little demand for what U.S. workers make. Americans are spending again—the process of winding down consumer debt that followed the Great recession ended in ...

Jobless and Clueless
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 11/8/2011
When Americans who are the most victimized by our cruel economy still believe in something that is demonstrably no longer true, they are deeply delusional. They desperately want to believe in something once great about American society. The reality is that upward economic mobility has been destroyed, replaced by widely observable downward mobility. Some of the mostly younger jobless that have embraced the Occupy Wall Street and related Occupy efforts know the truth.

Alinsky, Obama: Lies, lies, lies
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 11/2/2011
The Alinksy radical has a single principle—to take power from the Haves and give it to the Have-nots. What this amounts to in practice is a political nihilism—a destructive assault on the established order in the name of the “people” (who, in the fashion common to dictators, are designated as such by the revolutionary elite).

Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party, So Much in Common but Worlds Apart
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/2/2011
Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party is really the same species—movements descended from the same dissatisfactions. However, when it comes to reasoning through causes and solutions—Occupy Wall Street is from Venus and the Tea Party is from Mars.

Two Paths to Reform: Violence or Convention
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 11/2/2011
By every one of countless measures the US is in a death spiral. Its political system, government and economy are hopelessly broken. No wonder that the vast majority of Americans express severe dissatisfaction with Congress, both major parties, and increasingly with President Obama. And only the wealthy elites have any reason to be positive about corporate powers, Wall Street and the whole banking and finance sector. They not only own the nation, they run it.

Don’t Raise Taxes or Cut Defense to Solve Budget Woes
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/31/2011
Whether the Joint Select Committee on Budget Reduction reaches a deal to reduce the federal deficit by at least $1.2 trillion or stalemates on November 23, Democrats appear intent on handicapping the national economy with higher taxes and imperiling national security by cutting defense. Those are the wrong places to solve the nation’s budget woes.

Numbers Justify Occupy Movement
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 10/27/2011
Feeling angry about being betrayed by a corrupt government owned by rich and corporate elites has driven the Occupy Wall Street movement. Emphasizing how the top one percent has prospered incredibly while the bottom 99 percent have been screwed royally is supported by countless data. New data show this is a global phenomenon and that even in the worst of economic times the wealthiest make out like the bandits they are, and there are a lot more of them than one percent.

Perry Tax Plan Little No Sense
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/27/2011
Seeking to jump start his flagging campaign and establish his pro-growth and fiscal responsibility credentials, Governor Rick Perry is unveiling a tax plan that will not jump start the economy and is fiscally irresponsible.

Fed's Tricks, Obama's Mortgages
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/24/2011
I. Obama Mortgage Program Sows another Credit Crisis

It’s Time for Americans to Put Mitt Romney’s Religion Aside
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/19/2011
Mainstream Mormonism is no cult, and Mitt Romney is more fit to be President for his work in the church.

USA: Trade Deficit, Jobs, and Taxes
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/15/2011
I. August Trade Deficit $45.6 Billion, Huge Jobs Killer

Symposium—Get off the damn plantation!
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 10/13/2011
Socrates (470-399 B.C.) – a renowned Greek philosopher from Athens who taught Plato, and Plato taught Aristotle and Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. Socrates used a method of teaching by asking leading questions. The Greeks called this form dialectic – starting from a thesis or question, then discussing ideas and moving back and forth between points of view to determine how well ideas stand up to critical review with the ultimate principle of the dialogue being Veritas – Truth.

Pass the China Currency Bill
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/11/2011
The China Currency Bill is the most significant jobs bill Congress could pass. It enjoys the bi-partisan support of nearly 80 Republican and Democratic Senators, yet President Obama and Speaker Boehner oppose it, illustrating both are out of touch with the problems besetting the American economy.

Economy Waffles, Adds Too Few Jobs in September: Dead Cat Bounce Off Terrible August Performance
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/8/2011
The economy added 103,000 jobs in September. Coming off a gain of 57,000 jobs in August, the September performance is more of a dead cat bounce than real progress.

Free Trade Is Failing America
Prof. Peter Morici - 10/4/2011
No economic policy could better serve Americans than genuine free trade but open trade policies are failing Americans.

Class War Winner
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 9/28/2011
Much is being said by Republicans about a class war being waged by President Obama and Democrats. In their fantasy world this class war is attacking so called job creators. All this talk is pure nonsense, absolutely false and misleading, intentional political garbage designed to intentionally mislead gullible Americans stupid enough to believe the lies. Here is the truth: There has, indeed, been a class war waged in the US; it has been going on for a good thirty years. And this real war has been won.

Comments on the Economy of the United States
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/26/2011
1. Courting another Recession

Stocks are dropping like stones tossed into a summer lake, and the economy dances along the precipice of a second recession.

The U.S. economy is imploding thanks to incompetence in Washington and arrogance on Wall Street. President Obama is hardly the victim of his predecessor’s mistakes as much as his own decisions.

The Great Recession was caused by an imbalance of demand between the United States and Western Europe, on the one hand, and China and other Asian economies, on the other. The latter maintain rigged and undervalued currencies—esse...

What President Obama Needs to Say and Do
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/15/2011
America is in crisis.

The new normal is not good enough. The unemployed can’t find jobs, the old can’t retire and those in between live in constant fear of being tapped on the shoulder and trust into the abyss.

Property values are lower than a snake’s belly, stocks are diving and gold—the “fear asset”—seems the only sound investment.

Thursday the President addresses Congress and is expected to propose ideas that only maintain the status quo, or perhaps do worse.

Infrastructure spending, payroll tax holidays, and unemployment benefits will only replace monies now ...

White Guilt, Black victimhood
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 9/15/2011
I hope he [President Obama] fails.

~ Rush Limbaugh (Inauguration Day, Jan. 2009)

We'll throw you a bone like affirmative action if you'll just let us reduce you to your race so we can take moral authority for 'helping' you.

~ Shelby Steele

Did white guilt + black victimhood = Obama in ‘08? Will white guilt + Black victimhood = Obama in ‘12? When Rush declared on Inauguration Day 2009 regarding the presidency of Barack Obama, “I hope he fails,” the liberals went wild in a fascist mob frenzy, equating Rush’s statement of affirmation essentially as a racist declarat...

Economy Needs Policy Overhaul, Not More Tinkering
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/9/2011
U.S. policy needs a complete overhaul to save the economy from a second Great Recession, but instead the President promises more of the same policies that have failed—stimulus spending, higher taxes and onerous, ineffective business regulations and health care costs.

Economy Stalls, No Jobs Added in August
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/3/2011
The economy added no jobs in July. Unemployment stayed constant at 9.1 percent only because so many adults are too discouraged to look for work.

Economic Impact of Hurricane Irene
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/30/2011
Although, initially a Category 1 hurricane and now only a tropical storm, Irene is testing flood-level records in New York City and in much of the Northeast, raising casualty loss estimates to $20 billion. Two days of lost economic activity, over a period of a week, is almost certain, and adds another $20 billion. Longer term, rebuilding and postponed business activity will make up much of the near term impact on the economy.

Jobs Report Will Offer Little Evidence Washington’s Policies Lifting Economy: An American Policy of Decline by Design
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/30/2011
Friday, forecasters expect the Labor Department to report the economy added only 67,000 jobs in August—my estimate is 63,000. Either would be much less than the 130,000 the economy must create each month to stay even with adult population growth.

America and the gold standard
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 8/24/2011
By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some.

Brain-Dead Obama
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 8/12/2011
Everyone who voted for Obama should feel betrayed, ashamed and disgusted. Anyone who still trusts, admires and respects Obama is a fool. Here is my political fantasy: I wake up one day soon and hear the news that President Obama will soon resign. Praise the Lord!

Is the USA a Failed State?
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 8/12/2011
Its credit rating downgraded (in August 2011 by Standard and Poor’s), its politicians deadlocked in a bipartisan danse macabre, it middle-class impoverished, its hordes of long-term unemployed a fixture. It has been called a rogue state, a colonialist-imperialist throwback, the puppet of Zionism. But, is the United States of America a failed state?

No Time to Panic – This Is not 2008 Again
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/12/2011
At times of peril, when all around are panicking, the person who stays calm can see the facts, act prudently, and not merely survive, but prosper. No doubt, readers have heard that before, but this is a good time to remember it.

Comments on Current Economic Issues
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/10/2011
I. Fixing Markets, the Economy Must Begin in the Oval Office

Economy Adds 117,000 Jobs in July
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/8/2011
The economy added 117,000 jobs in July. While not a stellar performance, those were more jobs than were expected by forecasters, and more than the 46,000 posted in June.

US Dollar, Bonds to Benefit from Debt Downgrade
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 8/8/2011
In August 2011, the rating of US debt was downgraded by Standard and Poor's. The other major rating agencies, Moody's and Fitch, left the USA's top-notch AAA

President and Tea Party Win Big, the National Interest Be Damned
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/1/2011
In the debt ceiling melodrama, the President and Tea Party each had political objectives and national interests to serve. Politics won out.

Semantic Propaganda Feeds Stupidity
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 7/29/2011
We would already have had a much needed American revolution in response to the tyranny of the money-fed two-party plutocracy that is destroying the middle class except for one big problem: so much of the American population is just plain stupid. Too stupid to behave like angry Greeks and rise up in the streets to rebel against the dysfunctional government.

Cognitive Dissonance and the Debt-Ceiling Morass: No Budget Deal Possible until the Adults Come to Play
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/27/2011
Cognitive dissonance—a refusal to accept objective facts that define rational behavior—is at the root of impending disaster in Washington.

Notes on USA's Deficit Drama and Beyond
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/25/2011
I. America’s Permanent Deficit Problems: On the Road to Armageddon

Solutions to Slow Growth and Job Creation
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/21/2011
The Commerce Department reported the May deficit on international trade in goods and services increased to $50.2 billion up from $43.6 billion in when the economic recovery began.

Funding the Government after August 2: Running QE2 in Reverse
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/19/2011
If the debt ceiling talks fail, is August 2 really the drop dead date for a U.S. default?

Debt Ceiling Deal a Prelude to Ultimate Default
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/15/2011
President Obama wants a big deficit reduction deal—a long term solution to the nation’s unbalanced finances. Yet, what the President and Republicans propose—even if both could accept much of what the other offers—would only delay the inevitable. Like Greece, America’s finances will grow worse and worse.

Republicans Need New Taxes, President Obama Does Not
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/12/2011
President Obama hardly needs more taxes to slash the federal deficit but Congressional Republicans do need new taxes to survive politically.

Another Disappointing Jobs Report
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/9/2011
The economy added only 18,000 jobs in June, after posting a lackluster 25,000 gain in May. Jobs creation remains moribund and inadequate to appreciably dent unemployment, because the economic recovery is simply not gaining steam.

Consumer Confidence Data Shows Second Recession a Big Risk: “Bipartisan” CBO Peddling Obama’s Low Growth Hoax
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/4/2011

Consumer confidence continues to slip indicating the May slowdown in jobs creation, retail sales, and personal income and spending continues into June. Second quarter GDP growth could be worse than the tepid 1.9 percent registered in the first quarter, indicating a second recession is in the wings.

The Conference Board Index of Consumer Confidence fell to 58.5 in June—below forecasters’ expectation and the prior month figure of 61.7.

Importantly, more and more Americans say jobs are hard to find and don’t see the job market getting better anytime soon. They see inflation risi...

An American Weimar Republic
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 6/30/2011
There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword, the other is by debt.

No Default, Shutdown Not Inevitable if Debt Ceiling Talks Fail
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/30/2011
The United States does not have to default on its debt, and the social security and Medicare checks can go out even if Republicans and President Obama cannot strike a deal to raise the debt ceiling by August 2.

Federal Reserve Ending QE2 - Much Ado about Nothing
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/22/2011
The Federal Reserve will soon conclude its $600 billion in bond purchases. Not much will happen, because QE2 was as inconsequential as one hand clapping.

Lie To Me
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 6/15/2011
What is the main lesson from the recent fiascos of former Senator John Edwards and Representative Anthony Weiner? If you follow the news shows you saw a number of video clips where each of them had lied many times about what eventually they confessed to, their stupid, sleazy sexual misconduct. As I watched the videos I was amazed how good their lying behavior was, without any hint of their blatant dishonesty in how they looked or sounded. Of course, I was also reminded how terrific a liar Bill Clinton was when he went on television to lie about his sexual misconduct.

Trade Deficit Slows Recovery, Jobs Creation: Cutting Trade Gap in Half Would Create Up to 5 Million Jobs
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/13/2011
The Commerce Department reported the April deficit on international trade in goods and services increased to $43.7 billion up from $27.1 billion in when the economic recovery began.

Nixon and RINO Progressivism
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 6/10/2011

Despite the fact that for the past two and a half years America has been run by a president who by every historical comparison and rational critique is a socialist with communist tendencies, yet the pathetic GOP cannot effectively mount a first-tier candidate to seriously challenge this diminutive Marxist professor. Why? Because for 40 years the GOP have used the rhetoric of conservative Ronald Reagan, but the tactics, strategies and policies of RINO (Republican in name only) Richard Nixon.

Indeed, Reagan is lionized by today’s GOP and has been for 30 years since his two...

Pick Your Poison
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 6/10/2011
One of the hardest truths to accept is that for most sources of pain hitting humans there seems to be nothing effective for government to do. Nowadays, those of us who do not gobble various distractions but work to stay connected to reality see two dreadful conditions. Nature seems mad as hell.

We’re all Communists now
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 6/8/2011
Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

Avoiding a Double Dip Recession, or Worse
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/8/2011
Jobs creation, industrial production and car sales are slipping, and consumer confidence and stock prices have turned south. The U.S. economy may be tumbling into a second recession or worse, hitting the mat for good. Solutions are at hand, but politicians—and voters—won’t embrace what needs doing.

Lessons from Euroland for the United States
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/7/2011
Greece’s finances are out of control. Its bonds are downgraded to junk; and without a German and European Central Bank bailout, it will be forced to restructure its debt.

Economy Creates Only 54,000 Jobs in May: Faltering Recovery Casts Shadow on Jobs Outlook
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/4/2011
Friday, the Labor Department reported the economy added only 54,000 jobs in May, indicating the economic recovery is faltering. Washington has not addressed structural problems that caused the Great Recession—unnecessary dependence on high priced imported oil, the huge trade deficit, burdensome health care costs, and a tax structure that disadvantages U.S. based businesses—even though reasonable solutions are at hand.

Thank You Cornel West
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 6/4/2011
The outspoken scholar and Princeton University professor Cornel West has been viciously attacked by many on the political left, especially supporters of President Obama. Why? Because he had the courage to call Obama a “black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”

Aiming “High” or How to Boost American Edge through Immigration
Irina Aervitz - 5/27/2011
As President Obama is campaigning for his re-election in 2012, the emphasis is being placed on the problem of the so-called “low” or undocumented immigration to attract the sympathies of the Hispanic voters.

Home Sales, Gas Prices and Stocks
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/24/2011
On May 20, the National Association of Realtors reported existing home sales were 5.05 million in April, down slightly from 5.1 million in March but down significantly from 5.8 million last April.

The Return Of Newt Gingrich
Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye - 5/20/2011
Wednesday before last (May 11, 2011), Newt Gingrich, the 58th Speaker of the United States Congress (1995-1999), but who is better known for championing a historic opposition against President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, and, perhaps, also, for leading a team of conservatives to win back the control of the House for his Republican Party in 1994, formally joined the already crowded 2012 Republican presidential primary run. He announced his candidacy via a video message released Wednesday evening.

Getting behind President Obama to Fix America’s Broken Immigration Policy
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/17/2011
The United States has an unwritten but plain immigration policy.

The Risk of U.S. Default and Return of the Gold Standard
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/13/2011
Gold is selling for close to $1500 an ounce, up from $258 in 2001.

Trade Deficit Jumps on Higher Oil Prices
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/11/2011
The Commerce Department reported the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $48.2 billion in March, up from $45.4 billion in February. The deficit on oil surged $5.8 billion on higher prices and increased volumes.

Jobless Claims Soar, Economy May Be Headed for Second Recession: Rising Gas Prices, Deficit Woes Cast Shadow on Jobs Outlook
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/5/2011
The Labor Department reported today new unemployment claims rocketed to 474,000 last week, indicating the recent uptick in hiring may be ending. It appears the economy slowed further in April, as rising gas prices took a bite out of consumer spending, and the lack of resolve to deal with federal budget woes is curbing businesses appetite for risk taking and hiring.

Don’t Raise Debt Ceiling without Radical Reforms
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/2/2011
To raise the debt ceiling, moderate Democrats and Republicans in Congress may compel President Obama to significantly cut spending. Done right, that would be a good thing!

Economics, Politics and Ben Bernanke’s Press Conference
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/29/2011
On Wednesday, Ben Bernanke discussed with reporters decisions taken by the

Gas Prices and the Blame Game
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/26/2011
When gas prices spike, owing to Middle East turmoil or hurricanes, conspiracy theories abound about profiteering speculators. The truth is Americans are suffering from bad energy polices—politicians eager to sell pet projects and hoist blame onto others.

U.S. Middle-East Policy in Disarray
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker - 4/18/2011
Washington, DC’s recent discovery that its U.S. Middle-East policy is in tatters appears to be confined to the Hill and some conservative NGOs.

Inflation Hits Money and Lies
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 4/18/2011
How do the powerful keep the US population dumb and distracted? A key tactic has been using methodologies that produce totally misleading underestimates of key economic factors. First we learned that official unemployment figures are too low by a factor of two. Now, understand that the official rate of inflation hitting consumers is even more inaccurate. You will hear about a low inflation rate of less than 3 percent. In reality, it is closer to 10 percent, according to the highly regarded analysis by John Williams.

Inflation Moves to Center Stage, Highlights Fed and G20 Impotence
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/18/2011
On Friday, the Labor Department reported consumer prices were up 0.5 percent in March, driven by 3.5 and 0.8 percent jumps in energy and food prices.

Getting Serious about Reducing the Federal Deficit: President’s Budget Speech Offers Little to Cheer
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/14/2011
President Obama’s plan to balance the budget was a brilliant political speech—highlighting weakness in the Republican deficit reduction proposal drafted by Congressman Paul Ryan—but it offered little new or encouraging that would correct Washington’s troubled finances.

Fight Economic Oppression, Target the Top One Percent
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 4/13/2011
Massive economic inequality is killing America and we the people. It has already killed American democracy. The rich have captured the political system so they could manipulate the economy and benefit unfairly. Economic freedom and opportunity are gone. Greed among the top one percent has succeeded so well that a true uprising and revolt by Americans, like that seen in Egypt, may be needed to restore America.

Gas Prices, Consumers and the Economy
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/13/2011
Gasoline prices are soaring passed $4.00 a gallon in many places and driving will continue to be more expensive. Unless consumers are determined to again recklessly pile up credit card debt, higher gas prices will profoundly slow other purchases and the economic recovery.

Tuesday’s Trade Deficit Report
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/11/2011
Tuesday, analysts expect the Commerce Department to report the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $44.0 billion in February, up from $27 billion in mid-2009, when the economic recovery began.

The Tragedy of the Budget Impasse
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/8/2011
If the government shuts down, the Republicans will likely get the blame but the American people will be the losers.

Despicable Lies, Delusional Recovery
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 4/7/2011
The US government lies. Sure looks like most Americans gobble up false and misleading information that is nothing less than political propaganda. Take the highly hyped unemployment number for March, 2011 of 8.8 percent that moved like a tornado through the media and was praised by Democrat politicians and the White House. As if that number is accurate, as if it fairly describes unemployment. It does not. What is called by experts, such as Leo Hindery, as the real unemployment number was actually 17.7 percent, which is remarkably higher. To appreciate that much higher number is to throw a large bucket of cold water on all the political spin on the economic recovery.

The Budget Follies: Demagoguery and Sophistry Reign
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/5/2011

Federal finances are in shambles, and Americans should be amused if not disgusted by the explanations and solutions both political parties offer.

The President’s budget plan issued in February projects a $1.6 trillion deficit for 2011 and a cumulative shortfall of $11 trillion through 2021.

Things may get worse, as additional revenue and cost savings from health care reforms don’t materialize and the 4 percent growth assumed by the President’s budget for the next four years proves Pollyanna.

Time and again, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Ob...

Train Wreck: Calibrating the Consequences of a Government Shutdown
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/5/2011
The economic consequences of a government shutdown can’t be calibrated on a spreadsheet with an economic model. It all depends on who wins public opinion—Congressional Republicans or the President and Democrats.

Economy Creates 216,000 Jobs in March
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/1/2011
Friday, the Labor Department reported the economy added 216,000 jobs in March. After adding 194,000 jobs in February, this indicates the economy is finally accomplishing momentum. First quarter growth will likely be a bit higher than 3 percent.

The Obama Doctrine Is Not Good Foreign Policy
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/30/2011
After missteps addressing Congressional concerns, President Obama has articulated clearly the goals, means and duration of the U.S. military action in Libya. Critics may say he did not address those issues, but he did and the answers are not acceptable.

The Gathering Strom: Economy Remains too Vulnerable
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/29/2011
The economy picked up in the first quarter. After adding 175,000 jobs in February, economists expect the Labor Department will report on Friday that the economy added 188,000 jobs in March. However, events in Japan, Libya and the wider Middle East, and the European sovereign debt crisis threaten to reverse these gains and thrust the economy into a second recession.

Wisconsin Union Curbs Settle Little
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/14/2011
Wisconsin’s new law curbing public employee unions ends the first skirmish to restore integrity to public sector collective bargaining and sanity to states’ finances. Even if other states adopt similar laws, it won’t provide a politically stable model for public sector collective bargaining.

Why So Many Americans Hate Obama
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 3/11/2011
I can explain why so many Americans are angry about President Obama and dislike or hate him with passion, and why it has little to do with his actions and policies. But first I must examine the confluence of two historical inflection points that explains so much resentment and opposition to Obama.

Rising Trade Deficit Slows Recovery, Jobs Creation
Prof. Peter Morici - 3/9/2011
The Commerce Department reported the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $46.3 billion in January, up from $40.2 billion in December and $27 billion in mid 2009, when the recovery began. Deficits on oil and with China jumped $1.2 and $2.6 billion, respectively, and the overall trade deficit is blocking the creation of 3 million jobs each year.



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