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Tribute to a fallen Comrade in Kenya
Ronald Elly Wanda - 6/15/2009
Dr Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem for along time was an admired presence within the often fractious world of African politics and the relentless mission of Pan-African literature. As a close friend, I have found it difficult to organize words in a way that truly capture my grief. That said, Kenya’s Daily Nation (that first reported the accident), somehow encapsulated the general mood of all concerned Africanists when it noted that “death has robbed Africa of one of its most illustrious sons”. A native Nigerian, he was witty and intellectually high minded but at times daft enough to appreciate the humour of a young and less known fellow pan-African writer. He definitely was unassuming and gentle.

Kenyan Deal: A compromise between Britain and America
Abid Mustafa - 3/3/2008
On 27/2/2008, Kofi Annan acting under US tutelage announced a power-sharing deal to solve Kenya’s political crisis. The key points of the deal are:

Protest and Recovery in Kenyan Politics
Ronald Elly Wanda - 2/28/2008
Very often it is alleged that Justice is the highest goal of political life, yet for most folks in Africa it is instead injustice that continues to dominate political debate. The political bloodshed that we continue to witness in Kenya following the dishonourable re-election of Mr Mwai Emilio Kibaki on 30th of December 2007 is a contemporary classic case in illustration.

Who Cares If Kenya Bleeds To Death?
Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye - 2/10/2008
Two days ago (Monday, February 4, 2008), The Standard, a Nairobi-based national newspaper published on its front page the heart-rending picture of the Kenyan Minister of Special Programmes, Dr. (Mrs.) Naomi Shabaan, carrying a two-day old baby, John Nduati, who was born at one of the very “inhospitable and squalid camps” where hapless Kenyans, brutally displaced by the insane political crises that have engulfed their country for more than a month now, have sought refuge.

Kenyan and Nigerian Election Disputes - A Contrast
Ugo Harris Ukandu - 1/21/2008
Election matters in every Democratic country in choosing their leaders but countries in Africa no matter how stable the country is are all falling victims to an International conspiracy with collaboration with selfish African leaders to perpetuate the long term aim of Slavery and colonialism to divide and conquer Africans by tribe, creed, ethnicity and we versus them mentality. In any African election is hardly a loser ever. Everybody wins especially when the opponents open their ears and eyes to the so called International election observers and monitors; whom always plays double face gam...

Loud Noises and Low Deeds In Kenyan Politics
Ronald Elly Wanda - 12/6/2007
In political philosophy, it is often argued that no man has enough prestige to tell or make wanainchi (citizens) believe that two plus two equals five or for that matter make them accept any testimony which seems contrary to their experience. It is a matter of weighting the evidential value of the experience. In Kenya, the country’s oldest political party Kenya National African Union (KANU) was predictably ejected from power, having ruled the country uninterruptedly since flag independence from Britain in 1963. Former president Daniel Arap Moi, the self proclaimed “Professor of African politic...

A Question of Morality
Ronald Elly Wanda - 12/2/2007
What a dramatic Sunday I’d had. First, in the early hours of dawn a bizarre SMS landed on my GSM reading: “I’m preg.” I’d had a cushy evening during the latter part of the weekend and understandably as you would expect, I didn’t take much notice of the message until much later, when I’d delicately detoxed with a rescuer’s cup of Kenya’s finest KETEPA pride that the communication sunk in. Following a brief and panicky inquiry, it turned out that it was Mary, an Irish girl living in Londonderry (Northern Ireland) who’d mistaken my digits with those of Tunde, her intended Nigerian recipient (presumably her boyfriend) also supposedly living in London.



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