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The Khmer Rouge Trial
Richard S. Ehrlich - 7/13/2007
BANGKOK, Thailand. Defending Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge leaders at an international tribunal may include arguing about genocide and the lack of a "smoking gun," despite the deaths of up to three million Cambodians, according to U.N. Principal Defender Rupert Skilbeck.

The Thwarted Overthrow of Laos Government By American Hmong
Richard S. Ehrlich - 6/14/2007
After a U.S. Justice Department undercover agent displayed a Stinger air-to-surface missile in a bugged Hilton Hotel room in Sacramento, California, paranoia began to spread. A mysterious woman named Lisa -- "last name unknown" -- was allegedly tasked to find out who the man with the Stinger really was, and if a gang of desperate Americans in California, and ethnic Hmong from Laos, was about to be busted. The furtive Americans and Hmong allegedly boasted that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency "was standing by and ready to roll" to ensure success for their clumsy coup attempt in Laos.

Vietnam Plays Wary Host to APEC
Thomas Abraham - 11/19/2006
Vietnamís surging economy and increasing attractiveness as a place to do business have raised its profile in Southeast Asia. Its turn at hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leadership summit now offers the country the opportunity to further burnish its image. But that opening has also come with risk. Having a relapse of the avian flu outbreak that hammered the country in 2003 would not only take away the shine, but doubly affect its image under international spotlight. Despite advances in its economy, however, Vietnam remains a primarily rural and agricultural society, heavily depend...

Maldives: Emerging Theater of Great Game
Syed Ali Mujtaba, Ph.D. - 10/6/2006
The Republic of Maldives is a group of small coral islands in the Indian Ocean region South of India. The country comprises of 1190 islands, of which only 198 islands, grouped in 20 atolls are permanently inhabited. The total area covered by the archipelago is 90,000 square kilometers. The chain of islands is confined to 820 kilometers in length and covers 130 kilometers in width. Maldives estimated population is about 3,00,000 with the capital Maale accounting for 26 per cent of the total population.

CIA's Secret War in Laos
Richard S. Ehrlich - 7/25/2006
The CIA's saturation bombing of Laos killed thousands of people and reduced the tiny country to ruin three decades ago, but 4,500 men, women and children now hope America's failed "secret war" will result in free air tickets to the United States.

Vietnam's Lessons For Iraq: Vietnamization Of Troops
A.K. Starbuck - 12/18/2005
Desperately seeking a solution and hoping to appear to be fulfilling his campaign promises, Richard Nixon, now finally President of the United States tried to rid himself of the millstone of Vietnam by decreeing that the United States would complete in high speed the training of the Vietnamese to defend their country. His military commanders, equally desperate to get out of the deteriorating situation, began the process of speedy withdrawal by first outlining their various timeframes for the final completion of the United States' role in the war. It was no longer expedient to stay in co...

Cambodia's Child Sex Trade
Ali Omidi - 4/5/2005
It's after midnight and we're cruising along the potholed road that directs to Svay Pak, Phnom Penh's contemptible brothel district. It's very dark - the only light comes from flickering candles set in small Buddhist shrines on the roadside. There doesn't seem to be much activity on this hot summer night. Perhaps the Cambodian government's crackdown on the child-sex trade after the recent news of herpes flare up is having an effect. Back in March 2003 the government had sealed 50-odd Svay Pak brothels-known for housing underage Vietnamese girls-in an effort to wash up the nation's growing image as a paedophile's paradise.



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