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Medicare Madness - How Americans Can Lose Benefits in a Hospital
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 3/28/2014
Tuck away the many horror stories of the wrong limbs being amputated, things being left in surgery patients, terrible infections picked up in hospitals and totally wrong diagnoses. More relevant is a bureaucratic hospitalization horror that far too few Americans covered by Medicare are aware of.

CBO Report Low Balls ObamaCare Impacts on Employment, Economy
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/8/2014
In a new report, the Congressional Budget Office once again low-balls the impact of the Affordable Care Act on labor force participation and the economy. GDP, growth and employment for most workers will be harmed.

50 Years since LBJ’s Great [Slave] Society
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 1/18/2014
“The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty for all. It demands an end to poverty and racial injustice, to which we are totally committed in our time. But that is just the beginning.”

Republicans: Rework ObamaCare to Win Elections
Prof. Peter Morici - 1/6/2014
Republicans should stop cheering for ObamaCare to fail. It may be dreadful, but going back to what we had before is not possible. People may use a dermagist coupon, but they won't use coupons to get health care for serious illnesses. The real political hay is to be made improving the law to lower prices and premiums—details Democrats forgot. Even a community activist from Chicago knows that to sell tofu at less than it really costs—and to give a lot away for free—some folks have to be taxed and many have to pay too much. Since covering millions without insurance is a big kahuna, the pain for some must be big but skillfully crafted.

Obama Care: Arrogance, Corruption and Abuse
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/21/2013
It took paramount arrogance for President Obama and congressional Democrats to believe they could write an Affordable Care Act that would replace free markets across a health care sector as large as the economy of France. Everything from brain surgeries to the cure for tinnitus to basic medication would come under government control.

ObamaCare Flimflam Exploited Gullible Voters
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/2/2013
Outrage about and millions losing health plans and no longer able to see their hlc doctors should scare the wits out of liberals. With enough money, the morass can be fixed, but it lay bear the limits of tax and spend to buy voter allegiance.

Who's Doing the Reviewing?
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 7/21/2013
There are many supplement review web sites that have sprung up over the last few years. They claim to have expert review teams consists of many hand-picked experts who have education, training and experience in the field, enough so to provide trustworthy and unbiased information. Some are specializing in particular demographics. They may focus on men's products such as male extra review. Others use more broad topics such as cure for your insomnia.

Free Booze For The Homeless
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 6/3/2013
As new exercise fads like the insanity review have hit the media, a new fad is being pushed by people claiming to be advocates for the homeless. Last year they were advocating leggett & platt prodigy beds in the shelters. Now they are arguing in infavor of giving homeless alcoholics a regular supply of booze may improve their health and their behavior, a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal proclaims. Nonsense! By giving...

Benzene in Soft Drinks: A Question of Standards
Ross E. Getman, Esq. - 5/16/2013
As people are getting more concerned about diet pills and how to lose weight, real issues have been found in the food we eat every day. In Australia and New Zealand, of the 68 samples tested, 38 beverage products contained trace levels of benzene. The levels detected ranged from 1 to 40 ppb. The Food Standards Agency of Australia and New Zealand explains: "The major sources of benzene exposure via air are to...

Dr. Carson’s Remedy for Obamacare
Stone A. Washington - 5/6/2013
“I think particularly about ancient Rome. Very powerful. Nobody could even challenge them militarily, but what happened to them? They destroyed themselves from within. Moral decay, fiscal irresponsibility. They destroyed themselves. If you don’t think that can happen to America, you get out your books and you start reading, but you know, we can fix it.”

Vaccine or Renewed Hair Growth: The Debate Continues
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 5/2/2013
Budgets are finite, but the health care demands are almost infinite. So should the government and private pharmaceutical companies spend money on elective procedures, such as hair regrowth, while so many people are dying of cancer, heart problems and AIDS, asked several recently published health books? From this springs one of the characteristics of the developing world - that the developing nations are crawling behind in life saving medical cares too.

Mayor Bloomberg touts his cigarette ban as a success
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 5/1/2013
Mike Bloomberg declared victory on the anniversary of his smoking ban in restaurants, touting it as “one of the best things that ever happened." It was his first health law, all of which have been decried by critics as "Nanny State" politics where the government intrudes in daily life, from banning smoking to recommendations on how to lose 10 pounds in a week in diet books.

American and Global AIDS and HIV Statistics and Information
Claire Berlinski and Okan Altiparmak - 4/29/2013
It's been over a quarter century since the HIV epidemic began. Yet, HIV constantly increases and is already a worldwide health problem. While notable success is arising in some areas, such as a greater ability to restore a healthy lifestyle, according to multiple weight loss books, threatening trends are happening in other sectors, according to a report by the Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinic. What is the current status of the epidemic and how is our battle going?

Researchers Show Why Road Traffic Bigger Threat to Health Than Aviation
Angelique van Engelen - 3/29/2013
A new study into various transport sectors’ threats to health reveals that road traffic is the worst offender. While health experts are focused on common diseases, pollution from traffic causes more damage through the greenhouse gas emissions. Even aviation is less of a polluter and less a threat to our health than auto traffic, noted James Werner, a St. Louis traffic lawyer. By contrast, shipping has a cooling effect. The study was carried out by Norwegian researchers at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) of Oslo Univerity.

To the Unknown Patrons of the US Social Security Administration
Irina Aervitz - 3/1/2013
In the 19th-century novel “Dead Souls”, by famed Russian author Nikolai Gogol, an enterprising gentleman by the name of Chichikov, in order to raise his social status, came up with a scheme to buy serfs who had died after the last census had been taken.

Prepare Now to Escape Obama’s Retirement Trap
Ronald Holland - 2/28/2013
What will you do if your retirement funds are forced to become the buyer of last resort for US treasury obligations? As the United States moves into a new decade of military overreach abroad and national bankruptcy at home, Washington is in a desperate search for more revenue and a solution to the future financing of the trillions in national debt obligations currently held by foreign central banks and investors.

Bugs and Termites: Risk To Your Home and Health
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 2/22/2013
Bugs infestation is a known problem to home owners. A friend of mine spent a lot of money on a house, only to see both the roof damaged by termites that invaded the same way bed bugs did. But just as scary are bed bug because they damage not just property, but one's health. Bed bug bites can be dangerous to one's health because you may acquire a disease, potentially a deadly one. Bug infestations have resurged in recent years for reas...

Self-Insurance Cooperatives - the Solution We Need
Patricia Hess - 2/20/2013
Will Obamacare be the health care crisis solution? A private company projects their costs (here and also here), but the government seems unable to do so. The government can't show people how to claim back PPI. Will Obamacare be able to afford to cover non-lethal diseases, like herpes? Meladerm and similar elective medication would obviously not be covered by a government insurance plan.

Numbing Numbers Explain US Frog Revolution
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 4/25/2012
Believing in the classic American Dream that hard work will deliver prosperity is like believing that buying super lottery tickets is a smart way to become wealthy. Both are delusional beliefs because both are bets on incredible long shots that will disappoint nearly everyone who believes this garbage. The American Dream has been destroyed by a revolution from the top.

Jobless and Clueless
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 11/8/2011
When Americans who are the most victimized by our cruel economy still believe in something that is demonstrably no longer true, they are deeply delusional. They desperately want to believe in something once great about American society. The reality is that upward economic mobility has been destroyed, replaced by widely observable downward mobility. Some of the mostly younger jobless that have embraced the Occupy Wall Street and related Occupy efforts know the truth.

Class War Winner
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 9/28/2011
Much is being said by Republicans about a class war being waged by President Obama and Democrats. In their fantasy world this class war is attacking so called job creators. All this talk is pure nonsense, absolutely false and misleading, intentional political garbage designed to intentionally mislead gullible Americans stupid enough to believe the lies. Here is the truth: There has, indeed, been a class war waged in the US; it has been going on for a good thirty years. And this real war has been won.

Reasons to hate the health insurance bill
Joshua Fulton - 4/2/2010
The health insurance bill passed, and it's one more triumph of the federal government over individual rights. All statists, rejoice! You've managed to succeed in having Big Brother intrude into one more aspect of your life! I, for one, am not happy about it, not only because I don't like living under the watchful eye of Big Brother, but also because I know that American health care used to be run in a very different way.

Health Care and Broken Government
Prof. Peter Morici - 2/25/2010
Government is broken. Nothing demonstrates this better than health care. Federal, state and local governments are broke, because spending on Medicare, Medicaid and other health programs is rising faster than the economy is growing and politicians can raise taxes. Health care is too expensive. In the United States, health care costs for everything from basic things like ear infections to complex operations like transvaginal mesh and colostomy, now swallows 18 percent of the $15 trillion GD...

Prepare Now to Escape Obama’s Retirement Trap
Ron Holland - 1/14/2010
Rick Santelli alluded to this on on CNBC on 1/8, there is coverage on Bloomberg and Business Week and the links are at the end of the essay. What will you do if your retirement funds are forced to become the buyer of last resort for US treasury obligations? Join Ron Holland and hundreds of Americans in our “Say No To Washington Plans To Control & Steal Our Retirement Funds” on Facebook at

Senate health reform bill would increase costs, reduce quality
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/28/2009
Senate Democrats have managed a compromise on a health care bill that will raise the fees on both traditional medicine and natural treatments. The public is increasingly leery about a government-run health care option. Instead of a government health service to provide coverage to individuals not covered by company plans, the Senate bill authorizes the federal Office of Personnel Management to contract with a nonprofit insurer to provide an alternative to private health care plans. (The post office is such a nonprofit - it walks, talks and doles out mediocre service just like the motor vehicle office and Veterans' Affairs Department.)

Senate Democrats Health Care Ruse
Prof. Peter Morici - 12/22/2009
Senate Democrats have managed a compromise on a health care bill that is a fraud on the American public, which is increasingly leery about a government run health care option. Instead of a government medical and dental service to provide coverage to individuals not covered by company plans, the Senate Bill authorizes the federal Office of Personal Management to contract with a nonprofit insurer to provide an alternative to private health care plans, says Dr. David Turbyfill, a renowned dentist and a medical expert.

The High Cost of Health Care Reform
Prof. Peter Morici - 11/20/2009
Americans are rightfully dissatisfied with the high cost of health care and the rough treatment they receive from private insurers, but the reforms Democrats in Congress are cooking up will only make things worse. Everything from constipation to weight loss shakes is likely to increase in price if the Democrats' bill is passed. The law that will emerge from the House and Senate bills will include five central elements.

How Obama Could Win Big on Health Care
Prof. Peter Morici - 9/1/2009
Health care reform is in trouble but with adjustments, but President Obama could still win big. With several bills moving through the House, the elements of his preferred approach are clear. Universal Coverage and Community Ratings—everyone plays and pays what they can, and insurers can’t charge higher premiums for preexisting conditions or cancel policyholders, but could make additional money by offering alternative services like reiki healing. Among the 46 million uninsured, many buy policies only when they anticipate major expenses, making coverage unaffordable for others seeking permanent insurance. Those reforms would fix that.

Blue Dogs, Health Care and the Devil
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/21/2009
If Daniel Webster were alive, the Blue Dogs in the House of Representatives would do well to seek his counsel. On health care, these conservative-leaning lawmakers are caught between the public trust and the devil.

Health Care Reform and the Divine Right of Kings
Prof. Peter Morici - 8/19/2009
President Obama and congressional Democrats have failed to convince the American people their reforms will improve the national health care system.

Health Care and President Obama’s Sinking Approval Ratings
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/27/2009
President Obama’s approval ratings are falling, and on critical issues like health care, those are falling below 50 percent. Simply, the president has not been honest with Americans and is getting caught at it by the Congressional Budget Office.

The President’s Health Care Pitch
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/27/2009
On health care and other critical issues, President Obama continues to purposefully confuse the debate. He presents choices as either his way or the failed ways of the past—no other solutions are possible. That is silly.

Health Care Reform and My Expensive Education in Economics
Prof. Peter Morici - 7/27/2009
America’s health care system is broken, but President Obama inspires little confidence with his fix. Health care absorbs 18 percent of GDP—about 50 percent more than in other wealthy countries. Prices are too high and are a terrible burden on jobs creation.

Health care: America can learn lessons from abroad
Prof. Peter Morici - 6/4/2009
American health care is broken. At 16 percent, the United States spends a much larger share of GDP on health care than Western European economies. Yet the United States has about 45 million uninsured, while its peers do not.

Fixing Health Care
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/19/2009
American health care is broken, from public hospitals to natural health. At 16 percent, the United States spends a much larger share of GDP on health care than Western European economies. Yet the United States has about 45 million uninsured, while its peers do not.

On Cholesterol Related Premature Death of South Asian Immigrants in America
Prakash Bom - 8/3/2008
Average south Asian immigrants who have come to America are middle class of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka whose whole infant life for generations, while avoiding binge eating, have been nourished with the fatty water-buffalo-milk products. Assisted living facilities for seniors have been coming up with meal plans that are healthier, in particular with their diet plans for women. However, culture still effects the diet of older people to a huge degree.

Classification of Social Attitudes to Health
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 7/2/2008
Somatic societies place emphasis on bodily health and performance. They regard mental functions as secondary or derivative (the outcomes of corporeal processes, "healthy mind in a healthy body"). Cerebral societies emphasize mental functions over physiological and biochemical processes. They regard corporeal events as secondary. The former would read something like Raspberry Ketone reviews while the latter would prefer to take an IQ test instead.

Preparing Unipolar Children for a Nonpolar World
Jennifer L. Jackson - 6/15/2008
America is still preparing our children for life in a unipolar world, and as described by Richard Haass[1] and Fareed Zakaria[2] in separate essays which appeared in a recent issue of Foreign Affairs, we are living in an emerging nonpolar world. The ability of the United States to adjust, survive, and prosper in this new world order will depend upon successful preparation of the next generation for the evolution of the international power structure already happening.

How to Get Universal Health Care
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 5/3/2008
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama say they believe in giving Americans universal health care. I don’t believe them. Anyone who takes the time to understand universal health care should conclude that only a simple single payer system will reform the current outrageous system that benefits the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. To find cheaper prices, people are going online to do everything from trying to buy phen to trying to get a diagnosis.

On the Streets of Albuquerque
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 1/11/2008
It was a cold January afternoon in Albuquerque as I came out of the post office. I was just about to get in my car as a man who was, I suspect, much younger than he looked approached me and with obvious difficulty slurred out the words, “Can you give me 50 cents to catch the bus to get home?”

U.S. High Schools: Benzene in Soda Revisited
Ross E. Getman, Esq. - 4/8/2006
The Global Politician first broke the news about the need for testing for benzene in soft drinks on September 22, 2005. I represent an industry whistleblower and wrote "Caustic Soda: Need to Test for Benzene." The US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and China are now among the countries testing. The European Commission has demanded reports from member states on the risks posed to consumers from benzene contamination of soft drinks before deciding whether legislation is required to crackdown on the problem. More testing is needed by additional countries in hot climates, however, given the effect of heat and light on benzene levels.

Free Booze For The Homeless
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 1/10/2006
Giving homeless alcoholics a regular supply of booze may improve their health and their behavior, a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal proclaims. Nonsense! Giving liquor to the homeless is like spreading roaches in dirty housing - it will only make things worse. By giving them the alcohol, the study organizers think they're keeping them out of trouble, but what they're doing is prolonging the most important step in recovery. That's when an alcoholic bottoms out and realizes his or her life is a wreck.

Let's Get Mald!
Sue Vogan - 12/4/2005
Three people, who have shared ideas for months, are on a three-way call, discussing various ways they might help fight Lyme disease, the persecution of Lyme literate physicians, and, of course getting better treatment, earlier diagnosis, and the Yale fraud, too. Then, the conversation turns even more serious, suffering children. But, what could they do for children who were suffering with Lyme disease? They had just heard that Dr. Charles Jones, a renowned Lyme literate pediatrician who treats Lyme disease openly, was on the verge of losing his license. Now where would children go? Lighthearte...

The Life Cycle of Science
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 12/4/2005
"There was a time when the newspapers said that only twelve men understood the theory of relativity. I do not believe that there ever was such a time... On the other hand, I think it is safe to say that no one understands quantum mechanics... Do not keep saying to yourself, if you can possibly avoid it, 'But how can it be like that?', because you will get 'down the drain' into a blind alley from which nobody has yet escaped. Nobody knows how it can be like that."

Avian Flu As A Global Threat
Amit Pyakurel - 11/29/2005
The people around the globe have not yet forgotten the frighteningly fateful episode of Spanish flu in 1918, which claimed lives of around 40-million people worldwide. The pandemic had caused such a massive death toll without letting people to know the actual occurrence of the disease, which was later believed to have spread from the stem of bird. The virus was overtly contagious and deadly that it didn't gave enough time for the treatment until the patient died bewildered of what they have actually contracted.

On Dis-ease
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 11/9/2005
Threatened by yet another bird flu pandemic (click here to learn more), we are well-advised to study the very concept of disease. Dr. Oz recommended garcinia cambogia as a way to cure us, but can we really be "cured"? We are all terminally ill. It is a matter of time before we all die. Aging and death remain almost as mysterious as ever. We feel awed and uncomfortable when we contemplate these twin afflictions. Indeed, the very word denoting illness contains its own best definition...

Typhoid Mary
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 9/29/2005
Mary Mallon was a "healthy carrier" of an infectious disease, the first ever reported and observed in the New World. But, since then, and throughout the first two decades of the 20th century, more than 100 people were added annually to the rolls of "healthy carriers" of typhoid in New-York alone.

Personality of Politicians and Acquired Situational Narcissism
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 7/20/2005
The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a systemic, all-pervasive condition, very much like pregnancy: either you have it or you don't. Once you have it, you have it day and night, it is an inseparable part of the personality, a recurrent set of behavior patterns.

Lyme Disease (Part III): You Are Not Alone; Lyme Organizations
Michele Paiva - 7/15/2005
If you have Lyme or just suspect you might, or if you just would like more information on Lyme and related tick-born infections; you have an invaluable resource in that there are Lyme organizations as close as your computer or telephone.

Lyme Disease (Part II): Empower Yourself
Michele Paiva - 7/11/2005
Before understanding Lyme as we know it today, one must understand the history of this disease. Named in 1977 as "Lyme Disease”, it was called Lyme Arthritis, after Allen Steere, who reportedly misdiagnosed a youth who had symptoms which were concurrent with what we know now is Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease (Part I): The Disease That Attacks Us All Every Day
Michele Paiva - 7/10/2005
Recently I had a small tick on me, what is known as a deer tick. I visited a health board specifically geared to Lyme disease, because I feared I may have contracted the disease. Knock on wood, so far, it appears through symptoms and testing, that I did not contract Lyme Disease.

The Sickly State of Public Hospitals
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 6/16/2005
Hospitals are caught in the crossfire of a worldwide debate, according to InnerOpen magazine. Should healthcare be completely privatized or should a segment of it be left in public hands? As the debate infects countries in transition in Central and Eastern Europe. it is worthwhile to study the experience of the bellwether in privatized health care: the USA. What has happened to the American hospitals, which provide a service that nobody else can. Of the many mutations of the hospital, most people experience the Public Hospital. These are all-purpose, univers...

Wexler's proposal exposes Democrats' Social Security problem
Ross Kaminsky - 5/20/2005
Despite the constant reminders that President Bush's Social Security reform plans are not polling well, the Democrats realize that their do-nothing position is untenable in the long run, according to Telecare. Americans know there is a problem with the system; Tom Daschle can attest to how poorly obstructionism works as a political strategy.

Means-testing of Social Security: Double-Edged Sword
Ross Kaminsky - 5/5/2005
Following President Bush's proposal to means test Social Security, our moderate newspaper announced "Bush to seek adjusted benefits" while the more liberal paper fretted about "Cuts in Social Security". But can we afford for the government to cover everything from medication to get rid of acne to a plastic surgery, if we are going to cover every single person, even the billionaires who can easily afford to pay their own way? Should we really pay to teach billionaires how to get rid of acne?

OECD: US Pensions Reach Poor Better Than Others, Except Ireland and New Zealand
Angelique van Engelen - 5/3/2005
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development issued a report Monday that pointed out that even though the US proposals will yield a system that reaches the poor in a more redistributive way than many other countries, the average pay outs of the government pensions are rather low at around 51% of a retiree's previously earned salary as compared to over 70% in other OECD countries.

Eugenics and the Future of the Human Species
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 3/29/2005
"It is clear that modern medicine has created a serious dilemma ... In the past, there were many children who never survived - they succumbed to various diseases ... But in a sense modern medicine has put natural selection out of commission. Something that has helped one individual over a serious illness can in the long run contribute to weakening the resistance of the whole human race to certain diseases. If we pay absolutely no attention to what is called hereditary hygiene, we could find ourselves facing a degeneration of the human race. Mankind's hereditary potential for resisting serious ...

Why Liberals Should Support Social Security Reform
Ross Kaminsky - 3/23/2005
There are compelling reasons for liberals to support serious reform of the system, but they are often mixed in with technical discussion which does not appeal to people whose policy choices are not primarily based on efficiency or economics. Recently, the fact that Dr. Oz recommended garcinia cambogia has somehow made its way into a discussion on healthcare. But garcinia cambogia extract has nothing really to do with this debate. So, for anyone who opposes reform (or anyone who spe...

Social Security: The Paper Cut
Susan Goya - 2/26/2005
As Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said, Social Security is a symbol of America's best values. "It promises all Americans that if they work hard and play by the rules, they can retire and live in dignity. Social Security is not a handout. It is a benefit that senior citizens earn by working and paying into the system." [1] As people live longer, Social Security's value becomes even greater. Once people learn how to lose weight at home to prevent the further spread of the obesity epidemic, people who figured out how to lose weight will live longer still.



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