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Beyond Orwell's 1984
Ron Coody - 4/24/2013
Just as World War 2 came to a close, a new world power was on the rise in Eastern Europe. Taking advantage of the fall of Hitler, the Soviet Union had advanced into Poland, Hungary, Romania, East Germany and other states erecting what would become known as the Iron Curtain. The peoples behind the Iron Curtain lived under totalitarian governments that suppressed freedom of movement, speech, assembly, religion and political dissent.

Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism in Romania
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 11/18/2010
Interview granted to the Romanian newspaper Adevarul

Romania's Private Defense
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 2/11/2007
Romanian President, Ion Iliescu, contested his homeland's geography. In April 2003, at a joint press conference with Bulgaria's President Parvanov, he cast both countries as "central-south European" rather than the derogatory "Balkan". Both joined NATO in 2004 and the European Union in January 2007 - though the former organisation expressed reservations after embarrassing leaks of classified military data in both Bucharest and Sofia.

Romania - Europe's Heart Failure
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 2/7/2007
Romanians like to compare their country to the heart of Europe. If so, Europe has been in a continuous state of cardiac arrest. Romania is still so backward and corrupt that even venerable foreign leaders get entangled in its sleaze.

Arab Terrorists In Romania
Manuela Paraipan - 10/6/2005
Marius Bercaru, a spokesperson for the Romanian Secret Service (SRI) stated that members of a cell of al-Qaeda terrorists were expelled from the country, and prohibited to enter Romania in the next 15 years. This operation took place after two years of supervision of this cell.

Romania: In or Out of the Anglo-American Axis?
Manuela Paraipan - 8/30/2005
From the beginning of his mandate as a President of Romania, Traian Basescu declared himself a supporter of the so-called Axis of Washington-London-Bucharest. The idea was received with a cold attitude by the European powers, especially by the Germans and the French - long time friends of the country. Nonetheless, it became the leit motif of Romania's foreign policy.

Kidnapping of Romanian Journalists in Iraq: An unusual affair
Manuela Paraipan - 7/1/2005
It was a shock for Romanian society and government to hear the announcement that three journalists were kidnapped in Iraq. Romania has troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, but it was the first time when Romanian civilians were taken hostages. Marie-Jeanne Ion, a reporter for Prima TV, Sorin Miscoci, her cameraman, and Ovidiu Ohanesian, a reporter for the daily Romania Libera, were kidnapped on 28 March on the streets of Baghdad. It now appears that they were victims of a plot by the two businessmen of Arab origin who had organized and financed the trip: Mohammed Munaf, their guide and translator, p...

Developments in the case of the Romanian Journalists Kidnapped in Iraq
Manuela Paraipan - 4/25/2005
The French negotiator, Nicolas Henin declared for the Romanian mass media that all that can be done at this point in time is to use all the possible contacts in Iraq to save the lives of the journalists. "Obviously, there is also the simple way: withdraw the troops in four days. But, from a political point of view it is hard to believe that will happen, because the Romanian government cannot just ignore its commitments."

Romanian Journalists held hostages by the Islamic
Manuela Paraipan - 4/24/2005
The TV station Al Jazeera has broadcasted yesterday, in the afternoon new images with the Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq. In these new images has also apperead Mohammad Munaf, an Iraqi citizen which also holds the American citizen. Mohammad Munaf acted as a go-between the journalists and some members of the Iraqi political class.

Romania In Shock After Bizarre Kidnapping In Iraq
Dan Stoenescu - 4/1/2005
[From Cairo, Egypt] Romania is in a state of shock after the Qatar-based TV station Al Jazeera aired a tape showing the three Romanian journalists who disappeared in Baghdad on Monday, March 28. The tape shows the three Romanians and a fourth person, sitting on the floor with two men pointing guns at them. According to Al Jazeera, the journalists were held by an unknown group that had made no demands. The journalists are Marie Jeanne Ion and cameraman Sorin Dumitru Miscoci of Prima TV and Ovidiu Ohanesian of Romania Libera daily newspaper.

Romania's New Flat Tax
Manuela Paraipan - 2/25/2005
The Truth and Justice Alliance and their candidate, Traian Basescu, won the November Presidential Elections from Romania. In the first days, after assuming the Prime Minister function, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and his cabinet introduced the flat tax of 16% policy. Tariceanu's centrist cabinet attempts to prepare Romania for its role as a stabilizing factor in the Balkans and the Black Sea and and for its 2007 accession to the European Union. In this context, the new Romanian Government has introduced a new fiscal policy to eliminate, or at least reduce the tax evasion, corruption and poverty.Ro...



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