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Central Africa and Congo

Africa Is Playing Against A Stacked Deck
Dr. Gary K. Busch - 4/10/2013
There is a lot of discussion in the world’s press about a new, positive, view of African development. African nations’ recent high growth rates coupled with an increased foreign investment in Africa and the development of national stock exchanges and African international banks have given rise to the popular idea that the continent may well be on track to becoming a global powerhouse.

CJ Led Election, Government, and Independence of Judiciary in Nepal
Prakash Bom - 3/9/2013
Nepal is caught in the crossfire with the political and the legal crises. The crossfire began when the sitting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, whom the main political party leaders have lately proposed to lead the election government as a Prime Minister, delivered the verdict to dissolve the defunct Constituent Assembly (CA) without taking into account the provisions of the Interim Constitution, which has not stipulated the reelection of the CA.

The International Dimensions of the Conflict in Eastern Congo
Dr. Gary K. Busch - 6/10/2012
The African territory which includes Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC has been in virtually a state of war since 1995; that is at war with each other. This has engaged the national armies, militias, ‘civil defence’ groups, looters, pillagers, child abductors and abusers, rapists and murderers. Each category is not mutually exclusive. Virtually every category contains most if not all of the sociopathic designations. One can add to this the United Nations Peacekeepers whose range of social debilities accurately mimics those whose peace they are purported to be keeping.



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