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Netherlands, Middle East and 2010 Elections
Prof. Barry Rubin - 11/6/2010

The Netherlands is a fascinating test case of how Middle Eastern factors--immigration, foreign policy issues--affect European politics. These questions have become highly partisan ones, with the left side and right side of the spectrum often having diametrically opposite standpoints. The 2010 election brought to power a government that is friendly toward Israel and has pledged to reduce immigration.

BOOK REVIEW Radical State: How Jihad is Winning over Democracy in the West
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 8/15/2010
Radical State: How Jihad is Winning over Democracy in the West

Dutch Chemicals Trader On Trial For Helping Saddam Wipe Out Halabja
Angelique van Engelen - 11/27/2005
Amsterdam. The trial has started in the Netherlands of a businessman who supplied Saddam Hussein in the 1980s with the ingredients to create the chemical weapons that were used to commit genocide on the inhabitants of the Northern Iraq town of Halabja. The chemicals trader in the 1990s was listed on the FBI’s most wanted list. His trial in Dutch courts is highly controversial because the Netherlands’ secret service had used the man as an informant and provided housing for him only to arrest him when he was making moves to leave the country late last year.



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