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Osama & al-Qaida

Decade's Lesson: Ideology is al-Qaeda's Power, Not Leaders
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 2/8/2012
Ten years have slipped by since Osama bin Laden’s jihadists massacred thousands of men, women and children in the northeastern United States, prompting the start of what Americans came to know as the War on Terror. The current administration, however, insists on more benign terminology, choosing for political reasons to describe the conflict as an “overseas contingency operation,” and a “war against al Qaeda.” But are we making progress in this conflict, whatever the name? Gaining an objective assessment begins with asking the right questions.

September 11: The True Story?
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 9/11/2011
In 1983, I was an up and coming young Vice-President in a closely-held and secretive Jewish family multi-billion USD group of companies. I was transferred to New-York and given a corner office on a high floor in one of the Twin Towers. I hated the glass-encased building: it was ugly, massive, impersonal, badly maintained, and it swayed with the winds. I asked to be reassigned to our Park Avenue outfit and my wish was granted.

What should the Bin Laden Files tell us
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 8/8/2011
The free world has waited patiently for 10 to 20 years to learn the master plan of international jihadism’s “al-Za’im,” (English: “the leader”) Osama bin Laden.

Holy Cows
Deepa Kandaswamy - 5/13/2011
When in India, watch out for Rak and Kak. They’re easy to spot. They are two skinny, wise, well read and very opinionated bulls. You’ll find them near Kalanai – the oldest and the only functioning stone dam in the world, next to deserted spot with the overflowing dustbin that the garbage collectors always ignore. Kak is the one with faded yellow horns. Rak has a pronounced limp when he walks.

The Incident at Abbottabad, District of Hazara, Pakistan
Preeti Nalwa, Ph.D. - 5/13/2011
The month of May 2011 and the sleepy town of Abbottabad in the District of Hazara (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan) have captured worldwide attention—both will go down in history as markers for the vindication of “War on terror”.

The Raid on bin-Laden: Information released confirms Global Politician Exclusive
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 5/10/2011
UPDATED May 10, 2011 at 13:30 CET

On May 2, a mere few hours after bin-Laden was assassinated in Pakistan, and then again on May 4, I published in Global Politician detailed articles regarding the raid, its background, and its unfolding (the entire texts of these 2 articles are appended below). On May 5, I reiterated my claims in an exclusive interview I granted to the Macedonian weekly Publika and in a televised investigative journalism show ("Vo Centar" with Vasko Eftov).

My articles contained numerous bits of information that were confirmed only days later. Here is a partial l...

Bin Laden: A bad way has bad end
Tanveer Jafri - 5/7/2011
On May 1, the world’s most dreaded terrorist and Al Qaeda chief; Osama Bin Laden was killed in ‘Operation Geronimo’ by the US forces in Abbottabad, near Islamabad. This ultra modern Commando action seems to have sent Laden to his desired destination Jannat (Heaven). Though Laden’s search was on since a decade in Afghanistan and Afpak border areas, it was perceived that owing to his deteriorating health, he might be hiding in a safe and comfortable place, away from the tough terrains of the Hindu Kush. Pakistan was always in doubt as regards to the presence of Osama. A year ago, there were rep...

CIA and ISI Built bin-Laden Compound, Obama Ordered Assasination in Live Feed
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 5/4/2011
UPDATE DATED May 4, 2011 at 20:30 CET

The United States shared with the Israelis the two-way wireless and satelite video feeds (provided by the raiding party's helmet-cams and drop-down transmitters) of the assault on bin-Laden's compound. At a certain point an officer is heard asking for instructions "from the Commander (in Chief Obama - SV)". Obama then ordered him to "terminate target" (i.e, to kill bin-Laden) although this is not captured on tape. Obama gave the lethal command from an underground situation room, flanked by Panetta, Clinton, Gat...

Obama Executed Osama (bin-Laden) to Avoid Revelations, Disclosures
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 5/2/2011
On May 1, 2011 Osama bin-Laden was allegedly shot in the head by Navy Seals during an operation in Pakistan. The order came directly from US President Obama and he also monitored the firefight from the White House Situation Room as it unfolded.

CIA Chief Says Al-Qaida is Weaker
Prof. Barry Rubin - 7/1/2010
CIA chief Leon Panetta says al-Qaida is at its weakest point since before the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. He's probably right, though the amount of decline in the last three years or so has probably not been large. Most of the damage to al-Qaida was done during the preceding administration and that's a statement of fact not of political viewpoint. After all, depriving al-Qaida of its base in Afghanistan and Taliban ally-the most important actions damaging the group-took place a decade ago. And with a few lucky breaks, for example if passengers on that Detroit-bound plane had been less alert, al-Qaida might well have new massacres to brag about.

Are the Terrorists Homeward Bound?
Saberi Roy - 11/20/2009
Osama Bin Laden’s terror group Al-Qaeda and several other Al-Qaeda clones seemed to have changed their strategy. It’s not too clear whether Osama is still alive and whether Al-Qaeda is still continuing with its agenda of bombing people, although terrorism in its various forms and with the Al-Qaeda stamp are still seen and mainly in Asia and Africa. Osama is most probably too ill and his days of glory and prime are all over. His claim to fame has been the September 11, 2001 attacks where Al Qaeda members killed more than 3000 Americans. But that’s just it. Osama hasn’t done anything rem...

Analysis of al-Qaida's Worldview
Raymond Ibrahim - 1/4/2009
By analyzing what al-Qa'ida preaches to Muslims regarding Islam's relationship to the non-Muslim world at large, and what it states to the West are its reasons for battling it, this essay seeks to highlight the many disparities behind al-Qa'ida's words. Juxtaposed in themes, the following excerpts are all derived from Usama bin Ladin's and Ayman al-Zawahiri's writings and speeches as found in The Al Qa'ida Reader.[1]

Seven Years After 9/11, al-Qaida is in Disarray
Jonathan Spyer, Ph.D. - 9/18/2008
Seven years after September 11, 2001, al-Qaida as an organization is seen by many analysts to be in some disarray. One prominent observer of the network depicts it as having been reduced to a core of 200-300 operatives. Yet al-Qaida as an idea and as a franchise remains healthy and is still a threat.

Al Qaeda’s threat to peace
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury - 3/27/2008
There is no doubt that peace-loving population in the entire world was once against horrified to know that second-ranking leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, called for new strikes against Jewish and American interests in a new radio address.

Delights Of Open Source: Al Qaeda's Recruiting On YouTube, Secret Agents Are Crowdsourcing
Angelique van Engelen - 8/30/2007
An Al-Qaeda-linked group from the Philippines managed to publish excerpts of a recruitment film for over 24 hours on YouTube and to buy YouTube views to promote it, raising questions about online safety. YouTube took the video off the site after pressure from security officials. But is that a bad idea? Terrorists resorting to YouTube surely increase transparency?

BREAKING NEWS: Al-Qaida Recruiting On YouTube
Angelique van Engelen - 8/24/2007
An Al-Qaida-linked group in the Phillipines has started to buy youtube views to promote itself. Global papers report that the group, which operates under the name Abu Sayyaf, had uploaded the video on the video sharing site. Abu Sayyaf is responsible for some of the worst terrorist attacks to date in the Phillippinnes. They have been linked to February 2004 attack on the Superferry 14 off Manila Bay that killed over 200 people.

Al-Qaeda Is In Need
Glen Jenvey - 8/8/2007
The Charity Commission has vowed to 'act swiftly and decisively where deliberate wrongdoing, criminality and abuse, including terrorist abuse, takes place.The claim is made in the commission's official response to a review of the sector announced by the Home Office and the Treasury earlier this year.

Mailed Anthrax Was A Warning from Al Qaeda
Ross E. Getman, Esq. - 10/4/2006
I recently obtained a journal article from an FBI Lab scientist that explained that: "Individuals familiar with the composition of the powders in the letters have indicated that they were were comprised simply of spores purified to different extents. However, a widely circulated misconception is that the spores were produced using additives and sophisticated engineering supposedly akin to military weapon production. ... The persistent credence given to this impression fosters erroneous preconceptions, which may misguide research and preparedness efforts and generally detract from the magnitude of hazards posed by simple spore preparations."

Al-Qaeda’s Hidden Arsenal and Sponsors: Interview with Hamid Mir Who Interviewed Osama Bin Ladin
Ryan Mauro - 5/24/2006
Hamid Mir truly has deep access inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. He is best known as the last journalist to interview Osama Bin Laden, and the only one to do so after the attacks of September 11, 2001. He is currently the Bureau Chief of Islamabad for Geo TV and is writing a biography on Osama Bin Laden. He has interviewed countless members of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in many countries over the years.

My Date With Al-Qaida Member
Ghazal Omid - 11/26/2005
Near the end of Ramadan 2004, I was at my desk working on the net, sending drafts of my now published book, “ Living in Hell” to my publisher, when I received a peculiar instant message from a total stranger asking me if I am Muslim. I paused for a second. Then I noticed, on my instant message box, I had chosen an internationally known icon for Muslim, which anyone familiar with Islam or part of this faith can identify immediately. The icon is a moon and star almost hugging each other. This icon appears on the dome of every mosque in every corner of our world. I hesitantly answered, “Yes”, bec...

Do You Yahoo? Al-Qaida Does!
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 9/7/2005
With only a handful of members, the recently formed Yahoo group Al Neda Cell doesn't look like it will be capable of causing much trouble. However, its very existence is still a reminder of the incendiary, anti-American Islamic material that circulates on the Internet–especially troubling as Yahoo is an American company and appears to freely allow this material.

Al-Libbi Caught, But Al-Qaida Is Still Strong
Angelique van Engelen - 5/7/2005
Pakistan's claim that its forces have captured Abu Faraj Al-Libbi, a close associate of Osama bin Laden and the number three in the Al Qaeda Network, is said to be hopeful news because it narrows down the hunt for Bin Laden himself. But does this make any difference to the network?

INTERVIEW: Richard Minister - Author of "Losing bin Laden: How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror"
Ryan Mauro - 4/11/2005
Richard Miniter is the author of the New York Times bestseller, "Losing bin Laden: How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror." A veteran investigative journalist, he was a member of the award-winning Sunday Times of London investigative team whose four-part series traced the secret war between Clinton and bin Laden.



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