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The Global Politician

The Global Politician is an online international political blog.

Much of the news reported by the Global Politician is often not available anywhere else. If you want to listen to TV/radio hosts “discuss” the same thing all day, you can always turn to the scores of sources in broadcast, cable, print and online media.

But if you would like an exclusive interview with the President of Sri Lanka, Macedonia and Lebanon, as well as other important and fascinating people, Global Politician is one of the few sources for you.

Some of the events we report on are covered by mainstream media, but our exclusive analysis from inside Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Romania and other regions does not rely on the perspective and bias of the Associated Press, Reuters and the New York Times. Other stories are picked up by media outside the United States, but rarely available to Americans.

What other media picked up the story about Indian discontent over American rejection to allow their diplomat to come to the US? Or that some of the alleged slave trade in Sudan has been staged to steal money from Western donors for militias? What about China spying on Canada? Private armies and piracy? Changing Russian policy towards Arab states? Connections between mobsters and terrorists in Russia and Latin America? Communist ties to Islamic fundamentalists?

In addition to the stories reported here, we also actively encourage citizen journalism.  Your story could be featured here, and we also recommend aspiring reporters start blogging so they can report their stories free from outside influence. The world wide web has opened up a new generation of free media with blogs, social media, and social video, that we encourage knowledgeable people to take part in.