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Canada Must Stand With Georgia
Salim Mansur - 8/15/2008
Russia’s invasion of Georgia has made public the brutal face of the Russian bear. Again, Russia has set out to crush independence, undermine sovereignty and mock the democratic aspirations of its former vassal states. The disintegration of the Soviet Union had set back the Russian bear only momentarily, its weakness and lies exposed. But the Russian bear has returned menacingly and turned the clock back to 1968 when it crushed the Prague spring as it is doing today in Georgia.

CCD urges immediate action on eligibility of Qazi Hussain Ahmad to enter Canada
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 6/1/2008
Ottawa, Canada - The Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) is calling on the federal government to review the application for a Canadian visa by Mr. Qazi Hussain Ahmad, who has been invited to speak in Canada this weekend.

Ignatieff’s non-apology
Rochelle Wilner - 4/20/2008
Recently the Toronto Star reported on a speech given by Michael Ignatieff at Holy Blossom Temple. “Ignatieff Apologizes for Israeli War Crime Comment” screamed the headline in the Toronto Star’s April 14, 2008 edition. Being keenly interested in these matters I scanned the article for the words, “I am sorry.” Oddly enough the reporter did not quote them. I was more than intrigued and secured a copy of the speech in its entirety. After reading it several times I am compelled to respond.

Bernier should disclose conditions for latest $300 million to Palestinian Authority
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 3/13/2008
Ottawa, Canada - In December, Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier announced $300 million in new funding over five years to the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA). This amount was on top of the $500 million given to the PA since 1993. As part of the new announcement, Minister Bernier proclaimed that "our funding is not unconditional. We will need to see … a viable Palestinian state that is democratic, accountable, and living in peace and security as a neighbour to Israel.”

Harper Government Withdraws From UN
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 1/30/2008
Ottawa, Canada - The Stephen Harper government has withdrawn its support for a UN anti-racism conference scheduled to take place next year in South Africa, according to a media release today from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Canadians urge Harper to Support Democracy in Kenya
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 1/8/2008
Ottawa, Canada - The Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) and members of the Kenyan-Canadian community applaud Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier and International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda for their initiative during the post-election crisis in Kenya, and commend the Government for its initial offer of financial assistance to the people.

Canadian aid to Palestinians
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 12/19/2007
Ottawa, Canada - Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier said today that Canada would commit $300 million over the next five years in foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA). This commitment is on top of the nearly 500 million Canadian tax dollars that have already been given to the Palestinians.

Canadian action needed to end military dictatorship in Burma
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 9/27/2007
Ottawa, Canada - On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier condemned Burma's military junta for the regime's escalating assaults on freedom, democracy and individual liberty. The junta has long detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, abused other pro-democracy leaders and protesters, and denied free expression and free association to its citizens.

Ottawa needs a comprehensive strategy for Canada-India relations
David Harris - 8/16/2007
Ottawa, Canada - August 15, 2007 - India celebrates 60 years of independence. This occasion offers Canada an opportunity to reevaluate its relationship with one of history’s oldest continuing civilizations, a nation that is the world’s largest pluralistic democracy, and a major Asian military and economic power.

Walking on Eggs: Bigfoot and Trans-Atlantic Paralysis
Nicholas M. Guariglia - 8/16/2007
Can a keen political advisor or at least a loving God help Canadian MP Mike Lake for his probable derangement? The youthful parliamentarian has been working closely with his Edmonton constituents to make it Canadian law, as in passed by the House of Commons, to “establish immediate, comprehensive legislation to affect immediate protection of Bigfoot.” You are not reading that decree incorrectly, nor would it be inaccurate to say former French presidential candidate Segolene Royal –– of the socialist league –– enjoyed playing to the most conspiratorial neo-Marxist hooey base of French politics during her losing bid.

Harper's Resumption Of Canadian Aid To Fatah Repeats Past Mistakes
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 7/15/2007
Ottawa, Canada - According to published reports, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to announce a resumption of aid to Palestinians President Mahmoud Abbas when he meets with Jordon's King Abdullah this week.

Lebanese Army needs Canada's urgent help and support
Elias Bejjani - 6/12/2007
Open letter to Peter Gordon MacKay Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency from Elias Bejjani of the Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council.

Visit To Canada By China's Commerce Minister Bo Xilai
David Harris - 5/28/2007
Ottawa, Canada - The Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) is concerned about the entry into Canada of China's Commerce Minister, Bo Xilai on Monday May 28th, 2007. There are serious allegations about Bo Xilai regarding torture and crimes against humanity. These concerns have been brought to the attention of Canadian government officials, the RCMP and the Department of Justice's Interdepartmental Operations Group of Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity & War Crimes Program.

How Canada can help contain the Iranian threat
David Harris and Sayeh Hassan - 2/19/2007
Iran is an increasing danger to global security, and it demands the serious attention of Stephen Harper and his government. In recent years, Tehran has expanded its sponsorship of terror in the Middle East through it proxies in Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Authority; undertaken aggressive foreign operations through Hezbollah, from Europe to South America; grossly violated the rights of its citizens, especially women and students; curtailed press freedoms; and murdered a Canadian, Zahra Kazemi. Earlier this month, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defiantly boasted that his theocracy ...

CCD seeks greater accountability for $3.1 billion Canadian foreign aid
Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris - 2/13/2007
The Canadian Coalition for Democracies would like to thank the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development for the opportunity to meet with you this morning as you undertake this major study of Canada ’s role in international support for democratic development around the globe.

To Foreign Minister Peter MacKay On His Visit To Lebanon
Elias Bejjani - 1/24/2007
The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Your upcoming official visit to Lebanon this January 19 is certainly an undeniable evidence of your government’s concern and seriousness in helping to ensure appropriate conditions and a favorable environment for comprehensive, fair and sustainable solutions for the Middle East crisis in general and the Lebanese problem in particular. This effective and serious policy was adopted by your government from day one of its assuming the reins of power in Canada.

Canada must take action against Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Palestinians for terror in Lebanon
Alastair Gordon - 11/23/2006
Ottawa, Canada - Yesterday's assassination of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel is another example of foreign state terror being used to destabilize Lebanon. Canada must not stand by and allow these vicious criminal actions to succeed.

Lebanese Exiles Address Canadian Parliament
Elias Bejjani - 8/3/2006
The LCCC, an umbrella organization for six non-profit Lebanese Canadian groups, strongly condemns the undemocratic political tactics that the Opposition Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois parties executed yesterday during a hearing session for the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development. The session was initiated by the Opposition parties to challenge the Conservative government's Middle East policy and the evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon.

Canadian PM Should Continue His Stance On the Israel - Hezbollah War
Elias Bejjani - 7/27/2006
Mr. Harper, stay the course do no succumb to calls for neutrality in the war against terrorism. Since his courageous stand against Hezbollah’s terrorism and his strong support for a free and sovereign Lebanon, and for Israel’s right to defend itself, our Canadian PM Harper has been the target of attacks originating from several pan-Arab nationalists and extremist organizations claiming to be defending the causes of Lebanon, while in reality pushing for their fanatic political agendas. Many of these Arab and religious organizations are endeavoring to hijack the tragedy of Lebanon for their own political aims and objectives.

Lebanese Exiles Support Canadian Prime Minister's Stance on the Israel - Hezbollah War
Elias Bejjani - 7/26/2006
Thanks to the Canadian Government, we, the undersigned, representatives of the six Canadian Lebanese organizations that are listed below, extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Canadian government, represented by Prime Minister Mr. Stephen

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada In Response to the Recent Developments of the Captured fundamentalist terrorists
Elias Bejjani - 6/13/2006
To: His Excellency, Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mr. Stockwelday, Minister for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, all federal Conservative Cabinet members, our honourable leaders and Members of Parliament, the courageous officers and staff of CSIS, RCMP, OPP and all other relevant Canadian law enforcement agencies and all our freedom loving Canadian countrymen

Canadian Lebanese Condemn Political Killing
Elias Bejjani - 12/12/2005
The Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights Federation condemns the terrorist, sinful and dreadful crime that targeted in Lebanon this morning Lebanon's prominent journalist, politician and MP, Gebran Tueni. Mr. Tueni was brutally and cowardly murdered in a car bomb explosion with three of his bodyguards, while many others were injured.

China's Canadian Adventure
Frederick Stakelbeck, Jr. - 3/25/2005
During a Canada-China Business Council dinner held in January, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin jubilantly exclaimed, "From British Columbia, Canada is the ideal gateway from China to North America. Thanks to 15 years of free trade, and a decade of NAFTA, Canada can provide assured access to a continent [North America] that is largely barrier free." Few observers doubt that Martin's recent refusal to participate in the North American Missile Defense Shield will have profound implications for the Canada-U.S. bilateral relationship. However, it is his unmitigated support of domestic, pro-Chin...



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