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Terror Threats

U.S. under shadow of home-grown terror
Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi - 2/1/2014
Although America has successfully fought its long drawn battle against terrorism by eliminating Osama bin-Laden and several other terrorists in the aftermath of the 9/11 deadly terror attack over it carried out by the notorious global terror organisation Al-Qaeda, yet this menace is still not over in America what to speak of it in other parts of the world.

CIA/FBI Operations: Millenium Hilton Conspiracy and 9-11
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky - 3/27/2012
CIA/FBI Millenium Hilton Conspiracy

On September 1, 1995 , I was recruited in New York at the Millennium Hilton, as CIA "Filament" by CIA agents .I also met Frank from FBI National Security Division and had to work for two agencies. Next was a joint CIA-FBI conspiracy.

They decided to "copy" "Kremlin" operation I had to spy on the U.S. Congress and work with Congress Librarian James Billington who knew me as a political scientist through his Moscow office, and could introduce to Senators and Representatives.

I had to influence the White House and created "The Profes...

Is the U.S. Diplomatic and Intelligence Community Being Brainwashed in Dealing with Islamism?
Prof. Barry Rubin - 5/5/2010
When I first heard the story that President Barack Obama was barring from national security documents the use of terms like "Islamism," "Islamic fundamentalist," "Islamic radicalism," or any reference of any connection between Islam and terrorist or revolutionary groups; al-Qaida, Hamas, and Hizballah; Iran's regime or al-Qaida, I said to myself, oh that's nothing new. That kind of policy started under Bush.

America: No celebrations yet
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 3/2/2010
The FBI defines terrorism as, “The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” The definition of terrorism may not be single and it varies but one thing is certain - the goal of terrorism is to inspire fear.

Small Airports, Big Worries
Sammy Elrom - 2/25/2010
Local, somewhat remote airports often carry an uncontested charm; cozy and familiar, they radiate warmth and create a desire to return there for your next trip. Among other reasons, there is no need to arrive three hours before departure, there is enough parking space, and there are no long lines of agitated people waiting for the embarrassing, sometime degrading security check; on the contrary, the atmosphere is calm and friendly. Security wise though, small airports are an open invitation to be attacked, either taken over by terrorist or be used as the launching pad for a sequential airborne...

Al Qaeda has the initiative in attacking US national security
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 1/21/2010
In 2001, one would-be shoe bomber forced millions of travelers to take off their shoes. In 2006, terrorists planned to bring down aircraft on transatlantic flights by smuggling liquid explosives onto planes. They were thwarted but they succeeded in preventing passengers from bringing liquids into airline terminals.

The Fear of the U.S. Jihadi
Siddharth Ramana - 12/27/2009
A number of incidents involving radicalized U.S. citizens over the past couple of months have caused alarm to security agencies in the United States and around the world. These fears stem from the growing Islamic radicalization experienced in the US by its own citizens. These threats are particularly worrisome in the cases of David Headley, a suspected member of the Lashkar E Taiba, and Nidal Malik Hassan, the shooter in the Fort Hood mass shooting, and in the recent detainment of five American citizens in Pakistan, arrested for attempting to contact Al-Qaeda allied groups in the region.

Movie ‘Kurban’ portray Islamic terrorism and the US
Syed Ali Mujtaba, Ph.D. - 12/2/2009
Real life couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor comes together in a highly intense melodrama ‘Kurban’ centering around the global theme Islamic terrorism and the US.

Fort Hood: The largest
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 11/17/2009
The Fort Hood killings, perpetrated by Major Malik Nadal Hasan, a psychiatric by training, no matter what the judiciary reports will conclude is for now the largest single Terror act in America since 9/11. This quantitative finding will take into consideration dramatic change in the data released by authorities.

Why I Murdered 13 American Soldiers at Fort Hood: Nidal Hassan Explains It All to You
Prof. Barry Rubin - 11/15/2009
How do we know that the attack at Fort Hood was an act of Islamist terrorism? Simple, Major Nidal Hassan told us so. You’ve seen reports of a long list of things he did and said along these lines. But what’s most amazing of all is this:

The Scourge of Fundamentalism
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker - 11/13/2009
Religious fundamentalism, whether it is Muslim, Jewish, or Christian, results in the same unfortunate phenomenon: a closed mind and a view of life that ascribes the truth only to the self and those that accept that same truth. In effect, the fundamentalist frequently says: "God has whispered in my ear and in my ear alone." Sadly the recipients of such "unique" revelations frequently believe that nothing should be allowed to interfere with what they perceive as their divinely commanded duty to spread the word, and that such a crusade or jihad justifies the use of force against any that would dare oppose it.

Jihadists are mushrooming inside America
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 9/28/2009
It is unprecedented in American counter terrorism annals: in one day the nation was dealing with three separate Jihadist plots to blow up civilian and other targets inside the Homeland. Although the cases were addressed at different time periods by the FBI and other agencies, nevertheless, the thickening web of Terror attempts breached the crossing line of US national security.

President Obama: You've Paid for the Report, Now Read It
Prof. Barry Rubin - 5/13/2009
The U.S. State Department has produced excellent research and analysis in its “Country Reports on Terrorism 2008” report just released. Now the only problem is to ensure the Obama administration reads and absorbs the contents.

Political Correctness in the War on Muslim Terror
Rock Peters - 4/8/2009
President Barack Obama and his Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano have scrapped the terms "war on terror" and "terrorist attacks." The new hygienic, sterilized language and "politically correct" term being introduced by the Obama administration for the 'war on terror" is now "Overseas Contingency Operations". In place of "terrorist attacks" the politically correct term is "Man Caused Disasters." Let's not offend murderers, al-Qaeda and the Muslim terrorists that attacked us! This will make us safer, no doubt.

Tracked by Spies and Informers
Julia A. Shearson - 3/27/2009
The February 26, 2009 revelation in the Los Angeles Times that FBI domestic intelligence informant and ex-convict Craig Monteilh and others were paid handsomely to spy on Muslim Americans in their houses of worship in Southern California should come as no surprise. Such domestic intelligence gathering has a history in the United States .

Intellectual Dishonesty about the War on Terror
Anthony Tsontakis - 2/23/2009
In what follows, I have chosen a particularly eccentric example of intellectual dishonesty about the War on Terror, but this has been to illustrate a point. The point is, that, if we fail to appreciate the complexity of the War on Terror, or whatever you would like to call it, we risk, however inadvertently, the legitimization--or, worse, the institutionalization--of organizations and movements which are otherwise irreconcilable to the general rule of secular law in international affairs. The prospects of such developments are problematic, because standardized radicalism within foreign gove...

What Really Happened on September 11? Interview with David Ray Griffin
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 9/29/2008
On September 11, I entertained a couple of house guests, senior journalists from Scandinavia. I remember watching in horror and disbelief the unfolding drama, as the United States was being subjected to multiple deadly attacks on-screen. I turned to the international affairs editor of a major Danish paper and told her "This could not have been done by al-Qaida." I am an Israeli and, as such, I have a fair "sixth sense" as to the capabilities of terrorists and their potential reach.

FTO-Listed Iranian Terrorist IRGC Rockets Unarmed Opposition City
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker - 6/2/2008
On Monday, May 26, 2008, 16:23 local time, agents of the Sepah-e Qods (Qods Force), the Islamic Republic of Iran’s elite secretive unit of the Sepah-e Pasdaran (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), the regime’s military organization tasked with executing IRGC extra-territorial terrorist operations, and the section that was proscribed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization this past October (2007) by the U.S. Department of State,[1] in an unprovoked attack, fired a Grad missile at Ashraf City in Diyala Province, Iraq. Ashraf City is home to the 3,400 members of the Iranian opposition organization...

The Watch List Through the Prism of Global War on Terrorism
Ahmad Al-Akhras, Ph.D. - 6/1/2008
Like racial profiling, the so-called Watch List hinges on a false premise that people commit crimes because of their racial, ethnic or religious background. This false premise caused huge suffering to African America, Japanese Americans and now Arab and American Muslims. The worst part of this is the assumption that practicing Islam, never mind being an activist at that, gives one an appetite for terrorism. In the process, people who are in good standing who did not commit nor had a criminal record are treated as "posing a threat to civil aviation or national security" or as "potential enemies of the state".

TSA and Aviation Security: What is wrong with their concepts and strategy – Part Two
Sammy Elrom - 10/13/2007
El Al on the contrary, considers profiling a vital early detection and prevention tool. In the US, in spite of the obvious necessity to widely use profiling and because of fears of being accused of state-based racism and being sued by organizations such as ACLU, CAIR and many other anti-security advocates, security personnel cannot question passengers. Adding to this diminishing factor is that local airport staffs which has the potential of becoming an important support source in aiding security personnel, lacks basic security training focused on terror aspects. Rather, security personnel is t...

TSA and Aviation Security: What is wrong with their concepts and strategy – Part One
Sammy Elrom - 10/12/2007
Aviation security is an almost forgotten topic, commonly confused with flight security because since 9/11 we did not encounter another such terror attack on American soil. But security measures, including alarm monitoring are still needed to make our flights safe. This article is meant to remind us that the threat did not disappear as seen a several recent events. The author demands that Israeli aviation security philosophy be immediately adapted instead of reinventing the wheel.

Anthrax Letters Still Being Sorted 6 Years Later
Ross E. Getman, Esq. - 9/21/2007
On July 4, 1993, United States Postal employee Ahmed Abdel Sattar spoke to the press about Abdel Rahman's arrest and said "we haven't decided the time or place, but our Muslim community will demonstrate its outrage at the arrest of the Sheik." In the indictment of the Staten Island Post Office employee who worshipped in Brooklyn, the United States government alleged that following his arrest, Abdel Rahman, in a message to his followers recorded while he was in prison, urged: "Oh Muslims! Oh Muslims! ... It is a duty upon all the Muslims around the world to free the Sheikh, and to rescu...

9/11 Terrorism: Motivation and Learning
Imran Khan - 9/11/2007
After the horrific incident of 9/11/2001 the world has seen several changes. America declared a war against terrorism, its policies have been changed and use of power is more evident after 9/11. Many things which USA has never done are in practice whether they conflict with international laws are not. Like Guantanamo prison, secret flights, secret prisons etc.

The Path To 9/11
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 9/11/2007
Almost five years ago, a horrified world stood still–transfixed when terrorists used four planes as weapons of mass destruction against thousands of innocent Americans. ABC Television is commemorating the tragic day and its aftermath by premiering a made-for-television movie entitled, "The Path to 9/11".

Barbarians Kill as West Drifts
Salim Mansur - 8/26/2007
There comes a point at which diminishing returns on most issues begin to go negative. Such a point in denouncing Islamist terrorism and equally the Muslim majority's silence against this menace was reached sometime ago. As Islamist terrorism, however despicable, became mundane occurrence in the daily news cycle, the deafening silence of Muslims -- except for lonely voices of feeble opposition -- has given credence to growing numbers of non-Muslims that Islam is as much a religion of peace as the Klanmen's politics is an expression of multiculturalism.

Hardball Tactics In An Era Of Threats
Ross E. Getman, Esq. - 8/17/2007
a. Amerithrax: The Other "Person of Interest"

A colleague of famed Russian bio-weaponeer Ken Alibek and former head of The United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases ("USAMRIID") Charles Bailey, has been convicted of sedition and sentenced to life in prison plus 70 years. He worked in a program co-sponsored by the American Type Culture Collection ("ATCC") and had access to ATCC facilities, as well as facilities of the DARPA-funded Center for Biodefense at George Mason University then run by Dr. Alibek and Dr. Bailey. The bionformatics grad student once had a high security clearance for mathematical support work for the Navy.

Protection of U.S. Population a Must
Kamala Sarup - 6/5/2007
The U.S. is obligated to defend its people and its democracy, so doing it directly defends the people and interests of the U.S. democracy. Since Middle East is of vital importance to the U.S., it follows that the US will protect the countries like Israel and many other countries do provide significant of value to the U.S., so the U.S. will spread democracy.

Alabamastan? Military Training Camp for Islamists in Alabama Immediately Before 9/11
Andrew Green - 5/28/2007
London has become known as Londonistan in intelligence and anti-Islamist circles. Recently, however, we came across an archive of an Islamist web site with known links to al-Qaida, advertising "The Ultimate Jihad Challenge", a two-week fire arms course where Muslims would be taught "practical" skills and "class theory is kept to a minimum." This is a British organization. But rather than training their "forces" in the United Kingdom, they organized a military camp in Marion, Alabama.

Why Socialists Must Side with Islamic Fundamentalism - The Jimmy Carter Case
Peter Fruchter - 5/28/2007
Jimmy Carter seems like a gentle man. Gentle as a wheeze. But the response to his recent “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid” book hasn’t been. It’s been anything but gentle. It’s been outrage. Some now say he’s anti-semitic. Which is unwarranted, and worse – irrelevant. The issues contested concern Israel – and Islamic fundamentalism. Not Judaism. Not the Jewish – or Masonic or Templar or Protestant – conspiracy. Not any more. Since the creation of Israel, it’s what goes on in the Middle-East getting voted most likely to enflame Armageddon.

Why Senator Leahy Was Targeted With Anthrax
Ross E. Getman, Esq. - 5/22/2007
Senator Leahy recently emphasized to Attorney General Gonzales that he wanted to know why he was targeted with letters containing anthrax. He wanted justice for the postal workers who died handling the letter addressed to him. Attorney General Gonzales told the Senate Judiciary Committee: "Senator, Director Mueller, I believe, has offered to get the chairman a briefing. And we're waiting to try to accommodate the chairman's schedule to make that happen. We understand the frustration and the concern that exists with respect to the length of time. This is a very complicated investigation. I kn...

American Becomes A Target Of Terror Threats
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 2/5/2007
A writer on a radical Islamic Internet forum is suggesting I should have my "neck struck" for what he calls my "witch hunt" against Muslims.



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