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Zimbabwe’s Relentless Dictatorship
Taylor Dibbert - 8/12/2013
Three years ago, I lived briefly in Harare, Zimbabwe. Having just finished my first year of graduate school, I worked for one of the country’s leading human rights organizations. Unfortunately, Zimbabwe was and still is a mess.

The Real Trouble with Zimbabwe
Emmanuel Franklyne Ogbunwezeh, Ph.D - 7/1/2008
"Fiat Justitia! Ruat caelum."

This adage of ancient provenance is a heart-rending plea for justice to pour like the rain! It supplicated justice to deluge our world like the Noachian deluge of old did in the fertile minds of the ancient Jewish Yawhist-tradition writers; even if the pillars of heaven are to collapse in the process. And time has proven over and over again, that Truth is the grand essential for justice. Without truth, justice is eviscerated of meaning and significance. This piece is the contribution of our feeble voice to course of truth and justice. This is an inscription in t...

My Meeting With President Mugabe of Zimbabwe
Robb Ellis - 11/7/2007
Heavy gold tunic, long trousers, long sleeved jacket, green shirts with a blue tie, dress shoes and a regimental leather belt, all crowned with a standard ZRP Police cap – all presented in pristine condition, of course - because none other than Robert Mugabe was gracing us with his presence. I had grown a bok baard - a goatie beard - and now was having to get rid of it again. Mind you, I come from a very hirsute family and knew that it wouldn’t take long to grow another one. (Nowadays, I sport a full beard, and if, for one reason or another, I need to take it off, I know I can grow a full beard in seven days!)

Rhodesia: The Country That Used To Be
Mencius Moldbug - 8/17/2007
What is history? History is just a bunch of stuff that happened. Mostly to people now dead. We owe these people nothing. They're dead, after all. Sometimes we have some scraps of paper they scribbled on. Sometimes we don't.

I was reading Tacitus' Annals the other week (not for any good reason; I was just somewhere where there was a copy of Tacitus) and I was rather looking forward to the story of Caligula. (Who Tacitus quite confusingly calls "Caius Caesar" - as if there was some shortage of Romans by this name.) Suddenly, though, there was...

Will inflation trigger the regime change in Zimbabwe?
Bhuwan Thapaliya - 8/12/2007
In 1968, Germany ’s economics minister, Karl Schiller, announced that “inflation is dead, as dead as a rusty nail”. In America , Lester Thurow, a professor of economics, declared in his book that inflation is “an extinct volcano”, dangerous because some foolish central bankers refuses to see that it has vanished. Both of them stated that inflation is dead and buried. But bring them to Zimbabwe and they may perhaps immediately reverse their statements.

Report: Take Mugabe to Hague
Lawrence Ndlovu - 5/27/2007
HARARE, ZIMBABWE. President Robert Mugabe should be headed for The Hague to answer charges of crimes against humanity following the widely condemned clean up operation in 2005, a report has said. In May 2005, Zimbabwe embarked on a so-called clean up exercise, "Operation Murambatsvina" that led to the demotion of "illegal" structures leaving over 700 000 people homeless. A comprehensive report released Wednesday by the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) urges the United Nations Security Council to refer Zimbabwe’s mass evictions to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Another Hungry Year For Zimbabwe
Lawrence Ndlovu - 5/22/2007
HARARE- Zimbabwe should brace for bread shortage during the course of the year as the country has put only a tenth of the projected hectarage under wheat crop ahead of the 31 May deadline highlighting the chaos in the agricultural sector. Shadreck Mlambo, permanent secretary in the ministry of Agriculture told a portfolio committee on Land and Agriculture that a paltry 8000 hectares had been put under crop against a target of 76 000 as the planting season comes to an end on Thursday next week (31 May).

Mugabenomics: Unprecedented Collapse and 3,700% Inflation
Lawrence Ndlovu - 5/19/2007
Zimbabwe's annual inflation continued breaking new ground rising to 3,713.9 percent in April signaling that the country’s economic woes are far from over. Figures released by the Central Statistical Office (CSO) Thursday showed that surged a record 1 513.7 percentage points from 2 200.2 percent in March to 3 713.9 percent, the highest in the world, in a country where the majority lives below $1 a day.

Zimbabwe Cancels Bank Licences
Lawrence Ndlovu - 5/18/2007
HARARE- The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) yesterday cancelled a commercial bank's licence to handle foreign currency transactions citing the insitution's failure to adhere to sound risk management practices. RBZ governor Gideon Gono said NMB Bank Limited 'will no longer be permitted to enter into and effect any new foreign currency transactions from 15 May 2007.

African Union Probes Zimbabwe Human Rights Abuses
Lawrence Ndlovu - 5/17/2007
HARARE- THE African Union (AU), long accused of being a sitting duck with no powers to whip errant members last week took a bold step by agreeing to send a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe. The Pan African Parliament, established in 2004 by Article 17 of the Constitutive Act of the AU, met in Johannesburg last week and overwhelmingly voted for a motion to send a mission to investigate allegations of human rights violations.

UN envoy Flattered Mugabe To Deceive Him
Benhilda Chanetsa - 7/26/2005
HARARE, ZIMBABWE. UN envoy, Anna Tibaijuka, visiting Zimbabwe from June 28 to July 8 2005 to assess the impact of the widely condemned slum clearance operation, appeared a willing tool in the Zimbabwean government’s unending quest to improve its vastly tattered image. She made all the right statements during sanitized government tours of affected areas and proposed new housing sites. The government’s rebuilding program following the demolitions was “commendable”, a sign of “seriousness and clear vision” she gushed. She was rewarded with a trip to the fabulous Victoria Falls. But she was only f...

Democratic People's Republic of Zimbabwe: The Cult of Mugabe
Bev Clark - 6/17/2005
Harare International Airport isn't overflowing with tourists. On the contrary its vast emptiness dramatically illustrates the decline in tourism in Zimbabwe. Of course it has a couple of peak times like the departure of Air Zimbabwe's flight to London taking yet another planeload of evacuees on the search for a better life. But what is in plentiful abundance in our airport, and our banking halls, schools and countless other offices in Zimbabwe are portraits of President Robert Mugabe. Recently I've been pondering the extent to which Zimbabweans have become psychologically entrapped by the cult of Mugabe.

Zimbabwe: One Step Too Stupid
Bev Clark - 6/5/2005
This morning I looked at my right front tire and just like it, I felt rather deflated. Not wanting to chance the trip to work I decided to get down to our friendly under the tree tire and air entrepreneurs. They've been around for years and in times of need they've always come through for me. Unfortunately this morning the patch of free land that they occupy near Rhodesville Shopping Centre was empty. These guys have been chased away, just like so many others, in one of Mugabe's latest acts of bizarre misgovernance. So I crossed the road to try my luck at the formal, supposedly respectable, ga...



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