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Peter Sutherland's Mass-Immigration Experiment on the UK
Paul Austin Murphy - 11/23/2013
Last year, a man named Peter Sutherland said that the European Union (EU) should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states. He said this as the United Nations' Special Representative for International Migration. He also went on to claim that the UK government's immigration policy had no basis in international law.

The Guardian-Edward Snowden Case: the Guardian Believes in Surveillance
Paul Austin Murphy - 11/13/2013
Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian (which is the main Leftist/'progressive' newspaper in the UK), will face questioning over his newspaper's publication of Edward Snowden's leaked documents, which were taken from the UK and US security services. Rusbridger will give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee in December.

Whatever Happened to Britain's Illegal-Immigrants-'Go-Home' Campaign?
Paul Austin Murphy - 11/2/2013
Some months ago, the UK's Home Office, under the leadership of the Home Secretary, Theresa May, carried out a campaign to to get illegal immigrants to 'go home' of their own accord rather than face arrest. Believe it or not, various vans were sent around London with the message 'go home or face arrest' printed on them. But, says Jack O'Connell, a Gold IRA financial advisor and an expert on immigration issues, the anti-immigrant mood has been dying down in recent months.

Paul Austin Murphy - 10/20/2013
I. Manager of the England Team Put on the Anti-Racist Rack

The Daily Mail-vs-Ed Miliband Saga Continues
Paul Austin Murphy - 10/5/2013
Some Americans may be aware that the popular British newspaper, the Daily Mail, published an article last Saturday on the father of the leader of the British Labour Party. Ed Miliband's father was the Marxist academic Ralph Miliband.The Daily Mail commented on what they took to be Ralph's political influence on his son. Predictably, Ed Miliband - who could be elected British Prime Minister in 2015 - responded strongly to this piece.

Why is Lord Robertson afraid of Scottish independence?
Sasha Uzunov - 6/25/2013
For those Balkan Watchers, Lord George Robertson was Team Blair's and later Team NATO's Scotsman the Brave acting as one of the mid-wives, oops I meant to say mid-spouse (I don't want to be accused of misogyny by pro-unionist Scottish spinner John McTernan), to Kosovo independence. So feisty Albanian Kosovars can have their own nation-state but not canny Scots?

Scotland: Independence in Europe or Loss of Identity
Lorna Thomas - 5/22/2013
On March 25, 1707, 300 years earlier, the Scottish Parliament adjourned for the last time before its union with Britain. In 2007 after the elections, Scotland took a turn towards further autonomy and is now facing a major choice regarding its future. Polls are divided as to the outcome. Will Scotland leave its union with Britain and what effect will it have on the local economy, from the small businessman selling bathroom furniture to a major corporation that produces those bathroom units?

Rediscovering African ‘High Life’ in London
Ronald Elly Wanda - 5/22/2013
To many an African-live-band-fan, it is stimulating to once again see a combination of Western lifestyle complete with European kitchens and bathroom units together with the African tradition, such as the ‘Africa Jambo Band’ constructively drumming up mimetic harmonic melodies.

British Economy Not Looking Great
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 5/22/2013
"Business collapsed almost in half in the last couple of years," lamented Ian Major, a small British businessman specializing in bedroom and bathroom storage units. Some economists have questioned whether British economy is heading the American way as the British economy has historically tended to move in line with America's. In America, these days, energy inflation, interest rate cut, banking crunch, and speculations of recession are in fashion. Britain’s economic shine has ...

Hybridism: A power relations examination of the Asian Community in Britain
Ronald Elly Wanda - 5/22/2013
Hybridism is a concept that is a direct result of the increasing traffic of cultural globalization, immigration with a mixture of government policy.

UK housing market crisis
Iqbal Latif - 5/22/2013
Crisis? What crisis? We have been hearing about the housing market crises around the globe for the longest time and the global panic has thrown investors into a frenzy of: "What will happen now?" UK house prices are falling, but not the luxury housing with expensive kitchens and bathroom units. The hyperbole surrounding this development is disproportionate to the significance of property for the economy. The direct contribution of residential housing investment...

The UK, Israel and the Middle East
Jonathan Spyer, Ph.D. - 11/8/2010
In this symposium, several experts report and analyze attitudes within the United Kingdom’s civil society regarding the Middle East and Arab-Israeli conflict. One of the most widely noted developments has been the rise there of grassroots activism and intellectual ferment on behalf of the Palestinian cause and against Israel. In 2005, an attempt to use professional associations to initiate a boycott of Israeli academia was launched in Britain. While this was eventually defeated through legal action, efforts to reintroduce it have become a regular part of the annual conference of the main British lecturers' union, the University and College Union (the UCU).

Albert the Alligator and the British Ambassador
Prof. Barry Rubin - 8/3/2010
Once upon a time in an intellectual galaxy now seemingly far away, liberals and conservatives shared a common view. There were the forces of democracy and the forces of totalitarianism (or, if you prefer, authoritarianism) that threatened the world, took away freedom, and held back both economic and social development. The goal of Western foreign policy was to help those favoring liberty against the tyrants and would-be tyrants.

How Not to Conduct Diplomacy: UK PM in Turkey
Prof. Barry Rubin - 7/29/2010
British Prime Minister David Cameron’s July 27 speech in Turkey will not live on in history. But it should, as an example of the decline of Western diplomacy, of suicide by Political Correctness, as a textbook example of how not to conduct international affairs. It crossed my mind that the speech was written by the Foreign Office for the express purpose of making Cameron look foolish, but then I realized that he and his top advisors probably have no idea why it was such a disaster.

British love for Islamist militancy
Sunita Paul - 3/27/2009
Britain-based NGO Green Crescent, which runs the madrasa-cum-orphanage in Bhola that turned out to be a mini-ordnance factory March 24, had plans to set up two more training centres for militants in Doulatkhan and Lalmohan upazilas of the district in Bangladesh.

UK MPs urge Iraq to respect rights of Ashraf residents
Nasser Razy - 3/3/2009
Members of Parliament from all three major political parties in the UK on Thursday urged the government of Iraq to resist pressures by the Iranian regime to expel members of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) from their base in Camp Ashraf in Iraq's Diyala Province.

Is Gordon Brown promoting a New World Financial System?
Lorna Thomas - 10/28/2008
At an emergency meeting of the Eurogroup on 12 October, 2008, Prime Minister Gordon Brown presented a proposal to deal with the financial crisis. Aside from immediate stabilization plans for the banking system, he stressed the need for a reformed global finance system to solve global financial problems.

Knife Crime in Britain: A chilling Veracity
Ronald Elly Wanda - 8/3/2008
On Thursday the 3rd of July, I was the only member of the Press caucus to attend the funeral of one of Britain’s latest knife-crime victim. Abiodun Olubukunola Ilumoka aka Abby was buried at the East Finchley Cemetery, following a well-attended mass at St. Stephen’s Church at Cannonbury Road in Islington where the 41 year old had lived near her mother all her life. Her horrific death did not arouse the interest of any national media perhaps because another white teenager Ben Kinsella, less than a mile away from Abby’s murder scene had also been knifed. Like most individuals who knew her well...

The (Sunday)Times They are a Changin'
Jonathan Spyer, Ph.D. - 7/17/2008
An interview with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared in the Sunday Times this week. The interview took place in Jerusalem's American Colony Hotel. It was concerned with Blair's role as the Quartet's Middle East envoy, and was written by journalist Lesley White. Journalist Lesley White is evidently not a specialist on the Middle East. I say "evidently" because the article contains a series of ludicrous errors which leave one slack-jawed in astonishment at the standards apparently now prevailing in this august publication.

Open Letter to Prime Minister Brown Regarding the Lisbon Treaty
Lorna Thomas - 7/1/2008
In a 2007 interview with ITN you stated that there is:

Errors in UK Court Decision on MeK
Ahmad Baaraan - 6/1/2008
A recent UK Court of Appeals decision to uphold a lower court ruling that PMOI (MEK, or MKO) is no longer “concerned in terrorism” revealed serious flaws and a lack of sophistication in the UK legal framework when it comes to combating terrorism. In addition to other vital means, a serious fight against terrorism requires a mature legal system that could not be easily manipulated by deceptive tactics and faulty reasoning developed by terrorist organisations in their efforts to take advantage of our legal apparatus with its pre-911 outlook and structure. After all, leaders of such organisations are known to be masters of deception and PMOI’s leaders are no exception.

Why the Skilled Won't Stay in Britain
Safdar Jafri - 4/29/2008
HSMP, Highly Skilled Migration Program, was introduced in Britain in 2002 to attract skilled people from around the world to boost UK's skill-starved, dwindling economy in need of a shot in the arm. A good program in the sense that it only concentrated on highly skilled as Britain was already witnessing a deluge of low skilled workers from the Eastern European countries such as Poland. As of today, there are at least 1 million Eastern European low skilled workers in Britain. So, skilled is what UK needed, specially when its own skilled persons have been emigrating from the UK in search of gree...

Bank of England Announces New Special Liquidity Scheme
Prof. Peter Morici - 4/29/2008
The Bank of England (BOE) has announced a £50 billion lending facility that will permit British banks and building societies to borrow against logbook loans, mortgage-backed and other securities for terms up to one year, and renewable by the BOE for up to three years.

Churchill Never Meant For Britain To Be In The European Union
Lorna Thomas - 3/30/2008
Winston Churchill's speech in Zürich on 19 September, 1946 about a European union has at times been misquoted, misinterpreted and misapplied. French President Sarkozy addressed the British Parliament on 26 March, 2008. In an attempt to persuade (some say flatter and seduce) Britain into the European Union, given the upcoming ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty - an act which will inevitably result in her loss of sovereignty, self-rule and freedom, Sarkozy referred to Sir Winston Churchill by saying: “No one will ever forget that the first great voice which rose up after the war to call...

Rooting out Islamic fundamentalism in the UK
David Amess - UK Parliament Member - 2/28/2008
The Islamic fundamentalism espoused from Tehran is the biggest threat that faces our nation today. Iran has become a nation of horror stories. I have heard of young children tortured as their mothers are forced to watch. I have also seen vivid images of this brutality on videos. These videos have included public hangings. Such crimes are carried out on the Iranian people on a daily basis.

Interview With Gina Khan - Part 1
GP Interviews - 1/11/2008
Gina Khan lives in Birmingham's Ward End. She is a British Muslim and has spoken out in the past about the problems she and her community faces from extreme Islamists. Described as "a very brave woman" in an article for the London Times, Gina will, over the coming days, be stating her experience to the Westminster Journal as a British Muslim and calling out, especially to the British Government, for help in solving the Islamist problem the West now experiences from within. This is the first of two parts of the interview.

Interview With Gina Khan - Part 2
GP Interviews - 1/11/2008
This is the second and final part of the interview.

British Law Enforcement Missing 9/11-Level Threats?
Glen Jenvey - 9/11/2007
‘Once the child reach ten years old, teach him some kind of thing which is scouting, sleeping rough, sleeping tough, going for training, sweating, getting couple of punches in the face, teach him the reality of life and then show him how to become a good Mujahid.’

Will the global 'credit crunch' hit London property?
Iqbal Latif - 8/28/2007
Prices for "prime" homes in the most expensive streets of the capital have risen about 50 per cent in the past two years as a financial services' boom has enriched bankers and other professionals in the City of London. Since the deal of the century, where new records were broken by the 'Qataris' to buy 1 Knightsbridge 4 Penthouses in March 2007 for 5000 pounds /sq ft, the prices in London have moved on to new highs. It was ease of liquidity that was said to be behind London real estate's stratospheric rise of prices when it comes to real estate within the golden quadrangle ensconced quietly be...

Sectarian Schools in Britain
Dr. Norman Berdichevsky - 8/20/2007
The recent controversy over the advisability of establishing separate Muslim sectarian schools has opened a broad debate in Britain on the nature of what is exactly meant by a 'multicultural society'. In spite of the use of this term by members of parliament and even ministers, it means different things to different people. There are now more than 7,000 faith-based schools in Britain, the great majority run by the Church of England or the Catholic church, with a handful of Jewish schools and over the past twenty years more than 100 Muslim schools have been established, primarily in London and in the cities of the Northern Midlands where large numbers of Muslim immigrants settled.

Germany's Fourth Reich
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 8/14/2007
In an assertive, unified, and resurgent Germany, the Holocaust is now the butt of manifestly anti-Semitic jokes. This would have been unthinkable only 10 years ago. Yet, in meetings I have had over the last 4 years with young German scholars, intellectuals, artists, and budding politicians, as alcohol and mutual acquaintance put them at ease, they all, with one exception, reverted to shocking form.

Last Days of Hizb ut Tahrir In Britain
Viresh Pattani - 8/13/2007
A bad few weeks for Hizb ut Tahrir Britain – the UK arm of the radical Islamist party which wishes to see its version of the medieval “Caliphate” established in Muslim lands and then across the entire globe. First, after a concerted campaign of complaints to the BBC following last November’s Newsnight program – when Hizb ut Tahrir in South London was infiltrated and exposed as being linked to violence, radicalization and threatening local mosques – their hundreds of complaints were summarily dismissed. Of thirty four complaints considered worthy of any investigation by regulators, and followin...

Another Banned Terrorist Group In London
Glen Jenvey - 8/7/2007
A banned terrorist group behind a wave of muggings, credit card frauds and drug pushing is flourishing in Britain because the authorities are ignoring it. The Tamil Tigers - infamous for pioneering suicide bombs - are taking hold in the UK while the Government focuses on Islamic extremists, a worrying investigation has found.

Finsbury Park: Inside the British Jihad
Pratik Chougule - 8/4/2007
Stepping off the subway at Finsbury Park, the change in scenery could not have been more acute. Just an hour earlier, I had been awed by the grandeur of Big Ben, towering over the British Houses of Parliament. It is the symbol of the England in our history books: a beacon of liberty, tolerance, and stability.

Politically Incorrect Exit for the UK Ambassador to Thailand and Laos
Richard S. Ehrlich - 7/27/2007
BANGKOK, Thailand -- The British Ambassador to Thailand and Laos, David Fall, ended his career as a diplomat by giving a wildly hilarious, shockingly blunt, comedy performance of taboo jokes about Scotsmen using condoms, trigger-happy Americans, and sexual double entendres involving British, Turkish and French officials.

Adventures of Tony Rodef, Middle East Detective: The London Caper
Prof. Barry Rubin - 7/21/2007
News item: After suicide bomb attacks on London and Glasgow by Islamists were foiled, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown ordered ministers never to use the word "Muslim" when discussing terrorism.

UK Foreign Policy Research Guide
Toby Greene - 7/20/2007
UK foreign policy, while balancing its position in the EU but with its firm backing for the United States, has been particularly interesting for Middle East researchers in recent years. The aim of this guide is to introduce some of the internet resources available to those conducting research on contemporary UK foreign policy, with a particular focus on the Middle East. Following Gordon Brown_s taking over the reigns as prime minister from Tony Blair on June 27, 2007, policy analysts will be watching keenly for any signs of a change in policy.

Doctors of Terrorism
Prof. Barry Rubin - 7/10/2007
The arrest of seven doctors in the attempted British terror bombings has shocked many people. Sadly, it shouldn’t. All seven are Muslims working at government-financed hospitals, their salaries paid by the British taxpayer. Dr. Muhammad Hanif practiced at Halton Hospital in Runcorn, Cheshire; Dr. Muhammad Asha, at the North Staffordshire NHS Trust’s University Hospital.

Home Grown Terrorists are testing the boundaries of the United Kingdom
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 7/10/2007
It all sounds too good to be true. And it probably is. After staining America ’s reputation and maiming its core, the terrorists have shifted gears, and they are now testing the boundaries of the United Kingdom. They began with a bang, killing 52 and injuring 700 others in the London ’s public transport system in the year 2005. They tried replicating the attack two weeks later again but failed to detonate their explosives in underground trains, much to the relief of Britain . But they were constantly seeking for an opening and they almost found one but then too their effort was foiled. In Augu...

Britain Under Gordon Blair
Abid Mustafa - 7/3/2007
Much has been said about Tony Blair stepping down as the Prime Minster of Britain. Most political commentators and media pundits have summed up Blair’s legacy in one word— Iraq. They describe his decision to invade Iraq as a monumental failure of British foreign policy in the Middle East and a setback to Anglo-Muslim relations world-wide. Others have gone much further in their condemnation of Blair’s neo- colonial policies, and attribute Blair’s servitude to American interests behind Britain’s flagging popularity around the world. However, away from the critics both at home and abroad, the ast...

'Sir' Rushdie Raises Muslims' Anger
Amit Pyakurel - 6/25/2007
Perhaps many had speculated a surge of probable Muslim anger, but may not had expected that the displeasure could grow to this extreme. It's the recently provoked outrage of the Muslim populace against the Knighting of the well-known Indian-born British writer, Salman Rushdie, whose novel, The Satanic Verses, had amounted to vigorous rage from the Muslim world when it was first published in 1988. The Satanic Verses led the Islamic religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini to call for Rushdie's immediate killing. And his recent honoring has further ignited the Muslims' anger, as the Islamic fanatics...

Can Blair's Million Pound Bill on Islam Save Britain?
Denis Schulz - 6/20/2007
Sure, one million pounds could to it—that’s a lot of loot—maybe if it had been offered twenty or thirty years ago. It’s too late now. About all it will do is buy more nails to pound into John Bull’s coffin. The Chicago Cubs have a better chance of winning the 2007 World Series than England has of surviving the 21st Century. But that doesn’t keep Tony Blair from trying. Blair addressed a conference of moderate Muslims in London last week in another last-ditch effort to save Merry Olde England from a fate worse than death. He pledged to spend one million pounds to improve the teaching of Islamic studies in Britain’s universities.

What Does The London 2012 Olympic Logo Prove?
Naseem Javed - 6/14/2007
That there is absolutely nothing wrong with the new London 2012 Olympics logo, but there is something seriously wrong with the logo-driven branding industry at large, as this new logo clearly proves that as we approach 2012, global society will not respond to conventional logos or graphics, but only to these kinds of insignificant, dysfunctional and obscure design works which will eventually become branding norms throughout the world. This clearly proves the lingering demise of the logo-branding industry.

Wish Every Soldier Was Prince Harry
Imran Khan - 5/19/2007
Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the British army, has decided that Prince Harry - the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and third in line to the British throne- will not serve in Iraq with his Army Unit. The General said he had reached his decision following a visit to the region at the end of last week and learning of specific threats being made by insurgents against Harry and the soldiers in his unit.

The End Of Tony Blair Show
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 5/7/2007
With little less than a few weeks to go before leaving office, Prime Minister Tony Blair of England is wondering how he would like best to be remembered. Many Britons admire him as a statesman and a fluent political speaker, but Mr. Blair, still vigorous at the end of the term, probably seeks more than dull respectability.

Scottish Independence - Reality or Illusion?
Lorna Thomas - 5/1/2007
Should the SNP or Scottish Nationalist Party win the May 3 election, it plans to hold a referendum on independence in its first term of office. Scotland faces the decision of becoming independent from Britain. The pro-European SNP campaigns for 'independence in Europe'. But would this be a reality? Has the SNP any real authority to promise Scotland independence in Europe when as a non-member it stands outside of European policy-making?

Terror Glorification In Britain
Dominic Whiteman - 4/30/2007
It has been a criminal offense in Britain for a year now (since 13th April 2006) to directly or indirectly encourage terrorism with those convicted face seven years imprisonment. 'Direct encouragement' is largely the same as the older offence of ‘incitement’. It is 'indirect encouragement' that involves the idea of 'glorifying terrorism' as a part of its definition and thereby introduced an entirely new legal concept on to the statute books a year ago. It is an offence if a statement is issued from which it could reasonably be inferred 'that what is being glorified is being glorified as conduc...

British Islamists’ Cyber Camouflage
Dominic Whiteman - 4/18/2007
Partly due to the pressure of new terror laws in Britain and partly because of the effectiveness of Destroyers of jihadi websites like Internet Haganah, British-based radical Islamists have sought more imaginative online solutions both to maintain an online presence (even when they are banned) and to keep on recruiting (something they are increasingly desperate to do in a climate justifiably increasingly hostile towards them).

Will Islam Rule Over Britain?
Peter Webb - 3/15/2007
Anjem Choudary, born in 1967, is a British Islamist and follower of Omar Bakri Mohammed. He founded two Islamist groups which were last year designated and banned as terrorist organisations by the British government. Choudary has urged Muslims to not cooperate with the police in fighting terrorism, and has recently called for the assassination of the Pope. In recent years he has frequently appeared on British television and has become a figure disliked by non-Muslims and by moderate Muslims as well.

The End of Visa Waiver?
Dominic Whiteman - 3/5/2007
We Britons are used to getting questioned by offensive immigration officers at US airports, who presume that deceitfully we are making a permanent move to the US whenever we enter America using the well-established visa-waiver scheme. It’s fair to say it doesn’t help the “special relationship” to be confronted after an eight hour flight by some pistol-carrying, shaven-headed failed police recruit with an inferiority complex the size of Lake Michigan and an IQ no higher than a tennis score.

Interview: Member of the UK Parliament and Shadow Minister for Homeland Security Patrick Mercer
GP Interviews - 2/11/2007
Patrick Mercer is a Conservative Member of the UK Parliament and Shadow Minister for Homeland Security. Prior to becoming a politician he served as an officer in the British Army, in the Sherwood Foresters regiment. Among other locations he was sent to Northern Ireland and Bosnia and in 1997 received the OBE for services to Bosnia. He left the army in 1999 and worked as a journalist for BBC Radio 4. Patrick was the target of two IRA assassination attempts. An Historian by training, his interests include British 18th and 19th Century History. With two books published to date, Patrick is currently working on a television documentary and another historical volume.

Why Speakers Should Still Be Cornered
Dominic Whiteman - 11/18/2006
Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park is an excellent place to visit if you are having any doubts about your own sanity – perhaps feeling you are losing touch with reality (that New Year’s Day feeling, best settled with an Alka Seltzer). It is a hard venue, with a tradition of merciless heckling. Nowadays the Corner is a popular tourist attraction but there are still speakers and hecklers, just as there were one hundred and fifty years ago.

The Sliding Scale of Diversity - Britain and Beyond
Dominic Whiteman - 11/7/2006
American friends who are munificent enough to visit me over here in London are often saying how “quaint” Britain is, when they actually have to walk up to the bar in a pub to order food from a proud, grumpy old publican wearing a flowery “jumper” (sweater), or rent a car only to discover that the steering wheel is on the wrong side.

The Fall of Bungawala and the MCB
Dominic Whiteman - 10/18/2006
In 2002 the forever victimised Inayat Bungawala claimed in Britain's Sunday Observer newspaper "British Muslims have learned to develop a thick skin to get on in this country. In the late eighties and early nineties they were vilified by the liberal press for their unyielding opposition to Salman Rushdie's deeply offensive novel, The Satanic Verses. Their tormentors today hail from the combined ranks of the far right, government officials who should know better and assorted pro-Israeli columnists."

LTTE “Tamil Tigers” and its UK-wide network
Dominic Whiteman - 10/18/2006
LTTE was banned in the UK February 28th 2001. The annual publication of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) London 'Military Balance 2005/2006' referred to emerging links between the LTTE and the Al-Qaeda movement. It was later revealed confidentially by the editors to diplomatic sources that these links were in terms of commercial transactions including trafficking for financial gain and acquisition of technology rather than any ideological linkage. Experts are studying with interest links between the LTTE and Al-Qaeda in its financial, commercial and arms dealings. It is also believed that such links also exist in maritime transactions.

Jack Straw and the Veil Issue
Imran Khan - 10/14/2006
Mr. Jack staw is a prominent British politician and leader of the House of Commons. He also served as British foreign Minister. He has urged Muslim women who wear a full veil to remove it when they talk to him in his constituency office in northwestern England. In Lancashire Telegraph, a local newspaper, he wrote "wearing the full veil is bound to make better, positive relations between the two communities more difficult," and veil is "such a visible statement of separation and of difference". He also said in an interview to the BBC that he would like to support the idea of the full veil's being abandoned. His remarks have ignited a furious debate.

Was Exiled Radical Islamic Cleric Linked to London Bombings?
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 10/6/2006
New information is emerging about exiled radical Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammad and his possible involvement with the deadly London bombings. The attacks on July 7 2005 killed 52 innocent people in addition to the four suicide bombers.

Islamic Caliphate in Britain?
Dominic Whiteman - 9/25/2006
An interesting week in the War on Terror in London. On Wednesday, the British Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, addressed Muslims in a run-down part of East London, warning them to be watchful of their children, who may fall into the hands of radical preachers and end up going the sorry way of British-born Mohammed Siddique Khan (a 7/7 suicide bomber) and other terrorists. "These fanatics are looking to groom and brainwash children, including your children, for suicide bombings, grooming them to kill themselves in order to murder others," he said.

African Students Studying In The United Kingdom
Uche Nworah - 9/8/2006
The United Kingdom appears to be the favourite destination for African students. This is not surprising considering the United Kingdom government actively pursues a policy of making UK education the number one in the world. Students are recruited using various methods such as brochures, road shows and internet marketing. International students are provided high quality accomodations in London, Manchester, Nottingham and other top cities. Local representatives are also appointed in some countries and are charged with the responsibility of marketing the UK education brand to local students all through the year.

Another Terrorist Attack On the Horizon In the UK
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 8/16/2006
A British freelance spy says he know what in part led to last week's foiled, but very nearly deadly, terror plot in Britain. In an e-mail interview Glen Jenvey said a pervasive "culture of hate from Islamic radical preachers for many years," and "the turning of a blind eye by British police officers and law makers" have led to the problems currently being experienced in Britain.

UK Islamist groups not just rattled – now they’re banned!
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 7/20/2006
Just one week after reporting on the anti terror group VIGIL’s exposure of radical Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed’s ongoing cyber preaching from Beirut to radical Muslims in the United Kingdom and elsewhere through a US-based chatroom, the UK government has banned the groups he was preaching to- the Saviour Sect and al-Ghurabaa (offshoots from the previously disbanded group al Mujahiroun).

British Terror Link to Mumbai Train Blasts?
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 7/13/2006
As many as 190 people have been killed and 625 injured by seven bombs on the train network in the Indian financial capital Mumbai (Bombay). The first of the near-simultaneous blasts exploded during the rush hour on the Western Railway. Correspondents spoke of scenes of pandemonium, with people jumping from trains and bodies flung onto tracks (

Confessions of an Immigrant to the U.K.
Uche Nworah - 5/31/2006
This is an indictment of the United Kingdom (UK) and other governments as much as it is a confession. Some of these western governments have allowed the nationalists and far rightists in their midst to dominate public discourse lately, and have in so doing subjected immigrants like me to every type of ridicule and shame. We are now public enemy number 1, and are portrayed to be responsible for every crime committed in their lands, as if prison and other lock-up facilities did not exist in these countries before we came.

Straw's departure strengthens Blair's agenda against Iran
Abid Mustafa - 5/8/2006
After the British Labour party's worst local election result since 1982, Tony Blair swiftly moved to reshuffle his cabinet which led to some a high profile ministers losing their posts. While it was widely anticipated that Charles Clarke the Home Secretary would lose his job over his failure to deport immigrant criminals, and John Prescott the Deputy Prime Minister to be stripped of his ministry, few expected Jack Straw to be removed from the position of Britain's Foreign Secretary.

MP Dianne Abbot Is Not A Friend Of British Nigerians
Uche Nworah - 4/11/2006
She is a successful black woman no doubt, a role model of sorts for most black women in the UK. Undeniably she has already secured her place in the history of UK politics as the first black woman to be elected into the UK parliament. She represents Hackney North and Stoke Newington constituency, one of the poorer districts in inner London.

Radical Islamists Threaten London Police After Raid
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 1/2/2006
Leaders of the radical Islamic group al-Muhajiroun are reacting angrily to a raid by British anti-terrorist police officers on the sect’s headquarters and homes of some of its leadership. A statement issued by the group on July 30 read in part, For the moment Muslims in the UK have a covenant of Security which prevents them from attacking the lives and wealth of anyone here, however Muslims are also obliged to defend their life, honor and wealth when it is attacked and violated. With the worst housing, the highest unemployment, the largest number of race murders in Europe, a whole range of dra...

Tony Blair Faces Sudden Political Death
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 11/15/2005
In a first major parliamentary defeat since becoming Prime Minister in 1997, The British Prime Minister Tony Blair faced a massive defeat in what turned out to be the biggest turn around for a British government on a whipped vote after James Callaghan’s administration in the late 1970’s.

Britishness V: African-Caribbean Britons – “When it suits us we’re British…”
Kevin Massy - 11/15/2005
When ten-year-old Marcia Wilson arrived in London from Jamaica, she felt let down. Expecting to find the land of “milk and honey and fairytales” she had read about, the young black girl was quickly disabused and disappointed.

Britishness IV: Indian Britons – Food for Thought
Kevin Massy - 11/8/2005
The first-time lunch guest to the Brent Indian Community Centre (BICC) in West London is left in no doubt regarding what not to expect on the menu.

Britishness III – UK's Muslim Relations Just Not Cricket
Kevin Massy - 11/1/2005
An appointment in the City of London, the capital's financial district, is the next stop on the journey to discover prevailing levels of Britishness in the UK in the 21st century. In keeping with the historical icons of the Stratford adventure, today’s destination is Thomas More Square, E1, for a meeting with Inayat Bunglawala, an IT consultant for a major finance company and press secretary for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

Britishness II: Chinese Britons – The Lesser-Spotted Minority
Kevin Massy - 10/25/2005
Stratford seems an eminently fitting starting point for a foray into the psyche of modern Britain. With connotations of Shakespeare – the Sweet swan of Avon who extols through posterity the virtues of “this earth, this realm, this England” – there could be few more appropriate places to begin.

Britishness I: Testing Times For British Identity
Kevin Massy - 10/20/2005
On November 1 this year, the British Government will phase in citizenship tests for all new immigrants to the UK. The tests are aimed at ensuring that those wishing to be naturalized British citizens meet certain minimum requirements on English language proficiency, cultural awareness, and knowledge of British government practices.

Open Letter From Hizb ut-Tahrir to UK Home Secretary Clarke
Dr. Imran Waheed - 10/10/2005
Following the announcement by Prime Minister Tony Blair on August 5th that Hizb ut-Tahrir would be proscribed, we immediately wrote to the Home Office to ask for further clarification. Although more than 8 weeks have elapsed we have not received a reply from the Home Office about this matter. We are an open organisation that is not afraid of debate and discussion, and many would find it surprising that the Home Office has not responded to our correspondence.

Ian Fleming - James Bond's Creator
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 9/10/2005
Ian Lancaster Fleming (1908-1964), the author of the James Bond 007 novels, was the grandson of a Scottish banker and the son of a Conservative MP (Member of Parliament). His father died in the first world war. In his will, he bequeathed his property to his widow on condition she never remarries.

Britain's Abdication Crisis Revisited
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 9/7/2005
The love affair of Edward, Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) and Wallis Simpson in 1936 is the stuff of romantic dramas. Alas, reality was a lot less inspiring. Even as she was being wooed by her regal paramour - and while still being married to Ernest Aldrich Simpson, who knew of the Prince's attentions and even discussed the adulterous relationship with him - Wallis had an affair with Guy Marcus Trundle, a car salesman.

Add Me to the List, Mr. Blair
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 8/7/2005
The terrorists are winning. Gradually but perceptibly, the USA and the United Kingdom (UK) are shedding their liberal democratic veneer, axing their traditions, reinterpreting their constitution (USA) and case law (UK) and, thus, becoming police states.

Failed London Suicide Bomber's Connection To Abu Hamza
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 7/26/2005
Is this one of the four failed suicide bombers who tried to wreak more death and destruction on London last week? While combing through possible leads to the London bombers, British freelance spy Glen Jenvey,40, found a picture bearing what he thought was a remarkable similarity to one of the wanted men. The picture came from a series of video tapes Jenvey obtained following an Internet sting operation on the radical London-based cleric Abu Hamza.

EXCLUSIVE: Hizb ut-Tahrir UK Representative - We Are Not Terrorist or Clandestine!
Dr. Imran Waheed - 7/18/2005
Despite claims by some in the media, Hizb ut-Tahrir does not operate clandestinely but rather works openly within society in order to bring back Islam to state and society. Thousands of our members are jailed in the Muslim world for their political work that openly challenges the tyranny of the rulers of the Muslim world and exposes the Western colonial governments.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Militant Islamist on London Bombing
Manuela Paraipan - 7/8/2005
After the London's bombings I was contacted by a bright young man, a practicing Muslim and one of Hizb ut-Tahrir's loyal members [Editors: Tahrir has tens of thousands of hard-core members operating clandestinely in over 40 countries around the world, with members organized in cells of five to eight members each. The organization explicitly rejects democracy and its head published a book entitled "Democracy: The Law of Infidels." Tahrir functions under the Leninist model of critical mass. It seeks to establish a "critical mass" of sleeper terrorist cells in a country and then rises up at once ...

British Citizen Spy, Islamic Terrorist and Jewish Monkeys
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 6/4/2005
[Editors: This article was submitted to us directly by Glen Jenvey who worked for several military attachés covering terrorist groups, including al-Qaida and their members in Britain. His sting led to the capture of Abu Hamza al-Masri, a major terrorist. Multiple other terrorists were also caught due to his efforts. He has been profiled and interviewed in major media across the globe, including in the US, UK, Russia, India, etc. Neil Doyle wrote a book entitled "Terror Tracker" about Mr. Jenvey.]

Bully at Work - Interview with Tim Field
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 5/28/2005
In 1994 Tim Field was bullied out of his job as a Customer Services Manager which resulted in a stress breakdown. Turning his experience to good use he set up the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line in 1996 and his web site Bully Online in 1997 since which time he has worked on over 5000 cases worldwide. He now lectures widely as well as writing and publishing books on bullying and psychiatric injury. He holds two honorary doctorates for his work on identifying and dealing with bullying. He is the Webmaster of Bully Online.

UK Labour Party: Betrayal of the Working Class or Utopia Through Capitalism
Natalia Forrest - 1/14/2005
May 1997 - Britain awakes to a new dawn after years of living under the shadow of grey Conservatism. Tony Blair had arrived and the age of 'Cool Britannia' had begun. After the regime of Margaret Thatcher (John Major was just a brief aberration) and the follies of hyper-privatisation, the possibility of a better, fairer Great Britain was upon the land, and the working class would be rewarded for their support. While perhaps a Scandinavian level cradle-to-grave support system was never envisaged, socialist ideals would now have room to grow, with possibilities now available to all, not just a privileged, moneyed few.



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