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Swedish Blood Libel As Slander of Israel Passes All Limits
Prof. Barry Rubin - 8/20/2009
On August 18, Aftonbladet published an article by a man named Donald Boström. The editor responsible is named Åsa Linderborg. She is the newspaper’s cultural affairs’ editor.

Minorities or Immigrants? The Kven and Sami Peoples of Norway
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 8/27/2008
The phrase "minority rights" conjures abhorrent images of Palestinians tortured in Israeli prisons; Aegean Macedonians expelled from Greece or incarcerated on remote islands, there to perish; and Native-Americans confined to wasteland "reservations", having been decimated for decades. But, the sad truth is that minorities are welcome nowhere and that every single nation harbors embarrassing skeletons in its historical closet.

Norwegian Medicine for Vedanta
Kavaljit Singh - 1/21/2008
On 19 November, the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi received some unusual visitors. Even the police and security personnel stationed in the heavily-guarded Chanakyapuri area of Delhi where Norwegian and other embassies are located could not figure out the purpose of these visitors. Though they were Indian citizens, ethnically they belonged to a distinct tribal minority group called Dongria Kondh. Dressed in their traditional attire, these tribal representatives came all the way from the remote Niyamgiri hills of Orissa to express gratitude to the Norwegian government for removing UK-based Vedan...

The Proper Islamic Response to Danish Cartoons
Syed M. Afsar - 2/26/2006
JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA. Protests, boycotts, street marches and shouting empty slogans would be of little help to confront the row that erupted after the publication of the defamatory cartoons, said a leading Dawah activist. According to him, the 'right response' should rather be to educate the Danes about Islam and Prophet Muhammad, whom they have insulted in their ignorance.

Nokia - From Start to Finnish
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 9/19/2005
Some companies have at least nine lives, it would seem. Nokia was founded in southwestern Finland, in 1865, by a mining engineer, one, Frederik Idestam, as a wood-pulp mill. An eponymous town formed around it. Independently, the Finnish Rubber Works took on the town name in the 1920s, having been established there in 1898.

Lessons of Integration of Aliens into Finland between 1917 and 1944
Antero Leitzinger - 6/18/2005
When Finland became independent on 6th of December 1917, the constitution, dating back to Swedish rule over a century earlier, required all Finnish citizens to be of Evangelical Lutheran faith. Exceptions had been made regarding other Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Russian Orthodox religions (after all, the Grand Duke himself, as Emperor of Russia, was Orthodox). Non-Christians, however, were excluded from the citizenship. They included Jews and Muslims. Jews in Finland were Yiddish-speaking immigrants from Russia, who were later integrated into the Swedish-speaking minority. Muslims in Finla...



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