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Republic of South Africa

Memories of South Africa
Joel S. Hirschhorn - 12/20/2013
Earlier this year I had the great pleasure to visit South Africa. Compared to most Americans, the passing of Nelson Mandela brought tears to my eyes many times as I recalled being in many of the places being shown on countless news shows.

Is Mandela God?
Albert Brenner - 7/5/2013
It is always so amusing to witness mere mortals who have the same interests from women to TV to poker as the rest of us turned into a god by the media. The MSM is ablaze, in awe prostrated... rapturously conveying the frenzied idolization, the unfolding living-liturgy and imminent deification of a mortal called Mandela. `He is alive in us!`` ``He is the paragon of Love and Grace!````We must all be a Mandela``. ``He died in Robben Island but was resurrected to make the Miracle of the Rainbow Nation come true``.

Restorative Justice, The Enemy Of Retributive Justice
Savo Heleta - 11/7/2010
We lock them away every day and every second day they escape the clasps of Justice. In their wake they leave a deathbed of violence and destruction. Criminals are found through out society and no society has been able to deal with the issue, no society has achieved a utopia, more so the society who embraces retribution.

Big Brother Africa: Debasing Self For A Fee
Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye - 12/10/2007
Recently, Big Brother Africa (BBA2) Reality Show ended in South Africa amidst much din, slimy scandals and lingering controversies, and the only coherent statement it was able to make was that in this our very unfortunate and bankrupt age, money has acquired an even greater and awesome powers, and its capacity to compel otherwise rational human beings to gleefully part ways with every bit of their honour and dignity, be disdainful all considerations for decency and self-esteem, and enthusiastically indulge in several nauseating, self-debasing acts, has exceeded what anyone had thought was possible in decent society.

Invest 2010 soccer money in a happy, healthy and safer South Africa
Miriam Mannak - 11/18/2006
In four years from now, South Africa will be swamped by millions of soccer fans from all over the world to be a witness to their team's fight for victory in the World Cup Soccer 2010. South Africa is proud to host the Mother of All Soccer Events and to make it a success billions and billions of rands will be spent on this once-off event. Billions that could have been used to address the country's most important challenges, to make the Rainbow Nation a better place for all, instead of for a few.

Refugees in South Africa (Part 6): Refugees get security, but plead for their papers
Miriam Mannak - 5/24/2005
The Department of Home Affairs yesterday placed toilets on the premises of the refugee reception office on the Foreshore and deployed security personnel to manage the scores of people waiting in line.

Refugees in South Africa (Part 5): Tackling the Problem
Miriam Mannak - 5/23/2005
Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has paid a surprise visit to the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office and promised direct action to ease some of the "immediate challenges" faced by refugees, in-cluding the need for toilet facilities and queue management.

Refugees in South Africa (Part 4): Department of Home Affairs
Miriam Mannak - 5/22/2005
Three refugees were taken to hospital yesterday after being beaten by officials at the Home Affairs offices on the Foreshore. Officials used sjamboks and sticks against about 30 refugees who forced their way into the building shortly after the gates opened yesterday morning. People were also kicked.

Refugees in South Africa (Part 3): Government Corruption
Miriam Mannak - 5/21/2005
The Department of Home Affairs has appealed to the public to be "alert to all forms of corruption" at the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office. This follows a Cape Times investigation that found "agents" working outside the refugee office, but in co-operation with officials inside, were offering refugees an asylum-seeker's permit in exchange for R250 to R350.

Refugees in South Africa (Part 2): Preying On The Desperate
Miriam Mannak - 5/20/2005
The Department of Home Affairs is to investigate corruption at the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office following a Cape Times investigation that has found "agents" are allegedly colluding with officials in accepting payment to speed up the processing of residence permits. Home Affairs head of communications Nkosana Sibuyi said this after the Cape Times recorded telephone conversations between two refugees and two "agents" who demanded R300 to R350 in return for an asylum-seeker's permit or "Section 22", as it is known.

Refugees in South Africa (Part 1): They Are 'Teated Like Stray Dogs'
Miriam Mannak - 5/19/2005
The Cape Town Refugee Reception Office (CTRRO), which falls under the epartment of Home Affairs, has been accused of a dismally slow rate of processing asylum seekers' permits, known by refugees as a "Section 22". Human rights Lawyer William Kerfoot of the Legal Resources Centre says that he receives several reports a day of refugees who have to wait in queues for hours, day after day and in many cases weeks in a row.



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