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The Inglorious History of U.S. Attempts To Control Immigration
Dr. Gary K. Busch - 8/3/2013
There is a great deal of discussion in the Congress about the measures which should be introduced to allow immigrants to legitimise their status as U.S. nationals. This is an issue with a long history and which has never been finally resolved. There have been all sorts of efforts made to limit or curtail immigration from certain foreign lands; issues of controlling the political agitation by immigrants once they have arrived in the country; and issues about the status of children of immigrants who were born in the U.S. The issue of immigrant’s rights to social services has been a frequent topic of legislation. These are all recurring issues.

Aiming “High” or How to Boost American Edge through Immigration
Irina Aervitz - 5/27/2011
As President Obama is campaigning for his re-election in 2012, the emphasis is being placed on the problem of the so-called “low” or undocumented immigration to attract the sympathies of the Hispanic voters.

Getting behind President Obama to Fix America’s Broken Immigration Policy
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/17/2011
The United States has an unwritten but plain immigration policy.

On the Menace of the Vanishing Somali Youth
Abukar Arman - 3/3/2009
Somalia has a new government that many consider to possess what it takes to spearhead sustainable peace and bring the lawlessness of the past two decades to an end. However, this article is not about that, or about the so-called Somali piracy.

Muslims in America, The Series, Part One
Kathy Shaidle - 2/23/2009
Imagine a Super Bowl with all male cheerleaders and half-time prayers. In that America, they drink Jihad Cola instead of Coke and thank Allah when they win an Oscar.

Muslims in America, The Series, Part Two
Kathy Shaidle - 2/23/2009
"One in 10 inmates behind bars turns to Islam."

It was small story in a local newspaper called the Daily Herald out of Everett, Washington, but it spread quickly around the internet, thanks to that startling claim.

Reconquista: Mexico's Retaking of US Territory
Jake Jacobsen and MJ Jacobsen - 3/28/2008
The what is the “retaking” of vast portions of the American southwest: the phrase itself translates as “the reconquest.” Things gFirst, lets talk about what we think is the less concerning of the two. It’s led by groups such as MECha, which others might lull you into believing no longer has any desire to take back La Raza's stolen land of Aztlan, except their name still means the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan. Their race-driven activities are aided and abetted by groups like the NCLR, whose well-known slogan means “for The Race everything, outside the race nothing.”

ACLU's War On U.S. Immigration Law
Prof. Nicholas Stix - 12/10/2007
While President George W. Bush, ICE, and Congress act as if the U.S. had no immigration laws and no borders, some heroic local officials and private organizations have nevertheless sought, against all odds, to enforce and uphold immigration law. And every time they have done so, the ACLU has been there to fight them, on behalf of the criminals invading America.

How Diasporas Can Help the Motherland
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 11/27/2007
The following steps are considered to be the "minimum package" in the strengthening of relationships between countries of origin and national diasporas:

Bush Pardons Turkeys While Eagles Romas and Compean Remain Caged
Dan Howard - 11/26/2007
I would give anything if I could write a syrupy-sweet, all-is-fine Thanksgiving Day message for you today. However, I have always taken pride in my endeavor of not being politically correct, but rather just ‘correct.’ Unfortunately while we should obviously offer thanks that we are still ‘technically’ free, we are in a battle to save our country.

Amnesty: Kicking Butt and Taking Names
Matt Parrott - 7/4/2007
The American people pummeled the amnesty bill last week. The full weight of the executive office, the big business lobby, the hispanic lobby, the Republican leadership, the mainstream media, and even Fox News was orchestrated behind a historically unprecedented putsch. Never have the special interests been so visible and direct in the pursuit of their anti-American agenda. The saying goes "kicking butt and taking names". We just did the butt-kicking, but we also have to follow through by taking names.

Driver's Licenses to Illegals: Threat to National Security
Joe Armendariz - 6/17/2007
Californians are getting ready for another debate over illegal Mexican immigration, including the most recent fight over demands that driver's licenses be issued to illegal immigrants. Because of the power of the Mexican lobby in California and the support they get from liberal Democrats, anything can happen now that California's state legislature is back in session.

Immigration Day - Illegal Aliens and the Media March Together
Prof. Nicholas Stix - 5/15/2007
They want your job, your property, and your country. And they have powerful accomplices. On May 1, Americans again saw thousands – but at least this time, not millions – of federal criminals take to the streets, demanding recognition of their “right” to continue committing crimes. The criminals were supposedly also simultaneously “boycotting America,” though they had a most peculiar way of going about a boycott.

Invasion from Mexico: Insecure Borders, Islamic Terrorism, Sex Slavery
Joe Armendariz - 5/11/2007
Every year roughly 800,000 sex-slaves are smuggled into countries around the world, including the U.S. Many of the sex-slaves are brought to the United States through the border with Mexico. Likewise, Islamic terrorists have also been known to come through Mexico to the United States. While poor Mexicans who come to the U.S. to perform the often unwanted jobs may be a problem for the county, terrorists and mobsters transferring sex-slaves into the United States create a much greater issue.

Are Democrats Inviting Illegals Into Colorado?
Ross Kaminsky - 4/30/2007
On roughly party-line votes, the Colorado State House and Senate have both passed HB 1313 which will soon go to Governor Bill "Tax Hike" Ritter. It is hard to know what to make of the bill. In a way, it seems shockingly audacious, even for Democrats who work in the sanctuary city of Denver: It strikes language from the law which prevented the Department of Motor Vehicles from issuing licenses to illegal aliens. But then it appears to replace the language with a squishy version of a similar prohibition. Since it is very hard to understand why the Democrats would make such a change, I must assum...

Agri-food Industry’s Deadly Cycle Feeds Immigration
Eric Holt-Gimenez - 10/23/2006
Just weeks before the elections, Congress is unable to agree on legislation regarding the nation's 12 million undocumented immigrants. Legislators are at loggerheads over such disparate proposals as conditional legalization, guest-worker programs and massive deportations. In a sad testimony to the lack of bipartisan leadership, the only thing Congress has authorized this year is the construction of a $2.2 billion, 700-mile fence on the Mexican border.

Immigration and The Jean Refugees
Dr. Daryn Glassbrook - 9/18/2006
There are three kinds of complaints involved in the current anti-immigration backlash in the United States. First, there are legitimate concerns about alleged attempts by terrorists to cross the U.S.-Mexican border undetected or disguised as migrant workers. Second, there are grievances that are based on myth, hearsay, and disinformation—such as the false claim that undocumented workers are a drain on the economy. Then there are the complaints that are symptomatic of the tragically narrow perspective many ordinary Americans bring to bear o...

Immigration: the missing link in developing puzzle
Navraj Goyal - 7/10/2006
No single issue has the potential of bringing the world together than immigration, yet it is this issue that is turning out to be the most divisive. It has left the public opinion bitterly acrimonious and divided everywhere whether it is a country of origin or destination. As the US Senate debates the fate of millions of existing and potential immigrants in the country, the battle lines are sharply drawn between the pro- and anti-immigration camp. In France, the issue is proving to be so explosive that riots broke out. In Holland, the expulsion of liberal Somali-born intellectual Ayan Hirsi Ali led to tremendous hue and cry.

America’s Broken Immigration Policy
Prof. Peter Morici - 5/22/2006
The United States has an unwritten but plain immigration policy. The U.S. Border Patrol imposes significant risks on people seeking to enter illegally but once inside the country, illegal immigrants usually can find work and remain here. They manage to obtain false documents or work off the books, and they account for at least five percent of the workforce.

Goods are moving, let people move
Navraj Goyal - 5/2/2006
In Detroit, credit rating agencies Standard & Poor's (S&P) and Moody's reduced the debt ratings of US car maker Ford further to 'junk' status in January. Last year in June, Delphi completed the first phase of its $50 million R&D center in Shanghai -tipped to become one of the top five Delphi technical centers globally by 2009. Meanwhile at Capitol Hill, the US lawmakers debate an important immigration reform bill as about half a million protesters gather against plans to criminalise undocumented workers. At the same time, Prime Minister Villepin struggles in Paris to push for a law that would make it easy for the employers to hire and fire workers belonging to a certain age group.

Protests Turn the Tide on Immigration Debate
Laura Carlsen - 4/17/2006
The immigration demonstrations held across the country not only marked an historic mobilization of one of the nation's most silenced sectors. They also turned the tide on a national debate that threatened the basic values and cohesion of U.S. communities.

That Damned Wall - Building Barrier On America's Southern Border
Luis Figueroa - 1/17/2006
Miguel Vargas Alvarez, a Spanish singer, used to sing, many moons ago, a tune that went something like “That damned wall”. A tune that my father used to sing to laugh at me because I sleep walked.

U.S. Immigration Policy on the Table at the WTO
Sarah Anderson - 12/3/2005
In the contentious negotiations leading up to the December 13-18 World Trade Organization (WTO) summit, the big drama has centered around agricultural trade and whether the richer countries will grant expanded market access to commodities from the Global South. However, there has also been a battle brewing between developing countries and the U.S. government over immigration. Led by India, several countries are demanding expansion of U.S. visa programs for temporary professional workers.

Immigration Advocates Face Challenges
Tom Barry - 9/3/2005
As anti-immigration sentiment rises, the voices advocating a liberal immigration policy confront new challenges. The most obvious challenges — including new anti-immigrant legal measures, rising anti-immigrant bias in the media, and an expanding backlash movement against immigration — are not necessarily the most difficult ones.

Resounding Success: Minutemen Have Made a Difference on the Border and in Washington
Jeff Hartwick, Esq. - 4/20/2005
In recent days, the Minuteman Project (MMP) has stirred up a lot of controversy for its activity along the U.S.-Mexico border. Liberal activists have been concerned about possible "human rights violations" against illegal aliens by the MMP volunteers. And even President Bush implied that the Minutemen were "vigilantes." But the critics have been proved wrong. The project has thus far been a resounding success.

Landmark Legal Decision May Open U.S. Border to Chinese from Indonesia
Jemma Purdey, Ph.D. - 2/1/2005
A recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco provides historic precedent for claims for political asylum launched in the US by ethnic Chinese Indonesians. In early October 2004 the US court upheld the appeal for political asylum launched by Taty Sael, a Chinese Indonesian now living in Sacramento, California, on the basis that if she returned to Indonesia she would face persecution on the basis of her ethnicity. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the court based its decision on 'the continued existence of anti-Chinese laws and a history of periodic attacks from the 1...



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