Friday, April 18, 2014
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President Barack Obama

State of the Union Mixes Sound and Foolish Proposals, Laced with Demagoguery
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/1/2014
Promising to address inequality and strengthen the middle class, President Obama’s State of the Union combined sound and foolish proposals, laced with good old fashioned demagoguery.

Pathetic Qualifications Produce Pathetic Presidential Performance
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 6/25/2013
President (aka Barry) Obama is not, nor ever was a master politician, master diplomat, master bureaucrat, master lawyer or master anything. As a former professor who had to publish or perish, I was especially impressed that Obama lacked a hefty, impressive record of academic publications, actually nothing. As Ed Lasky summed up: “Notwithstanding an apparent eleven-year teaching career in constitutional law at a top-flight law school, not one single article, published talk, book review, or comment of any kind, appears anywhere in the professional legal literature, under Barack Obama's name.”

As a CEO, President Obama Gets an "F"
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/18/2013
CEOs of large organizations all face the same problem - driving their agendas in organizations too diverse and geographically dispersed to manage directly.

BHO: President Woodrow Wilson Reborn
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 1/30/2013
The President is at liberty, both in law and conscience, to be as big a man as he can. His capacity will set the limit and if Congress be overborne by him, it will be no fault of the makers of the Constitution, – it will be from no lack of constitutional powers on its part, but only because the President has the nation behind him, and the Congress has not.

Dreams from Obama’s Real Father
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 9/18/2012
Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. His father was a goat herder from Keyna; he would bring people together, so it went… [P]romoting a false family background to hide an agenda irreconcilable with American values is a totally unacceptable manipulation of the electorate.

CIA "Millennium Hilton" Program
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky - 9/18/2012
Mike Rogers, Chairman
U.S. House Committee on Intelligence
133 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
September 3, 2012

Dear Mr. Rogers,

On June 29, 2012 I've contacted Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Washington, DC 20511, 703-482-130 on CIA "Millenium Hilton" top secret program. William Shea from the Office answered: " I still see no proof of any connection to the CIA, and you have not explained how the CIA is effecting your life at this time. What is happening to you that you want to have stopped?" On June 30, 2012 same William Shea...

History Lessons: Romney vs. Obama
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/5/2012
With the economy sputtering, President Obama would like voters to believe he faces tougher challenges than any president since Franklin Roosevelt and needs two terms to turn things around. Sadly, the president’s problems are so daunting only because his policies are not up to the task.

Is Barack Obama Mentally Unstable?
Rock Peters - 8/22/2012
Who is Barack Hussein Obama, the man in the White House? Without a doubt, Obama is the most unvetted, unaccomplished, unqualified person to ever to occupy the Oval Office in American history. Do we even know for sure that Obama mentally stable? Dr. Sam Vaknin the world's leading expert on narcissism and the author of "Malignant Self Love " has said that " Obama's language, posture and demeanor and the testimonies of his closest, dearest and nearest suggest that Obama is a narcissist or he may have Narcissistic Personality Disorder."

Barack Obama and the Cavalcade of Naivete
Prof. Barry Rubin - 3/6/2011
RUBIN REPORTS. President Barack Obama told Democratic Party contributors in Miami: "When you look at what's the Middle East, it is a manifestation of new technologies, the winds of freedom that are blowing through countries that have not felt those winds in decades, a whole new generation that says I want to be a part of this world. It's a dangerous time, but it's also a huge opportunity for us.''

Has the Obama Administration Failed Again?
Prof. Barry Rubin - 12/1/2010
While the outcome still isn't clear, it seems that a new example of failure and humiliation is unfolding for the Obama Administration's Middle East policy. It appears increasingly unlikely that the president's high-profile effort to restart Israel-Palestinian talks will succeed during the remainder of 2010 or even well beyond that time.

The Day Barack Obama, Narcissist Snaps and Loses It
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 10/31/2010
His domestic policy agenda hotly disputed and resented by large swathes of the electorate, Obama has become an albatross on the neck of a hitherto adulating Democratic Party. Come November 2010, he is bound to suffer a resounding rebuke at the polls – this on top of an unprecedented drop in his approval ratings. In July 2008, I was the first to suggest that Barack Obama may be a narcissist and may well be afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder: a pernicious and all-pervasive mental health problem. By now this has become accepted wisdom: Obama is being labeled "narcissist" by pundits and mental health practitioners alike.

Obama Administration Tells Israel: Make Us Look Good For the Election
Prof. Barry Rubin - 10/4/2010
Contents of a White House letter have been published saying what the Obama Administration will offer Israel if it extends the moratorium on building inside West Bank settlements for two months. The specific proposals reveal again how the White House doesn't seem to understand the situation, or perhaps is thinking of something other than the Israel-Palestinian peace process.

Obama's UN Speech: More Revealing Than Effective
Prof. Barry Rubin - 9/24/2010
President Barack Obama's speech to the UN, September 23, 2010, is revealing on several levels. Indeed, I learned something very important about his foreign policy. But that's at the end. He began by discussing terrorism as if it is carried out by faceless, doctrineless, causeless mystery men who have no sponsors, ideology, or goals and attack everyone equally.

Oily Obama: Lousy Response to BP Oil Invasion
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 7/23/2010
Thirty days into the BP oil spill one mile down into the Gulf of Mexico it should be clear to every objective person that President Obama has failed miserably. This oil spill is more than a disaster or crisis; it is a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. This environmental catastrophe will quickly morph into a national economic catastrophe as economic doomsday facing the fishing and tourism industries generates countless negative economic ripples throughout the US economy. Unemployment and economic growth will suffer.

President Obama’s Record, Blame Game Is Democrats’ Misfortune
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/19/2010
In mid-term elections, Democrats face a harsh reality. Politicians are known by their deeds and judged by the results. No president since Franklin Roosevelt inherited a bigger mess than Barack Obama, and Democrats in Congress have given him most of what he wants—the $787 billion stimulus package, including clean energy initiatives to create jobs; a free hand with TARP money, and health care and financial regulatory reforms.

President Obama in Water over His Head
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/15/2010
With oil still flowing nearly two months after the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, passions are running high, but reason, not rage, should guide the government response.

Obama’s Failed Charisma
Ron Coody - 6/15/2010
At last, after eight years of Bush, a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States not only elected a president who would listen to, talk with, and even bow to the heads of other countries, including those openly hostile to the US, but as a cherry on top, his middle name was Hussein. Almost as soon as he could get a flight out of the continental 48, Obama got a rousing ovation in the Turkish parliament and impressed his attentive Arab audience in Cairo . Expectations for this president could not have gone much higher for any human being, with leaders calling him a Messiah and comparing him...

Time Is Running Out for President Obama
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/8/2010
Either Barak Obama fixes what’s broken in the economy, or he will be remembered for spending his entire first term blaming George Bush. Last week’s jobs report was terrible for the eleventh month of a recovery. With nearly $800 billion in stimulus spending at its point of maximum impact, federal employment—net of temporary census jobs—was up a mere one thousand in May.

Clinton Explains to Us How Obama Administration Ideology in the West Makes the World Worse
Prof. Barry Rubin - 6/1/2010
Bill Clinton, former U.S. president, spoke at Yale University and said some interesting things. There is a positive side to his remarks about international affairs-especially in terms of good intentions (a very American characteristic)-but he also revealed some of the very dangerous thinking that's making the world worse, not better.

Letter to President Obama from Nepal
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 6/1/2010
Namaskar! Heartily greetings from the world’s newest Republic. I saw you dribbling the basketball and the first lady graciously dancing with the kids on the idiot box, couple of days ago. Great to see you guys. I had wanted to write to you earlier but as my mind couldn’t reach consensus with my heart due to the naked dance of inflation, political chaos and desolateness of law and order in Nepal , I was in a trance like stage.

An Open Letter to American Jews
Ted Belman - 6/1/2010
I tried to alert you two years ago to Obama�s Muslim Connection and to Obama�s Marxist Connection and together with other bloggers made some headway. In fact Jewish support for Obama dropped as low as 56%. As a result, Obama called on some key Jewish supporters to vouch for him. Alan Dershowitz, Robert Wexler (D-Fl), Martin Peretz and Ed Koch, among others, stepped up to the plate.

Obama’s Ersatz Church : Launching Pad For A Catholic Bashing Presidential Appointee?
Madeline Brooks, M.A. - 3/2/2010
Where is the baptism certificate? We do not see one because there was no baptism. That central part of Christianity was not required at Obama’s former church, the Trinity United Church of Christ, during the years Obama attended while he lived in Chicago (1988 – 2008). Obama has not attended another church with any frequency since then. In addition, there was no necessary renunciation of his prior faith, Islam, because in the Trinity United Church of Christ one can be both a Muslim and a member.

Obama’s Polemics Versus the Economic Facts
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/8/2010
In politics, whatever the President can get voters to believe becomes the truth, but in economics the numbers establish the facts.

Obama's State of the Union Message Tells Us Far More About the State of Obama
Prof. Barry Rubin - 1/29/2010
Significantly, President Barack Obama's discussion of foreign policy came only at the end of his State of the Union message. Obviously, domestic matters and especially the economy come first. Yet international affairs are not only vital but often have been the issues on which administrations are judged, no matter how unlikely that seemed at the time.

Obama Administration Learns the Basic Lesson on the Israel-Palestinian Issue
Prof. Barry Rubin - 1/27/2010
In contrast to its refusal to change course on Iran, the Obama administration has learned something about Israel-Palestinian peacemaking, conclusions clearly expressed in the government’s new talking points.

The Decline of the Obama Administration: Massachusetts and the Middle East
Prof. Barry Rubin - 1/21/2010
There is an iron rule in modern democratic politics that parties periodically ignore to their peril: if a party goes too far to an extreme--to the left, the right, or any other far-out viewpoint--the voters reject it. This is what's now happening in the United States. One wonders whether, or when, it will happen in a number of European countries.

America: Time to honor it with a Nobel Peace Prize
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 12/31/2009
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. I am happy for the great man and an inborn leader but instead The Nobel Peace Prize committee should have awarded the prize to America – a nation that has fought for others' liberty more than any other nation in the history of the world.

Obama Confronting the Consequences of Bureaucracy and Corruption
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/7/2009
For Democrats, the chickens are coming home to roost. Badly conceived efforts to rescue homeowners facing foreclosure, regional banks and the unemployed are failing. Bureaucracy and corruption are to blame.

America's leadership deficit
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/2/2009
Bigger than the budget deficit, America has a leadership gap. The economic recovery is not creating jobs; unemployment is rising; and the president and Congress offer little more than nostrums and platitudes.

QUIZ: Who is This Politician? HINT: Not who you think!
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 10/27/2009
He was born to a part of the population that was often despised and mocked by the majority.

President Obama Has A Problem—And Its Not Health Care Reform
Trevor Albertson, PhD - 10/13/2009
The problems facing NATO and its efforts at creating a stable situation in Afghanistan are growing. Perhaps the greatest challenge is currently unfolding in Washington. President Obama must decide what to do with the recommendation from NATO’s senior military commander in the war-torn nation, U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal. General McChrystal has recommended President Obama increase American troop levels and continue the fight in Afghanistan. While on the surface this appears to be a fairly simple decision, it is in fact fraught with lasting implications for the future stability of Afghanistan and, more importantly, NATO itself.

Nobel Committee Pulls Oil Plug on Democracy
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 10/10/2009
As soon as the Oslo committee issued its Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, an expected debate raged in America about the legitimacy of such a move so very early in a U.S. presidential term.

Nobel Obama – a bit too early?
Saberi Roy - 10/10/2009
The Nobel Committee for once has got it wrong, at least in terms of timing. The Nobel Peace Prize to Obama displays the bankruptcy of the Nobel Committee’s decision-making process as it seems the Committee has been too eager to give away a prize to an already overstretched process of Obama-fame. I am personally an Obama supporter but like everything else there has to be a fine line between fame and over exposure and this latest Nobel Prize stunt really leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The Nobel Committee should have waited – one year, maybe...



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