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Australia & Pacific

Tony Abbott’s tryst with Destiny
Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi - 11/18/2013
Australia’s conservative leader Tony Abbott swept into office in national elections recently as voters punished the outgoing Labour government for six years of turbulent rule and for failing to maximize the benefits of a now fading mining boom.

Australia’s Look West Policy towards India
Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi - 10/27/2012
A new beginning as being observed in the India-Australia relations by the recent visit of the Australian Prime Minister to India may prove to be a land mark achievement to not only their own development, security and prosperity but also for the peace and security of the entire East, given the rising expansionist ambitions of China. Hence, it ought to be a crucial component of Australia’s strategic Look West Policy and also that of India’s Look East Policy.

Border Security and Fantasies of Control
Binoy Kampmark - 6/30/2012
The program Border Security on Australia’s Channel 7 network begins with the over-egged tones of valour – Every year, thousands of men and women protect Australia’s borders. Symbols are flashed across the screen – a target sign, suggesting a shooting range. Those visiting Australia are, after all, fair game for customs officials. Besides, why on earth were you mindless enough to come this far?

Changing Geometrics of Asia-Pacific and the Containment of China
Sameer Jafri - 1/8/2012
Asia-Pacific, as the name suggests, refers to a large part of the earth, whereby countries and continents surround the vast Pacific Ocean. More than being merely a geographical entity, this region has many strategic, economic & political connotations to it. Groupings like ASEAN, ASEAN+3, EAS, APEC etc. provide the various contexts in which the politics, economics and security of the region is defined. Importance of this region can be gauged from the fact that the countries in Asia-Pacific account for over 40% of the world’s population, 55% of the world’s GDP and about 45% of global trade. And these numbers are rapidly growing.

Cataclysmic Developments Likely to unfold in Asia Pacific in 2012
Rajaram Panda, Ph.D. - 10/19/2011
The Asia-Pacific region is poised to see major developments in the year 2012, which may likely to reshape foreign and security policies of some countries. The developments in some could be tumultuous and one can expect either turbulence or drastic policy change in many countries, which might lead to rethinking of strategies in other countries in the region as well. There are already hotspots in the region which create situation for uneasy peace. The South China Sea is a theatre for potential flashpoints. Japan-South Korea dispute over Takeshima/Dokdo Islands in the East China Sea is disturbing.

Australian On Line Opinion: Victim of Political Correctness?
Graham Young - 2/14/2011
For 11 years On Line Opinion has been my passion. It’s been my passion because I’m a child of the Enlightenment and I was raised to believe that not only do people have a right to an opinion, but they have a responsibility to continually test and examine that opinion in the light of what others think and believe.

Japan and Australia: convergence of security interests
Pranamita Baruah - 1/14/2010
It is often difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between purely bilateral activities from the myriad multilateral activities in which both Australia and Japan are engaged, and particularly from collaborative activities undertaken as part of their security alliance arrangements with the US. Still, these arrangements can offer an insight into the framework for bilateral connection between Tokyo and Canberra.

New Zealand goes to polls at time of global economic turmoil – Part II
Chris Ford - 11/11/2008
The potential saving grace for the Labour-led government has been the re-emergence of Winston Peters’ conservative nationalist New Zealand First Party after months of controversy for the party and its leader over their initial non-declaration of a donation from expatriate Europe-based billionaire Owen Glenn.

New Zealand goes to polls at time of global economic turmoil – Part I
Chris Ford - 11/3/2008
New Zealand will go to the polls almost four days after the US elects a new leader on November 8. This is at a time when global economic turmoil could impact on the outcome.

Race Relations in New Zealand
Chris Ford - 4/24/2006
New Zealand is widely considered to have the best race relations in the world. Yet, 2004 has been the year of race politics in the country. That epithet has been challenged in the past six months to devastating effect. The right-wing National Party opposition, under the new leadership of former central bank governor Don Brash, has indulged in some populist 'wedge' politics as a means of shoring up his party's and the centre-right's poll numbers. Prior to January they had been falling and it seemed inevitable that a centre-left Labour-led government would win the next general election in 2005. Test

New Zealand's Stranger Than Fiction Governing Arrangements
Chris Ford - 10/26/2005
New Zealand's general election outcome on September 17 was the closest in over a decade and has resulted in some of the most constitutionally bizarre governing arrangements seen in the nation's post-war history.

Ties That Bind: Compact Agreement Between Palau and US
Renita Brooks, RN, BSN - 1/18/2005
As the heads of CBS begin to market their new version of its hit TV series "Survivor," I thought it may be interesting to explore this tiny island community's political background and investigate its history, in particular its ties to the U.S. Many mainlanders are unaware of the political and social backgrounds of countries we have free-hold pacts with, the nation of Palau being just one.



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