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Greece and Cyprus

Rise of the Racist Right in Greece
Sasha Uzunov - 6/9/2013
He has a long beard, wears a head covering and long flowing robes and preaches religious and ethnic hatred but he is not the stereotypical fire-breathing Islamic Imam or a "Mad Mullah" or an "Angry Ayatollah" that the media so likes to portray but a Greek Orthodox Christian Bishop who has issued "fatwas" against ethnic minorities in Greece such as fellow Christian Macedonians and Sunni Muslim Turks.

Greek Crisis Shows Weak International Ethics
Victor Bivell - 11/11/2012
One good thing that may come out of the Greek and Euro debt crisis is a better understanding that truth has a monetary value and turning a blind eye to dishonesty can cost dearly.

Greece’s Well Deserved Limbo
ig - 5/19/2012
As NATO alliance members approach prepare for their summit in Chicago one cannot avoid thinking of the Greek state and its predicted collapse if things don’t change with the new elections slated for June 17th, 2012. How will the possible bankruptcy of the Greek state affect the NATO alliance?

Athens Is Burning and Angela Merkel Holds the Spent Match
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/14/2012
Athens is besieged by riots, because ordinary Greeks understand what their leaders won’t admit. The reforms imposed by Angela Merkel and Greek creditors will delay but not avoid a sovereign default. Those won’t solve the nation’s chronic economic problems, and ultimately will cause the ruin of Europe’s most ancient civilization.

Greece’s Crisis Is a Tragedy for Democracy
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/8/2011
The bailout plan would cut in half the privately held Greek sovereign debt. However, to receive this concession and other aid from richer EU governments, Greeks must accept draconian austerity measures. These would further drive up unemployment, and shrink Greece’s economy and tax base at an alarming pace, placing in jeopardy eventual repayment of Athens’ remaining debt.

Greece Must Default, Dump Euro
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/13/2011
European efforts at economic integration have not delivered sustainable prosperity in poorer nations like Greece and Portugal. Instead, these have left Mediterranean governments teetering on bankruptcy and at the mercy of Germany and other rich states who exploit European unity to live well at the expense of their poorer brethren.

Greece Should Quit the Euro and Remark Its Debt
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/20/2011
Greece does not have a liquidity problem—it is insolvent. Without transfers of wealth from richer states like Germany and France to retire significant amounts of its sovereign debt, Athens must restructure its bonds—essentially default on significant portions of its obligations to bondholders.

EU Bailout for Greece, Others Is Not Enough
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/10/2010
By establishing a 750 billion euro fund to bailout Greece and aid other struggling governments, Germany and other strong European states are chasing a dream—a single European currency and broader European unity—that may have no place in reality.

The Greek-Macedonian Name Issue as a Moral Dilemma
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 10/28/2008
Imagine the following:

In a bad neighborhood, plagued by outbursts of violent crime, one of the neighbors is wealthy and middle aged. Let us call him Mr. Greece.

His property borders on the ramshackle dwelling of a young adult who is destitute and ill. His name is Mr. Macedonia.

Mr. Greece insists that Mr. Macedonia change his name. He gives many reasons for his unusual request, not the least of which is that "Macedonia" has been the name of some of his forefathers and is the epithet of the south wing of his sprawling property. It is, therefore, part of his identity and he...

The Quest for the origins of the ancient Thracians
Ioannis Fidanakis - 7/16/2008
The search for the identity of the ancient Thrakiotes (Thracians) lies within the question of just who was a Hellene in the ancient world. Whether through ancient mythology, history or modern archeology and anthropology the search for just who were the ancient Hellenes lead us on a difficult journey with today’s political climate. The fact that the ancient Hellenic people were polyonymous people just add to the friction between scholars with each owns political motives. How do we define the ancient Hellenic ethnos, when it was divided in to tribes, which did not feel a common kindred till late...

Is Mr. Fein talking about Greece?
Aris Anganos - 5/14/2008
The 3/24/08 article by Mr. Bruce Fein entitled “Greek Human Rights Violations against its Turkish Minority in Western Thrace” demonstrates a striking lack of knowledge of the situation on the ground in Greece, particularly over the last 15 years.

Greek Human Rights Violations Against Its Turkish Minority in Western Thrace
Bruce Fein - 3/24/2008
The United States Helsinki Commission, an independent government agency charged with monitoring and securing compliance with international human rights standards, should hold hearings to spotlight Greece ’s subjugation of its Turkish minority in Western Thrace . While the European Union and the United States have been quick to award Turkey demerits for allegedly slighting Kurdish culture, they have been conspicuously inaudible in the face of Greece ’s decades long campaign of cultural repression, ethnic and religious discrimination and economic marginalization of its Turkish minority. Double...

Greece and its Investments in the Balkans: Trojan Horse or Reliable Partner?
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 3/13/2008
Even as Greece and Macedonia continued to wrestle with the name issue (should the young Republic monopolize the ancient name or not), the former continued its furious pace of investments in the latter.



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