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Why Are Muslims Turning Away From Science?
Sufyan bin Uzayr - 4/19/2014
“Seek knowledge, even if you have to go all the way to China!”

C.S. Lewis: when science becomes magic
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 8/30/2013
“The new oligarchy must increasingly rely on the advice of scientists until in the end the politicians become merely the scientists’ puppets.”

When Science Becomes Religion
Ron Coody - 7/5/2013
Ball State University physics professor Eric Hedin made national news recently after a complaint was made against him by the Freedom from Religion Foundation in response to his honors level course “The Boundaries of Science.” Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne at the University of Chicago joined the controversy saying that Hedin was promoting “Creationism.”

Do We Need Another Black Death?
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 7/2/2013
The Black Death – an epidemic of bubonic plague in the 14th century – decimated between one third and one half of Europe’s population, yet it was the best thing to have happened to Mankind in many centuries, says Mike Jamison of the the best solutions like allianz worldwide care specializing in expat health insurance or other key solution. The depleted number of survivors shared in the vast fortunes of the deceased, laying the foundation for modern, entrepreneurial capitalism; the added ...

QR Codes: the Ubiquitous Content Management System
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 5/13/2013
QR (Quick Response) codes are graphical barcodes: square black dots arranged in a grid on a white background. Subject to the installation of an app, they can be scanned by devices such as smartphones and digital cameras and call up text, videos, audio snippets, and other digitized content. QR codes can be printed or pasted onto any flat surface: paper, walls, screens, or windows.

Surprising new way to use an old device
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 3/4/2013
A new invention and upgrade to a hydraulic torque wrench will make it useful to car mechanics, claims a Houston auto glass company that came up with a surprising way to use this device. Hydraulic tensioners apply a force to an object to maintain it in tension.

Google Scholar: Legal Research for Both Lawyers and Non-Lawyers
Dan Sampson, Esq. - 2/28/2013
Google has recently launched Google Scholar, which is an amazing free resource for both lawyers and non-lawyers to research the law. ( Google Scholar is a free search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature as well as court decisions.

Technology Servitude
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 1/20/2013
Everywhere I look outside my home I see people busy on their high tech devices, while driving, while walking, while shopping, while in groups of friends, while in restaurants, while waiting in doctor offices and hospitals. While connected electronically, they are inattentive to and disconnected in physical reality.

Original vs. Copy and the Question of Context
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 11/17/2012
Consider these conundrums:

1. A brilliant geek invents a 3D printer which replicates flawlessly the Mona Lisa. Leonardo’s masterpiece and the copy spewed out by the machine are indistinguishable even under an electron microscope: they cannot be told apart. In which sense, therefore, is the artist’s Mona Lisa superior to or different from its identical clone?

2. An ancient letter unearthed in the archives of the Church in France proves beyond any doubt that the Mona Lisa was not painted by Leonardo da Vinci, but by an obscure apprentice of his. The painting’s value drops o...

Lost in Space
Ron Coody - 7/10/2012
My oldest son John called the other day from college where he is studying physics. He excitedly asked if I had heard the latest news. No, I said, thinking he was referring to some natural disaster or political event. He continued, "My professor just got back from Switzerland after working on a team at the Hadron particle accelerator. He said he had some exciting news but couldn't tell us until it came out in the international media." I paused, then said, "Okay, what was it." John grew more excited, "He was on one of the teams that did calculations proving the existence of the Higgs Boson...

The Tower of Names: ICAAN gTLDs Aim for the Summit
Naseem Javed - 6/10/2012
What’s all this curious noise in global media about the booming ICANN gTLD dot names?

Tobacco: Still The Silent, Ruthless Killer Near You!
Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye - 6/4/2012
May 31 was “World No Tobacco Day” (WNTD). First observed in 1987 following a motion passed by a cabinet of the World Health Assembly (WHA) which received the tacit support of the World Health Organisation (WHO), it has become a day devoted to global campaigns and efforts to significantly reduce, and eventually eliminate, the consumption of tobacco which not only ruins the health of its users, but also exposes every other person to serious harm by polluting the air we all breathe.

Will Mother Tongues Divide Global Internet Experience?
Naseem Javed - 2/28/2012
Within the next five years there could be as many as five billion online users on the Internet. The world is overflowing with cheap technology and round the clock induction towards online living. But there are early signs that this might change: SEO consultancy is now a multi-language business as people are searching in their mother tongue more and more.

Excessive speed as a vital human factor in road traffic accident
Adewale T Akande - 2/16/2012
Driving is a means to achieve objectives associated with everyday life in our society. At the same time, driving requires a serious responsibility that determine the driver’s safety and that of the other road users within the vicinity. We drive to work, visit friends and relations, and travel to different places-short and long distances-for personal or public activities. A person that cannot plan, organise and manage his precious time effectively and efficiently, he then result to do all things in a hurry. As a result of this, many people drive faster without minding the speed limit and cauti...

Market Domination via Name Identity
Naseem Javed - 1/26/2012
Global corporate nomenclature is making history, right now, as ICANN gTLD platform opens with full swing, the established and largest name brands of the world are now pitted against the newest, recently incubated, globally poised but relatively unknown name brands.

Durban Fiasco: Options for Third World
Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi - 1/13/2012
The recently held UN Conference on Climate Change in Durban could not blossom into full spirit. It simply agrees to engage into more talks to arrive at some kind of legally binding instruments ensuring imposition of emission curbs on all countries from 2020. It admits, according to this source, the fact that it is already too late to prevent the two degree Celsius rise which is the maximum limit for human beings on Earth to tolerate. The summit also witnessed the closing of not only the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 but also the idea of common but different...

The gTLD Opera
Naseem Javed - 12/23/2011
The curtain rises on January 12th 2012 but key players are still singing different tunes. Let's peek into their performance as they start taking center stage.

Make War and Money: Innovate!
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 12/20/2011
War and money confer an evolutionary advantage on Mankind by spurring innovation: hence their ubiquity. Attempts to foster creativity and genius via state largesse, the education system, and bolstering entrepreneurship pale in comparison to the accomplishments wrought on by belligerence and cupidity.

ICAAN and gTLDs: Revolt and Fantasy
Naseem Javed - 10/31/2011
I. A Made Up Fantasy and the ICANN GTLD Reality

According to, Gary Elliot, the chairman of the Association of National Advertisers and vice president of global marketing at Hewlett-Packard, wrote a column in Advertising Age titled "ICANN's Promises Aren't Simply Speculation, They're Outright Fantasy".

His arguments opposing ICANN gTLDs are similar to the other heads of various advertising associations around the world.

While the main powerbrokers of the global advertising sector are mum, ...

Darwin’s diabolical delusions
Ellis Washington, J.D. - 9/30/2011
Liberals defend the guilty and impugn the innocent not only because they side with barbarians, but because a fair and just system of law challenges their hegemony as judges of the universe.

How much is that?
Naseem Javed - 9/28/2011
Is $185,000 the right price for a single gTLD? No, it's definitely not. If a gTLD is supposed to provide worldwide exclusive use of a name identity with unlimited sub-name-brand-extension-domains, this amount is insufficient for ICANN to add on critical features in the same application process. A gTLD is like buying a powerful car engine, and being given a list of body makers, mechanics and tire shops for optional fitting. This is just how it was before the revolutionary

The gTLD Metamorphosis
Naseem Javed - 8/16/2011
The cocooned GTLD has started to spread its wings, soon it will show its color and become a butterfly. The well guarded fuzzy and slow progress has finally put some real power in the most anticipated metamorphosis but the world still

Forms, Pattern, and Substance
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 4/5/2011
We cannot conceive of any process of production without the dubious aid of the Watchmaker’s Metaphor: an artisan; a plan, or program, or procedure; raw materials, or inputs; and the finished product – all four elements distinct from one another. Yet, in nature, this division of labor is rarely true: in the vast majority of cases the raw materials and the program are one and the same and the artisan is missing altogether.



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