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Afghanistan: Rationality Questions Insanity of War
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja - 12/9/2013
“We Are Going to Lose the War in Afghanistan and it will Help Bankrupt us. One of our major strategic blunders in Afghanistan was not to have recognized that both Great Britain and the Soviet Union attempted to pacify Afghanistan using the same military methods as ours and failed disastrously. We seem to have learned nothing from Afghanistan's modern history -- to the extent that we even know what it is. Between 1849 and 1947…..”

Pakistani State is Complicit In US Drone Attacks
Abid Mustafa - 11/6/2013
The assassination of Hakimullah Mehsud and the publication of a Pakistani report claiming that only 3% of drone victims are civilians has brought into sharp focus the legitimacy of the drone attacks and the violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. At the heart of the issue is Pakistan’s reluctance to take concrete steps to stop drone attacks. In this context Nawaz’s latest trip to Washington and his half-hearted protests against US drone attacks killing unarmed civilians smells of hypocrisy.

Muslims and the War on Terror
Faisal Kutty - 5/22/2013
A tipoff from a prominent Toronto imam more than a year ago appears to be at the heart of arrests at the end of April in the alleged VIA Rail terror plot in Canada. In fact, counterterrorism police began their press briefing by thanking Muslim leaders.

Counter Terrorism Response Induces Thinking Of A New Cosmopolis
Angelique van Engelen - 3/29/2013
Terrorist attackers have perhaps done the world a lot of good if you consider the long-term effects of their actions on the rest of us. Having a primitive enemy might be the crucial piece in the puzzle that international relations specialists have been trying to fit together in vain for decades.

Atrocities are Good, Massacres are even Better!
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 3/18/2012
In 1979, during my first year of compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), I was assigned to a unit of the much-dreaded “Golani” division. The unit’s remit encompassed a few villages in the West Bank. Jimmy Carter was visiting the region and we were tasked with suppressing any sign of overt dissent among the cowed populace. I was delighted to discover that a good friend of mine (we grew up together), SG, ended up in the same outfit. Otherwise, the company was comprised of social rejects, primary school dropouts, and worse.

Al-Awlaki is gone but his Jihadists are multiplying
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 9/30/2011
Imam Anwar al Awlaki held two important positions in the cobweb of international Jihadi terror. First, he was one of the emerging younger leaders of al Qaeda after the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Airport Security: Scanners are not the solution
Joshua Fulton - 1/28/2010
A mere three days after the attempted bombing of flight 253, Obama, well-rested from his Hawaiian vacation, strutted up to a microphone and told the world, "We're in an emergency!!!" The emergency was that we weren't afraid enough.

The West's Choice of Strategy: Defending Itself From Terror Attacks or Combatting A Radical Strategic Threat?
Prof. Barry Rubin - 10/16/2009
There are two basic strategies being put forth in the West and particularly the United States today in regard to the challenge from radical and Islamist forces. The narrower, terror-only strategy is a far more tempting one to follow. It is less expensive, less risky, and makes it far easier to claim success. That’s why it has such enormous appeal and is generally the one being adopted.

Cyber Terror – What If?
Sammy Elrom - 10/12/2009

Studies on the transformation of terror groups from a hierarchal structure into a flat, multi-cell, multi-nation amorphous organization, show that the Internet and mobile communication became the exclusively venue that holds together those disparate cells, ideologically and operationally. During this process, approximately from 2003 and on, terrorists needed Internet and networking expertise which they didn’t have at that time. Understanding how vital those means are for self-survival, recruiting, planning, training and indoctrination, terrorists invested unique efforts in augmenting their...

Trans Atlantic Legislators gather to discuss Jihadist Terrorism
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 10/12/2009
Next week, an important summit will be held by a number of legislators from the European Parliament, the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament to discuss "al Qaeda's and other Jihadi forces' campaigns worldwide against Democracies." The closed meeting, to take place in the US, is sponsored by the newly formed "Transatlantic Group on Counter Terrorism (TAG)," launched in Washington and Brussels last year. TAG was launched in the winter of 2008 by Members of the European Parliament, led by MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja, Vice Chairman for Policy of the EPP Group at the European Parliament (present majo...

Defending Against Terror: A Difficult Task
Prof. Barry Rubin - 12/16/2008
For years, India has been subjected to periodic terrorist attacks throughout the country. But what happened in Mumbai is something new and different: a full-scale terrorist war. This is the kind of threat and problem Israel has been facing for decades. What are the lessons for India from Israel’s experience, points also reflected by India’s own recent history?

Analyzing the Strategies of Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Saberi Roy - 12/15/2008
The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai that killed 190 people on November 26-28, 2008 highlight yet another strategy that a little known terrorist group seems to have used to inflict chaos in a big urban establishment. The Deccan Mujahideen had claimed responsibility for the attacks although the final investigation reports suggest the involvement of Pakistan based militant group, and Al Qaeda clone, Lashkar-e-taiba. These militants are usually young Muslim men, locally trained in the Kashmir region and Indo-Pak border regions where they attend rigorous training camps and are prepared for atta...

Winning the War with Islamic Fanaticism
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker - 7/28/2008
American-Israeli analyst and news commentator Micah D. Halpern wrote an interesting column last week for his blog—The Micah Report—entitled “The Qualitative Edge” , in which he suggested that Israeli deterrence of enemies has been accomplished through maintaining superior military power: better equipment, better training, better intelligence and greater motivation than its enemies. Halpern states that this doctrine has worked for the past 60 years against Israel’s adversaries, but notes that now Israel is confronted by enemies that are motivated by fervent religious ideology that includes a wi...

Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer Movement Begins
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 3/28/2008
What should the Biblical response be to people who blow themselves up along with innocent bystanders?

The Newest Weapon Against Militant Islam: Name That Tune
Abigail R. Esman - 1/11/2008
On December 21, 2007, police in Belgium arrested 14 Belgian Muslims on charges that they were planning to free imprisoned Al Qaeda member Nizar Trabelsi, who was arrested shortly after the September 11 attacks and convicted of plotting to bomb a NATO air base. Authorities then issued a terror alert for the entire holiday period, concerned that the group were planning further attacks throughout the country, including the Brussels metro system.

2007: A Global Assessment of the Confrontation
Walid Phares, Ph.D. - 1/2/2008
The conflict we call the War on Terror still continues at the end of 2007 and all indications are that its battlefields are expected to spread further, and escalate, in the upcoming year.

From the Mosque to the Schoolhouse to the White House
David J. Jonsson - 11/9/2007
One might ask why it is important to understand the relation between the Leftist/Marxist – Islamist Alliance and the Emerging Movement among Churches and Mosques. It is because it indicates the movement of a historically conservative church and other organizations into the fold. These Emerging Church and Mosque Movements are the elephants in the pew. The Radical Islamist Movement has realized that the tactical weapons of terrorism and suicide bombing may not be achieving their goal for world domination, and that seduction, economics and political action are more effective in winning the war. ...

Preventive War and Counter-Terror
Major Dennis W. Lid - 9/11/2007
The strategy of containment employed during the Cold War era is passé and defunct, and, therefore, no longer valid. Times have changed, especially since the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. Superpower America has adopted a new national strategy of preventive war and preemptive strike as proclaimed by the Bush Administration. This new strategy poses some immediate questions: What is its purpose? Is the strategy legally and morally justifiable? What are the primary considerations and concerns regarding the new strategy? What are the possible consequences of invoking this strategy? Is this the best ...

Self-Aware Technology And Its War Against Terrorism
Iqbal Latif - 7/13/2007
Kurzweil predicts paradigm shifts will become increasingly common, leading to "technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history" (Kurzweil 2001).

Counter-Terror Intelligence: Citizens Doing The Job Government Won't Do
Glen Jenvey - 7/3/2007
Soon after Sept. 11 terror attacks, I started a web-site called with a friend based in America. The web-site published radical Islamic web links that led the user straight onto other terrorist sites. The goal was to try to come in contact with terror leaders and budding Jihadists. Almost immediately, the plan began paying dividends with Abu Hamza, a major British Jihadist with links to al-Qaida being the biggest fish we helped nab.

Has America’s fight against terrorism gathered dust?
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 6/26/2007
Peace is better than war and we all agree this doctrine, but if the war has been waged against you than what will you do. The only option left before you, when the war has been declared on you is to fight for it. You cannot run away from war, when your nation's sovereignty is in stake, can you? You got to fight and fight with vigor without thinking about the consequences of the war.

Not bowled over by Tablighi Jamaat
Dominic Whiteman - 3/22/2007
In the summer of 2006, I was asked by a senior British politician to draw up a list of organizations operating in Britain which deserved to be banned. This list did not include already proscribed entities, like Al Qaeda or the LTTE.

Counter-Terrorism: The Cybersleuth and the Professor
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 3/12/2007
An English cybersleuth and a university professor have unearthed hours of al-qaeda videos which they say shows a strong link between radical Islamic clerics Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and their followers and the 2005 London terror bombings.

Terrorism And The Enemy in the Chair
Dominic Whiteman - 2/6/2007
Vigil’s terror trackers are constantly wading through extremist chat rooms, searching for drop email accounts, hidden message boards built into websites, which vary from innocent clothing sites to hardcore pornographic sites, studying extremist literature and wading through other detritus which extremists and terrorists use to further their pointless causes.

American and U.S. Anti-terror practices on Trial: Maher Arar Saga Not Over Yet
Faisal Kutty - 2/5/2007
“My priority right now is to clear my name,” said Maher Arar during his first public appearance in 2003 upon his return after being tortured for over a year in Syria. The Arar Commission findings which cleared him and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s apology – which came after months of negotiations -- last week go a long way in helping Arar fulfill his first wish. Even though some believe the apology did not go far enough as he apologized “for any role Canadian officials may have played.” While the Commission squarely blamed Canadian and American officials.

The VIGIL Anti-Terror Network
Capt. Chris Walker - 10/24/2006
Global Politician’s exclusive interview with Dominic Whiteman – the spokesperson and a British director of the international anti terror network VIGIL, which is fast becoming the home of retired spies and military personnel, keen to help win the war on terror.

New Deal On Terror!
Iqbal Latif - 9/17/2006
These are very challenging times; global events have helped bring changes in the mindset of hardened left leaning ideologues in a manner one could not envision. The human sacrifices for good causes have been immense. In a key concession for perpetrators of war on terror, the 118-nation Non-aligned Movement (NAM) on Sunday articulated its full hostility to terrorism in all its shape and _expression and agreed to combat the menace, including by prosecuting and extraditing its perpetrators. In NAM guide to its communiqué one person's 'terrorist' was usually someone else's 'freedom fighter'. 'Terr...

9/11: Five Years On - Views of a Terror Hunter
Dominic Whiteman - 9/11/2006
Professor Michael Clarke of King's College, London, spoke pessimistically three days ago to the BBC stating "If I was Osama Bin Laden sitting in my cave, I would think I was winning the war (on terror). I would consider that I am still at large, I have a global movement, I strike a chord with young Muslims everywhere, I am an inspiration not a planner and I have lured the US into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq of my choosing and of my way of fighting. Nor is the West countering the easy narrative offered by the jihadis. They are, and I agree with the Bush language on this, Islamic fascists, but ...

Radical Muslim Trevor Brooks Apparently in Hiding
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 9/8/2006
With the fifth anniversary of 9/11 just around the corner, you need to be concerned about what happened to Trevor Brooks. Why? Because he’s the former Jamaican electrician Trevor Brooks (also known as Omar Brooks, Abu Izzadeen and Abu Baraa) who hates those of us who don’t share his radical Islamic belief system. Let me explain. Brooks was the man who in a July 7 anniversary meeting of the British terror bombings, held in a community center in the city of Birmingham, dubbed the 7/7 bombers as being “completely praiseworthy.

Gauging Terror - Part II, India
Michael Krepon - 8/21/2006
Fierce military operations may eliminate individual terrorists, but do nothing to destroy their strategy. Some analysts go as far as to argue that excessive force only encourages hatred, boosting the networks that nurture new recruits. In the second article of this two-part series, author Michael Krepon suggests that India – with almost 20,000 civilians killed in terror attacks since 1994 – has reason to pursue terrorists based in Pakistan. Yet, India has exercised restraint when it comes to retaliating against terrorist attacks with suspected links to Pakistan-based groups, resisting opening ...

Gauging Terror - Lebanon
Fawaz A. Gerges - 8/16/2006
The world remains divided about the best way to respond to extremism ¡Ì fierce military retaliation versus controlled anger that focuses on diplomacy, tolerance and the power of example. This two-part series examines the viability of two responses: Israel's fierce invasion of Lebanon after the kidnapping of two soldiers and India's restrained reaction after train bombings in Mumbai that killed more than 200. After more than 30 days of fierce fighting, a UN ceasefire finally stopped the battle in Lebanon. The US and Israel must regroup, not for military combat, but to consider how to negotiate ...

The Spy and The Terrorist: The Real Story
Lewis Panther - 2/12/2006
Glen Jenvey is the real-life hero who nailed terror chief Abu Hamza. The would-be James Bond tricked the hook-handed hate cleric into handing over the video tapes which brought about his downfall last week. Gravel-voiced Jenvey posed as a fellow terrorist supporter who wanted to bring death and destruction to Britain. Jenvey even set up a website praising Al Qaeda to lure the Finsbury Park hate preacher into his trap. The sophisticated sting led to jail for Britain’s public enemy number 1 after his crucial evidence set off a chain reaction of events around the world.

American ISP Helps Spread Bin Ladin's Message
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 1/26/2006
A radical Islamic web site apparently housed on an American- based Internet Service Provider has been offering links to downloads of the recent speech made by Osama bin Laden and broadcast on Al- Jazeera television. Some of the Internet addresses on the Jaami jihadist forum available to download that audio tape are available at They include links to the Al Jazeera web site housing the tape, as well as media commentary on the tape. The site's Internet Service Provider is apparently the Inktomi Corporation, acquired by Yahoo in late 2002 (

Do Followers of Exiled Cleric Know about 7/7 London Attacks?
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 1/24/2006
A message on an Internet web site by the followers of radical Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammad has one expert wondering if there is another terror attack in the works for Brits. His concern is based upon an event occurring a few weeks ago when a video surfaced on the Internet site of Bakri Mohammed's followers, apparently predicting terrorists would strike on the British mainland several months before the July 7 London bombings.

Al-Qaida Beware: "Mrs. Galt" Is On Your Trail
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 1/2/2006
To her neighbors, she is just plain old "Mrs. Galt" - a run-of-the-mill American soccer mom. But after her neighborhood quiets down, curtains are drawn for the night and her two children are tucked safely in bed, this suburban American mom assumes an entirely different personality as she plunges head on into the shadowy world of internet terrorism. The "Mrs. Galt" story was recently recounted in the Washington Times. As the Washington Times reported, "Mrs. Galt" has accessed a number of obscure web sites used by the Al Qaeda and a number of other terrorist groups for their routine communicatio...

Update: Islamist Site Containing Threats Against World Leaders Re-Activated
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 12/1/2005
A statement distributed by the Global Islamic Media Front and located on an radical Islamic American hosted Internet site, contains a death threat against a number of world leaders. The site was initially suspended and since reactivated. The forum on the reactivated site is now locked, so it is impossible to tell whether the death threat is still housed on the site, but there is no reason to suppose otherwise. Ironically, the data center housing the Al Firdaws site is located 17 miles from Fort Campell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division (

US Shuts Down Islamist Site Threatening World Leaders
Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. - 11/29/2005
A statement distributed by the Global Islamic Media Front and formerly located on an radical Islamic American hosted Internet site, contained a death threat against a number of world leaders. The site has now been suspended.

Defending Terrorism: Interview with Kristine Withers
Ryan Mauro - 8/19/2005
Kristine Withers claims to have been assaulted by the Islamic Thinkers' Society, a group she says is likely tied to Al-Muhajiroun, which is a radical Islamic group that is believed to have worked with Al-Qaeda. The following is our conversation about ongoing threats to her from the group, and charges that have been brought against her by the group.

Study of Modern Terrorism and Responses by Governments
Aliheydar Rzayev, Ph.D. - 4/9/2005
At present, the main problem of the human society is the rise of terrorism, accompanied by numerous victims and big material causalities. As a result of development of modern technologies of ambiguous functions, mass-media and Internet, scenes of suppression and cruelty, represented through the means of mass culture, more and more people able to get and use information to create most modern weapons and methods of their use.

Tracking Terrorists: Interview with Laura Mansfield
Ryan Mauro - 4/5/2005
Laura Mansfield has over 20 years of experience dealing with issues pertaining to the Middle East. She is fluent in written and spoken Arabic, and has an excellent understanding of the complex cultural, religious, and historical issues. She spent nearly 7 years living and working in the region, for a wide range of clients including the United States Embassy, the United States Agency for International Development, and various international corporations. She was active in the embassy warden system, acting as a liaison between the Embassy security office and her employer during the days of the Beirut hijacking.

Counter Terrorism Response Induces Thinking Of A New Cosmopolis
Angelique van Engelen - 3/17/2005
Terrorist attackers have perhaps done the world a lot of good if you consider the long-term effects of their actions on the rest of us. Having a communal enemy might be the crucial piece in the puzzle that international relations specialists have been trying to fit together in vain for decades. Which puzzle? The possible framework for world government. Other pieces are (versions of) globalisation, the end of the nation state, transnationalism, cross border flows, general flux the world is in, that kind of thing. But perhaps the term 'cosmopolitanism' is most apt to describe the renewed interes...

Doctrine of Just War in the Age of Terrorism
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. - 3/12/2005
In an age of terrorism, guerilla and total warfare the medieval doctrine of Just War needs to be re-defined. Moreover, issues of legitimacy, efficacy and morality should not be confused. Legitimacy is conferred by institutions. Not all morally justified wars are, therefore, automatically legitimate. Frequently the efficient execution of a battle plan involves immoral or even illegal acts.

SR-IX: Using the Wrong Tool in the Wrong Place
Peter A. Gallo - 1/31/2005
In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Financial Action Task Force ("FATF") expanded its brief from the fight against money laundering to include also terrorist financing, and, to this end, issued 8 'Special Recommendations' at the end of October 2001. Despite all the rhetoric and the considerable efforts since that time, however, none of this appears to have had much tangible success in achieving the stated objective of 'starving terrorists of funds.'



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