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Enrique Peña Nieto and Mexico’s Drug War Opening
Taylor Dibbert - 2/10/2013
On December 1, 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) assumed the Mexican presidency amid a flurry of protests against the party, whose previous 70-year rule defined the country’s authoritarian past. Yet it’s difficult to imagine that the new president’s term could be worse than the unmitigated disaster of his predecessor’s, which was marked by a dramatic militarization of Mexico’s drug war, widespread human rights abuses, and tens of thousands of deaths.

Latin America's Shift on Drug Policy
Taylor Dibbert - 4/19/2012
More than two years ago, the former leaders of Brazil, Colombia and Mexico all (rightly) claimed that the “war on drugs” had been unsuccessful, endorsing a discussion of marijuana legalization. The current presidents of Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala (among others) have also called for a rethink on the current prohibition regime. In addition, Adam Siegel, of Eurasia Group, rightly points out that leaders like Guatemala’s Ottó Pérez are not deriding current drug policies because they are champions of individual liberty. Rather, Pérez and company want ...

Amnesty and Guatemala’s Civil War
Taylor Dibbert - 1/3/2012
Guatemala’s civil war was, by far, Latin America’s bloodiest—leaving approximately 200,000 people dead. A United Nations-supported truth commission found that more than 90 percent of the human rights violations were committed by the military, including over 600 massacres in primarily indigenous villages.

In search for justice in Guatemala
Luis Figueroa - 9/4/2009
Rafael Espada, Guatemala`s Vicepresident, sued Marta Yolanda Díaz-Durán, a respected journalist and intellectual. Known as el medico machete, the VP accused Marta Yolanda of slandering him on her oped titled El beso de Espada, which she published on Monday August 31st. 2008 on daily Siglo Veintiuno in which she is a regular oped writer.

Mexico: An Uprising Against the Inevitable
Laura Carlsen - 4/20/2006
“The inevitable' has a name today: fragmented globalization…the end of history, the omnipresence and omnipotence of money, the substitution of politics for police, the present as the only possible future, rationalization of social inequality, justification of super-exploitation of human beings and natural resources, racism, intolerance, war.”
- Subcomandante Marcos.

Will Marcos cost Mexico’s Left the presidency
Thomas Muirhead - 1/25/2006
The Zapatista rebel Subcomandante Marcos has shed his violent past and made a move towards formal political influence. His campaign to gather supporters to a far-left agenda could, however, split the country’s left-leaning voters and hand the presidential election to the right.

México and Mercosur: A Trojan Horse?
Laura Carlsen - 1/12/2006
Mexico's absence was noted in the most recent meeting of Mercosur. Neither President Vicente Fox nor Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Derbez, invited to represent the second-largest economy in the region, attended the event in Montevideo, citing previous commitments. For many observers, the real reason they left the duty to the Mexican Ambassador to Uruguay was to avoid the obligation to congratulate Venezuela and President Hugo Chavez on its induction as a member of Mercosur. Mexico and Venezuela mutually withdrew their ambassadors in November due to a difficult ‘conflict of ideas' resulting from the Fouth Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata.

IMF and Guatemala: Do you see the Road?
Luis Figueroa - 12/25/2005
An old joke tells the story of the meeting of two Latin American presidents (but frankly they can be from almost any other continent). The meeting takes place at their countries' border and they begin a conversation. "What´s up?", asks the President of country A to his colleague of country B. - "Everything OK, man", answers President from country B. "How about commissions?", asks the first one. "Well enough. Do you see that road?", says President B. "Yes!", answers the president from county A. - "Well, you see", says President B, "20% in my bank account". "So you see that airport?" asks ag...

Global Migration Coursing Through Mexico
Michael Flynn - 12/25/2005
President Bush’s “comprehensive strategy” on border security aimed at preventing “people from coming here in the first place,” announced last month, does nothing to address the growing phenomenon of global migration. What’s more, it leaves Mexico to clean up a mess it didn’t make.



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