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One thousand Hezbollah agents and mercenaries of the Iranian regime killed in Syria

Shahriar Kia - 12/22/2012

One thousand Hezbollah agents and mercenaries of the Iranian regime killed and disappeared over the past few months

. The regime leaders' panic over mortar hitting the Khamenei's office in Zeinabieh and expressing concerns of the opponents' advance

According to reports from within the Iranian Revolutionary Guards:

1 - Friday night, December 7, several mortar shells hit the area close to Khamenei's office in Zeinabieh, causing fear and panic among many commanders of the terrorist Quds Force. Mullah Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini, Khamenei's representative in Syria, who now resides in the Zeinabieh region, has expressed fear on the opposition advances and siege of areas and passages close to Zeinabieh. The regime mercenaries also expressed concerns about the intensity of the confrontations in Damascus and near the Lebanese border, near the Jordanian border and near the Turkish border.

2 - The mercenaries of the regime in Syria and Hezbollah agents have suffered at least 700 dead and 300 missing in last few months. The agents' names are recorded in the Martyrs Foundation.

3 - The aim of the terrorist Quds Force of transferring 20,000 Shiites from various provinces of Syria to the Zeinabieh and increasing the population of this region is that by nearing the prospect of falling murderous dictator of Syria, be able to protect a significant portion of its forces and mercenaries in the region, and maintain this area in its control. To this end, the regime tries to win the support of transferred families by proving their necessities and recruit mercenaries from among them. The regime mercenaries have expressed concerns about the possibility of the regime agents fleeing difficult situation, cutting the routes to Zeinabieh and lack of access to logistical, medical and food items.

4 - There are currently 30 checkpoints in Zeinabieh. Several groups and factions, including recruited mercenaries of the regime in Syria and Hezbollah agents are deployed in Zeinabieh and each group independently provides protection for their area.

5 - Lack of coordination between autonomous areas in and around Zeinabieh and the fact that any leader of a faction goes his own path, has reduced the protection power in this area. The regime's commanders, who are in control of the area, try to coordinate with local security forces to cover protection shortfalls.

6 - Currently the cities of Azzahra and Nabal in the province of Aleppo, and al-Faw'ah and Kefria in the province of Idlib, where a number of Assad and regime's forces are deployed and their population reaches close to 85,000, are besieged by the opponents. Commanders of the Quds Force are in contact with their team commanders in the area and supply them with weapons and supplies by helicopter.

7 - In the past two weeks, the regime's mercenaries and agents had difficulties commuting between Damascus and Zeinabieh due to road closures and blockade of streets. They also expressed concern about the insecurity of the highway connecting the airport to Damascus. The head of the regime's cultural counselor, Dr. Khayyati traveled from Tehran to Syria in the first week of December. He was stationed in Damascus in Marja square. He is now living in Syria.

8 - Due to lack of security for the roads and highways, the regime officials commute with the protection of Hezbollah and Jaish-al-Shaabi agents. Coordination of security of the roads is done by the Iranian regime Embassy's Information Protection and Zeinabieh area teams.

9 - The commanders of the terrorist Quds Force and other authorities and bodies of the regime have occupied some areas of Syria. They commute like military columns and are always ready to get into armed conflict with the opponents. Security agencies, the military and the government of Syria have no control over the regime agents and Hezbollah mercenaries' commutes.

10 - The regime's Red Crescent is responsible for serving Zeinabieh clinics and providing needed drugs. All coordination is conducted by a physician by the name of Dr. Fazli. Dr. Fazli's deputy is Engineer Hessam. Dr. Fazli traveled to Iran early December for an urgent mission to provide medication necessities for the besieged cities. Some of the mercenary physicians of the Revolutionary Guards are stationed in Syria and deal with the situation of clinics.

11 - Khamenei's office pays out 5000 Lires monthly for tuition of mercenary students of "Zeinabieh Seminary", a centre of suppression and crime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran-Paris

December 12, 2012

Shahriar Kia is a political analyst and spokesman for the residents of Camp Ashraf, Iraq, where he resides. Shahriar was educated in the United States, graduating from the University of Texas, in computer science.

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